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But because this is the 21st century, you don't have to suffer with these price hikes, which are ultimately designed to compensate for falling use of texting. This app allows you to text for free from your Apple or Android device with a newly assigned free phone number. Download the Google Voice app and start sending free text messages to your friends and family members. Those addicted to Mark Zuckerberg's creation will feel right at home chatting with similarly plighted friends on mobile Facebook chat. Text messaging on Tracfonea€™s Android handsets has been a somewhat frustrating experience for many, especially those who prefer texting over calling or, heaven forbid, emailing. AT&T is getting rid of its text plans with monthly blocks of 200 or 1,500 texts, for $5 and $15 respectively. There are ways to get around paying for texts, and thanks to the vast online capabilities of your iPhone or Android, the savings are literally at your fingertips.

Wirefly helps you save on cell phones and plans by offering innovative comparison tools so consumers can make educated choices..Welcome!
Until recently, however, the only way to replenish your text message allotment was to purchase a regular airtime card. But you CAN send an MMS message to your Tracfone, but, a WARNING, it costs you about two units. Instead, the telecom giant will offer customers just two expensive options -- shelling out $20 a month for an unlimited text plan, or dropping their plans altogether and paying by the text, at a rate of 20 cents or 30 cents a message. For example, the $20 airtime card will add 180 minutes, 180 text messages and 180MB of data to your balance, and it will add 90 days to your service period.
This card would add minutes, text and data plus three months of service to your airtime balance. This works out to one cent per text, which is pretty good.This card is the missing piece that now provides full flexibility to your Tracfone account.

This led to people having service dates extending many months beyond the current data and thousands of airtime minutes just to be able to keep texting. You can adjust choose the best regular airtime card for you, and adjust both your text and data balance separately.You can purchase this card directly from Tracfone. Check out our cell phone plans now and save $5 per line!.Cell Phone Company Plan Type Cost What Is Included Additional Discounts Smartphone Compatible?

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