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Continue reading American Orion is the new “Nimrod”, are there any alternatives?
The White House is reportedly planning a shift in strategy in Iraq that would see hundreds of American military trainers deployed to help retake Ramadi and the delay of long-held plans to drive the Islamic State from Mosul. Six months after US forces began training Iraqi troops to take on the jihadist fighters, a string of defeats on the battlefield has prompted the Obama administration into a recalibration of its plans. According to the New York Times, the US now intends to put its focus on the Sunni province of Anbar in western Iraq and establish a new base there to train Iraqi troops. The American military hopes to build up enough well-trained and well-equipped Iraqi forces to retake the city of Ramadi, which fell to Isil in mid-May.
But the focus on Anbar province will come at the expense of long-held ambitions to liberate Mosul, Iraq's second largest city and which was captured by Isil in June last year. In February this year, the Pentagon boasted openly that it was preparing Kurdish and Iraqi troops for an assault on Mosul in northern Iraq by the end of May.

With proper training and experience, we may then develop indigenous units with the capability and confidence to perform on their own.
Do not expect this to happen overnight, don't set a timeline without first monitoring and evaluating performance, and for God's sake don't give the enemy a timeline while fighting the war! Example, the Shi'ite Muslim government has not given the necessary logistics and arms promised to their own military.  Centuries of distrust exist between various factions in Iraq and civil war between the Shi'ite and Sunni tribal sects remains present. Enough troops sent to ensure more Americans butchered by Islumists, and no more!  Just what pleases the ScumoCrat base. He created, aided and armed the enemy and now making it more apparent that he will use his undercover schemes to kill more of our troops. THIS MAN GAVE YOU A CHOICE TO NOT TAKE AN ORDER IF IT PUTS YOUR LIFE IN DANGER!His administration has clearly shown they don't care about you and has called American's stupid,flipped a cup to salute you, and wouldn't give the funds to help if you came back disabled.
Go to the new black panther party website and you'll see his brother's name, the Islam bank and many other ties to Islam.

Millions of American's donate to help wounded soldiers because the government got it's use out of them.
Over time the distrust, hate and anger reappeared. This can be reversed with the proper leadership and force structure in Iraq.
The Media, the White House administration is standing by him, while he continues to use, abuse America and nothing is actively being done to protect America, our Troop, our Freedom, our Constitution or our families.
Everyone is money hungry and is easily selling out to total destruction of America and its heritage as a whole.

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