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Your essential source for the latest news on the intersection of Wall Street and Washington. Today's column covers what should be a perennial topic in these parts: how to pick a wireless phone service. In today's column, I offer my own take on how to shop for service, starting with coverage (the maps at right show each carrier's depiction of its voice network -- from top to bottom, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon -- with each resized to the same width) and then going through issues such as competing wireless standards, calling plan allotments and quirks, texting and data options, and smartphone availability.
What is the deal with Sprint and other companies focusing on free calling to mobile numbers? For those who don't use many minutes, like me, consider this: T-Mobile $100 prepaid card good for 1 year and 1000 minutes. We live in rural North Carolina and Altel was the only choice now taken over by Verizon still the only choice. Prepaid plans can be absolutely confusing since the carriers have so many different types of plans, however they are really easy to understand once you understand a few key concepts. Since you get a monthly bill, signing up for a post paid plan requires a thorough credit check and a contract with the cell phone company. With traditional contract plans, they publish one price, but when you get your bill you find it’s more than you were quoted. There are generally two types of prepaid cell phone plans: pay as you go plans and monthly plans. Activation period -the amount of time you have before the minutes you purchase expire and your phone is turned off. So the difference in the two types of prepaid plans is the length of the activation period. Monthly plans are exactly what you think they are – plans with a monthly activation period. For example, you purchased 500 minutes that were good for 30 days, but you used up those minutes in 20 days, then you have two options to keep your phone activated.
Wait until the end of the 30 days and then purchase more minutes to keep your phone activated. Please Click!TweetIf you are shopping for a prepaid cell phone plan, the enormous variety of plans can be absolutely confusing. Unfortunately, since every prepaid cell phone provider structures their pricing differently, comparing prepaid cell phone plans can be overwhelming. If you take a step back from the details of these plans and look at the big picture, you’ll find that all prepaid cell phone plans fall into two general categories: Pay As You Go plans and Monthly plans.
When you read the reviews of prepaid cell phone plans keep these two pricing structures in mind. These can be the most flexible plans, but unfortunately pay as you go plans can also be the most confusing for consumers.
The standard activation period is 90 days, but many companies offer more or even less time periods. Whether you choose a pay as you go option or a monthly plan, prepaid cell phones give you the flexibility to tailor you cell phone budget to the amount of minutes you use. Unlimited minutes plans are ideal for cell phone power users – those people that use more than 1000 minutes a month. One of the main reasons people purchase a cell phone is so that they can have one for emergency situations. Maybe you just need a cell phone to stick in the glove compartment of your car in case it breaks down or you get stranded. Unfortunately, most cell phone plans from the major providers are very expensive and require lengthy contracts.
One other benefit of prepaid cell phone plans is that many companies offer low cost phones. The cheapest airtime card that you can purchase from TracFone is $20 which gives you 60 minutes of airtime. So check out TracFone’s prepaid plans for the best emergency cell phone in the country. Our owned and operated high speed wireless network serves the majority of our members' usage. MobileNation unlimited phone plans feature nationwide unlimited data, talk, mobile hotspot & text. While Straight Talk is a good value for many users, with lower prices come trade offs that maybe deal breakers for some users.
Straight Talk iPhone plans start at $45 a month and include unlimited data with some limits as well as unlimited calls and texts.
The iPhone 5s on Straight Talk works on 4G LTE networks now, which means you can enjoy the same speeds as your friends on big name carriers. All this speed is a good thing for users who want to watch streaming video or download files, but it’s not all peaches for Straight Talk iPhone 5s owners. If you need a lot of data, Straight Talk is not the plan for you and your iPhone 5s as there are no ways to add more data to the plan. In speaking with several other users this year who lost their data connection, Straight Talk offered absolutely no assistance in getting the data part of their plan working. The best part of using a Straight Talk iPhone 5s is that it connects to the same towers that the big names use. The Straight Talk iPhone 5s does not support tethering, so you won’t be able to use it to connect a portable game console, tablet or notebook to the internet. Some users could use a iOS 7 jailbreak to install an app that lets them tether without carrier permission, but this runs a risk of hitting the magical cap that Straight Talk will cut user off for abnormal usage. I have an I 5 on straight talk, customer service is frustrating, there is no CS after midnight.
When I switched from a Straight Talk Iphone 4 which used Verizon towers and network and had 5 bars of network signal to a Straight Talk iphone 5s which uses the AT&T Network I could not get service in may area. Will an at&t locked phone (off ebay or amazon) work with straighttalk’s BYOP program? You can use a Verizon iPhone 5s on straight talk or a AT&T 5s both work with lte speeds! I just bought a Straight Talk 5s with IOS 9 from Walmart for far less money than from other sources.
Thinkin of buyin a I5C from someone to switch from my galaxy to my current straight talk account anyone know things to look for to make the phone is legit?

My son currently has straight talk that runs on Verizon (which is the only signal we can pick up)he is wanting the iPhone 5s will it still run on Verizon? But last year, I somehow didn't get around to it -- worse yet, my last piece on the subject ran back in May 2008. As BillShrink notes in its detailed chart comparing phone plans from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, there are some 10 million rate-plan combinations available. With almost as many wireless subscriptions as living humans in the United States, how much time can any one person spend calling landline numbers these days?
Cases in point: AT&T doesn't advertise that it won't unlock a phone for use on another GSM network until you've completed your contract, but T-Mobile has yet to brag much that it will unlock its phones just 40 days into a contract. Tell me how you made that call in the comments, along with what advice you'd give to somebody shopping for their own service. Straight Talk runs on Verizon's network nationwide which is a huge plus but it's much cheaper than Verizon's prepaid options.
Think about cell phones, high speed internet and other things we take for granted in the big city before you move to that historic rustic rural site where a night out means going to Hardees. The contract varies depending on your agreed upon minutes as well as your over the limit minutes which can sometimes cost you a lot of money if you’re not careful. At one time they were more expensive, but a few years ago prepaid rates started coming down. This is why they require a credit check and they make you sign a contract – to ensure that you pay your bill.
They tack on all kinds of obscure taxes and fees that typically add an extra $15 to $20 to your bill. To do a credit check they require one vital piece of information – your Social Security number. You can purchase these cards at many retail locations like grocery stores, convenience stores, or big box retailers like Target and Walmart. You keep your phone activated by simply purchasing more minutes (airtime) at the end of the activation period.
You purchase an amount of minutes, anywhere from say 100 minutes to unlimited minutes, and you can use those minutes for 30 days. Of course you won’t be able to use your phone until you add more minutes, but the plan won’t expire. When you find a plan that fits your budget and suits your needs, then click on the link to go directly to that cell phone company’s website.
The cell phone companies don’t allow you to use your old contract phone with prepaid service, so be prepared for that.
When you know how many minutes of airtime a month you use, then check out these comparisons of 200, 500, 1000, and unlimited minutes plans. If you have a certain use in mind for your cell phone, for example you need a cell phone for emergency use only, then check out the Best Plans section. If you have a particular cell phone company in mind, check out our detailed reviews of each company. The basic principle is that you purchase a phone card and you get to use the minutes for the amount of time attached to that card.
If you use up the minutes before the activation period ends, you can simply purchase more minutes and your activation period starts over.
You can increase or decrease the amount of minutes you purchase based on how many minutes you actually use.
If you are an infrequent cell phone user, you can use the longer activation periods of pay as you go plans to your advantage.
If you use your cell phone consistently month in and month out, then go with a monthly plan. Many times these plans are far cheaper than traditional contract plans that might only offer 500 minutes.
Who wants to pay $50 or more a month just to keep a phone in their glove box that they only use for emergencies? You don’t need a fancy phone with a bunch of bells and whistles just for an emergency situation. It really is a no-frills phone, but if you are looking for an emergency phone, one that you can just stick in the glove box of your car and forget about, then the bottom of the line TracFone is exactly what you are looking for.
Sixty minutes of airtime may be a minuscule amount for the average cell phone user, but in an emergency situation it is certainly enough to call a tow truck and to resolve any roadside emergencies. I recently switched over to a prepaid plan, but when I started researching plans on the internet, I quickly realized that most of the review sites were total spam. Outside of our network, they are covered coast to coast through partnerships we have with numerous national and regional wireless carriers.
While it is a pre-paid plan you can set up an auto pay option to avoid remembering to refill the phone without signing any contract. While there are deals on the iPhone 5s from many carriers, Straight Talk sells the iPhone 5s for full retail price at $649, like T-Mobile.
Our personal experience is that the phone support for Straight Talk is very poor with a customer service rep not being able to even comprehend our problem or offer any assistance.
This is available on the regular carriers and is very handy for many users, but not an option with Straight Talk. You do have a few steps to go thru to get CS, and you have to be transferred to a different department for I phone service.
Mine messed up come to find out it’s actually covered by straight talk not the manufacturer. I’m just concerned about switching and then not having service in our area if it is ATT. Any phone that has LTE capability is unlocked they have to be legally that was the price for the big carriers to be able to have the LTE service. Frequently carriers will offer discounts to those employees, even if ita€™s not an advertised benefit. 5 -- Verizon Wireless, the first wireless provider to offer 3G speeds, today has the largest and most reliable 3G network coverage area in the United States. If you don’t pay your bill, then they can report you to the credit agencies and ruin your credit.
Once you purchase a traditional cell phone plan, your Social Security number, and therefore your identity, is tied to that phone.

When you need to purchase minutes, just go to that company’s site and pick out the amount of minutes you need and then pay with a credit card. If you let your activation lapse, then many companies will give your phone number to someone else.
At the end of 30 days they expire and you’ll have to buy more minutes to keep your phone activated. Many times if you purchase a larger block of minutes, the plans come with longer activation periods. The average activation period is 90 days, but you can purchase cards that have more or less time. A few companies even offer a daily plan, while a few companies offer a yearly activation period. If you use up your minutes before the time period, simply charge your phone with another card. Most providers also offer an unlimited monthly plan which generally provides you with unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited web access. Monthly plans have a 30 day activation period while pay as you go plans have activation periods anywhere from 30 to 365 days. Even if you only use a few minutes a month, if you are sure you are going to use your cell phone, go with the monthly plan. The plans typically offer unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited web access for 30 days. The other benefit of prepaid phones is that many of the carriers offer really cheap plans with a small number of minutes (for example 60 or 100 minute phone cards). Before you buy your next phone or tablet, find out which wireless carrier has the fastest data network where you live.
You’ll need to compare the new Next, Jump, Edge and One Up plans as well as the standard plans on each carrier for the official prices based on the data you will use, but the Straight Talk iPhone 5s remains a top choice. Now if you as one of the sales people they will more than likely be clueless…even at Straight talk.
There are only 8 phones to choose from but they range from simple phones to qwerty keypad and a touchscreen phone which looks like an iPhone; so there is something for everyone. While they dona€™t make it easy, we downloaded and analyzed 6 months worth of cell phone bills to figure out who we spoke to the most, and it has let us go from the 2100 minutes per month family plan down to 1400. Moreover, in my experience once this discount is added it never goes away, even if you leave the company. Also, if you try to leave a traditional contract plan before the end of your contract, the cell phone company will charge you a huge termination fee, sometimes as high as $300. Your identity is not tied to the phone, so you can enjoy greater privacy with prepaid cell phones.
Every month, the company will automatically charge your credit card for the amount that you set up. There are generally no fees for letting your service lapse or reactivating your phone, however if you want to continue using your phone number and avoid the hassle of reactivating the plan, then simply keep your phone activated. You purchase a number of minutes, which again can be any number from 60 minutes to 1500 minutes, and then you have 90 days to use them. TracFone offers a separate card (without any minutes attached) that will extend your activation period out one full year. For example, if you bought a monthly card that had 1000 minutes, but you used those minutes up in 20 days, just purchase another card and charge your phone with those minutes.
If you need a cell phone for emergency use only, or if you go long periods of time without using your cell phone, say a month or longer, then pay as you go plans will make sense for you. Monthly plans are offered in varying minute packages so you can tailor your budget to your usage. Straight Talk uses the Verizon network which has the best coverage of any cell phone network in the country. Many prepaid cell phone providers offer basic, low cost phone models sometimes as cheap as $10. The MobileNation Coverage Areas depict an approximation of outdoor coverage that is affected by such things as terrain, weather, foliage, buildings and other factors, and, for this reason, cannot be guaranteed. Verizon calls frequently to get us as cell customers, when I tell them they would have to beat our current plan, they can't.
Verizon Wireless has invested more than $50 billion since it was formed - $5.5 billion on average every year - to increase the coverage and capacity of its national network and to add new services. If you don’t pay that then they report you to the credit agencies which will ruin your credit. They even have the ability to turn on the phone’s microphone, even when the phone is off, and listen in on any conversations in the room. This is the most convenient option, since you set it up once and don’t have to think about it.
By having a longer activation period, you can keep your cell phone activated between the times that you use it. Also, if you use a LOT of minutes every month, then you’ll want to go with an unlimited monthly plan. If you live in a large city and don’t plan to use your cell phone outside of metropolitan areas, then the MetroPCS unlimited plan is the best for you. But the size of the discount depends on the carrier and the size of the business plan the corporation uses.
This is a great option if you know you’ll use the same amount of minutes every month. You could theoretically use a monthly plan for the same purpose, but many cell phone companies will drop your phone number if you don’t keep your phone activated. The unlimited plans offered by prepaid cell phone companies are significantly cheaper than almost any contract plan. If you plan to use your phone in rural areas then Straight Talk’s unlimited plan is the best for you.

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