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Okay, this phone has NO WiFi capability despite what it says in the description on Tracfonea€™s website. Of course, you could ask, why do you want WiFi in this flip phone, and you really don't, but it was confusing because it is (was?) listed in the description.
Note the pronunciation depends on whether you've selected English or Spanish in the phone language settings.
Two demo games are included with the phone: Blockbreaker 3 Unlimited and Texas Hold'em Poker 2. In the call settings, you can turn on "Senior Mode" which is described as providing "enhanced phone audio" - another way of saying "louder".

The Samsung S275g from NET10 was a obtained in an emergency but turned out to have a couple of surprising and nice features during testing.
The Samsung T139 has been sold for years by T-Mobile with its price actually going up for some reason.
The LG 900g has a nicer keyboard and screen and is available on the Net10 and Straight Talk plans. In fact, if Text to Speech (TTS) is on, then when a text message comes in, the phone prompts you to say whether you want to hear it. The official manual is here, but is not accurate regarding a microSD card slot which has apparently been disabled.

It's got a pretty good camera but lacks Bluetooth transfer and has an annoyingly symmetric body. These games take a few seconds longer than expected to launch, so you'll have to wait a bit.Blockbreaker worked fine.

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