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Best Cell Phone Providers 2011 Chart in USA - Best mobile providers, top wireless carriers chart in 2011.
An integral part of the modern society, cell phones are as much a necessity for the office worker as it is for the housewife and students. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from El Paso! Recently, Consumer Reports reported that of the nation's major carriers, AT&T is the worst carrier in every category (service, data, customer support etc) in nineteen out of twenty-six cities surveyed.
The Droid is a great phone, but in my experience over the last few weeks, it falls short.Android Market, the Droid's app store, is seriously lacking.
While the phone boasts a built-in turn-by-turn direction application, its map system isn't as easy to use, intuitive, good-looking or graceful as the iPhone's, which surprised me since they're both basically Google applications.

The Droid's camera may have 5 megapixels, but it's insanely slow and takes terrible pictures. It's hard to zoom in on web pages without inadvertently hitting a link (that is to say, the Droid's double-click-to-zoom system is inferior to the iPhone's multitouch system).
Neither is necessary for texting, sending or receiving emails, or even checking the weather on a small, dedicated widget — that's all possible with just one tiny service bar and an EDGE data network. You certainly don't need a great network for GPS reception, which relies on satellites, not cellphone towers.
You don't need it to play games (side note: The iPhone has Wurdle, Android Market does not), read pre-downloaded e-books, watch movies, look at your calendar or listen to podcasts. In general, you'll need some access to a network, but by no means do you need five bars of service or 3G speeds.Service bars are great if you ever need to talk on the phone, and 3G is great (well, passable) if you want to stream video, but those aren't the killer apps for smartphones.

If you're someone who loves talking on the phone (maybe you even have a Bluetooth headset!), then you're not the ideal iPhone customer.
These days, when I pick up the phone to call a friend, I feel like I'm doing something rude and foreign. Given a choice between a great phone and great service, people will chose the object they can see in their pocket and show off to their friends every time. That's not an encouraging fact for smartphone users who actually care about network speed and call quality.

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