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Straight Talk Wireless is currently under the umbrella of discount cell phone carriers carried under the Tracfone umbrella.
Not to be confused with Straight Talk, Wal-Mart Family Mobile expands to offer family plans that can currently be found no where else in the industry. Boost Mobile brings a unique idea to the wireless world which offers consumers a great way to have an inexpensive plan with a great smartphone. These are some of the no contract cell phone providers quickly becoming a top choice in no contract smartphone equipment and features. MetroPCS started out as a small regional carrier and has grown into the fifth largest cellular network operator in the US. Sony has come out with a true water proof cell phone, however will that be enough to reduce water damage claims. I’ve been with Straight Talk for the last 5 years A relatively satisfied customer until my last phone. Gain immediate access to all our articles, features, how-to's, discussion group, archives plus more. You'll be amazed at how easy it can be to connect to the internet using your cell phone and laptop computer.
Is either Dual Mode or Tri Mode - To connect to the internet, you need a cell phone that works in digital format. Installed the Verizon Mobile Office software that came with the Verizon Mobile Office Connection Kit for my LG VX6200 camera phone. Connected one end of the supplied cable to the data port on my cell phone, and the other end to a USB port on my laptop computer.
Started the Verizon Wireless Mobile Office software on the laptop - this software has a 'connect' button. Clicked the 'connect' button on the Verizon Wireless Mobile Office software - and within 30 seconds I was connected to the internet at 115.2kbps. While the Verizon connection shows 115.kps connection speeds, not all cell providers will offer high speed connections.
Unlimited nationwide high speed data access via cell phone is available from Verizon for $79 a month. The Jitterbug phone was invented by Arlene Harris, and her husband, Marty Cooper, invented the first cell phone!
This first general Jitterbug phone was followed by the Jitterbug J, JItterbug Plus, Jitterbug 5 and Jitterbug Touch 3.
The parent company, Great Call, uses Verizon to provide the network coverage for these phones. While I was initially skeptical of the Jitterbug cell phone, I now think the Phone service is actually well-thought out.
In addition to the more recent offering from GreatCall here are a few more easy to use handsets available from other providers. The Alcatel A382 from Tracfone not only features large buttons, it also has an FM radio and a flashlight.
The increasing role of technology in our pursuit of trophy whitetails is visible in nearly every facet of the hunt, from advances in scent control and optics to bullet, broadhead and bow design, but perhaps nowhere is the aid of technology more pronounced than in the advancement of trail cameras. Today’s scouting cameras literally allow a hunter to monitor activity on his or her hunting ground, day or night, from anywhere on the planet, thanks to digital photo transmission capabilities. BA ProductsBA Products’ latest line of trail cameras is headlined by the Wildgame Innovations X6c digital game scouting camera. BushnellBushnell enters the 2010 season with an improved version of its downsized Trophy Cam line. CuddebackCuddeback’s Capture line of trail cameras prides itself on being extremely easy to use, thanks to a simple rotary switch and only two buttons. Day 6Day 6 takes a new angle on the scouting camera market with its 2010 PlotWatcher high-definition time-lapse video recorder.
HCOHCO’s new NightTrakker NT50 and NT50B infrared scouting cameras feature compact sizing, quick trigger times, extended battery life, sound recording, password protection, video capability and adjustable illumination for power efficiency. Recon OutdoorsRecon Outdoors expands beyond its Extreme line of cameras with the new Viper, which features an alternative profile that gets rid of the standard box design and allows a hunter to access the controls without having to open the camera. ReconyxReconyx’s HC600 HyperFire trail camera utilizes 12 AA batteries, enabling the camera to run continuously for up to an entire year.

Stealth CamTexas-based Stealth Cam introduces its new Unit trail camera, a down-sized, digital trail camera and video recorder.
A With the correct type of phone, you can now receive unlimited talk, text and data at just a fraction of the cost of being on a postpay contract only smartphone plan. A Only offered in Wal-Mart stores, and online, the Straight Talk Wireless program has earned a right to be one of the top no contract cell phone providers around today.
A Wal-Mart Family Mobile is a partnership between Wal-Mart and T-Mobile whereby they offer reasonable smartphones on tiered family plans. A Boost Mobile is a division of Sprint Nextel and offers a no contract option for their CDMA phones. They are known for their flat rate plans with no contracts and no credit checks, but now offers fast 4G LTE service. Samsung came out with a water proof phone, the people who bought the phone begain to test the phone by dropping them in water. The Jitterbug makes calling easy both with its physical features and in the way you use the phone. Check out the ratings, questions and reviews on this phone submitted by visitors to this site. It's available with Consumer Cellular's monthly no-contract plans that don't require using airtime cards (though neither does the Alcatel if you sign up for a monthly value plan). Gone are the days of unnecessary and repeated intrusion into the inner sanctums of your deer woods just to change batteries or remove memory cards. The X6c is capable of shooting 6-megapixel photos and can be programmed to remain active either 24 hours a day or only during day or night. The latest Trophy Cam fits in the palm of your hand, runs off either four or eight AA batteries and has resolution settings of 3, 5 or 8 megapixels. The NightTrakker can accommodate a 16-gigabyte memory card and uses 40 infrared LEDs for nighttime illumination. The unit is equipped with a five-detection sensor with a 60-degree range and Quick Shot technology, which allows the camera to take a second and third photo if additional heat is detected during the lapse period.
The Game Spy I-35 is Moultrie’s most economical camera to date that is compatible with their Game Management System. Likewise, the HC600 uses Reconyx’s new No-Glow High Output Covert Infrared Technology to eliminate the red glow common to most infrared cameras. The Pro-X contains 32 megabytes of built-in memory and can accommodate an external memory card up to 8 gigabytes in size for your photos or videos. A The biggest drawback for switching over for many is the type of phones that are available on some of these types of plans. A Flexibility is the key when using Straight talk as you find that Straight talk uses both CDMA and GSM networks; the majors of the industry. A All the plans offer unlimited talk, text and data and come in at rates of $45 plus $35 for each additional line each month.
MetroPCS plans include unlimited data, messaging and voice options and they are featuring some quality no contract smartphones at reasonable prices. Extended battery life, higher memory capacity, high-definition photos and video — all are available in the latest trail camera models to enter the market this year.
The camera can accommodate a memory card with up to 8 megabytes of capacity, and it includes a delay setting that allows the hunter to determine the lapse between photos. The 2010 Trophy Cam includes 32 infrared night vision LEDs, can accept a 16-gigabyte memory card and is capable of shooting high-quality videos up to 60 seconds in length.
The standard Capture takes 3-megapixel color photos both day and night and has a range of 50 feet. Rather, the PlotWatcher takes a high-definition photo every five or 10 seconds for extended periods, offering video-like monitoring of a much larger area than would be possible with a standard trail camera. The camera’s LED capability allows for a standard 60-foot range, but HCO also offers the separate Uway XtendIR-1 and XtendIR-B flash extenders to improve brightness, clarity and flash range. The 2010 editions feature improved sharpness of night images and can be set to utilize either its internal flash or a network of external illuminators (sold separately). The camera carries a price tag of about $150 and is capable of snapping 4-megapixel photos and video clips up to 30 seconds in length.
The camera is able to shoot up to two frames per second, has a flash range of up to 50 feet, and can take images with a resolution of 3.1 megapixels.

The camera shoots color photos by day and black and white photos by night, and its detection sensitivity can be adjusted from 5 feet to 45 feet. Basically, for a monthly fee of around $15, a hunter can access his Smart Scouter photos online, rather than having to travel to the camera location and risk intruding on some of his best hunting spots.
The camera can take up to nine images per triggering, and it can accommodate a 16-gigabyte external memory card. A On the CDMA side, Straight Talk has offered phones that work on Sprint or Verizona€™s CDMA network.
A Also, Wal-Mart Family Mobile offers the option to purchase SIM cards to be used in unlocked T-Mobile smartphones. A How this is explained is that you can have a smartphone plan to start out at $50, $55 or $60 per month; dependent on the type of phone you use.
Customers can have up to 5 lines in a family account, and there is a 5 dollar discount for each additional line after the primary line.
The Capture IR takes 5-megapixel color photos during daylight hours and 1.3-megapixel infrared photos at night, with a range of 40 feet. The PlotWatcher offers up to 84 hours of day-time recording, which can be reviewed in about 10 minutes using the Day 6 GameFinder video player software.
The I-35 has a nighttime infrared range of 50 feet and can accommodate a 16-gigabyte memory card. Flash range and photo resolution varies from the Truth Cam 35 (40 feet and up to 3 megapixels, respectively) to the Truth Cam X (65 feet and up to 7 megapixels). The Pro-X can be powered using rechargeable AA batteries and recharged with a solar panel accessory. The Smart Scouter uses infrared lighting to avoid spooking game, and its battery life can last up to six weeks. A With this option, you can purchase some of the best smartphones on the market and use them on the T-Mobile network with no contract commitments and unlimited usage for as long as this is offered. A Every 6 months, if you make on time payments for your plan, your rate is reduced by $5 until you can reach $35, $40, $45 per month respectively.
International calling can be included for an additional 5 per month on some of the plans and nationwide long distance included on all plans $35 per month or higher. Also, check out BA Products’ ir2 camera, a scaled-back package capable of shooting 2-megapixel photos for under $100. The latest Extreme camera takes 5-megapixel photos day or night and can shoot video as well.
Also, check out SpyPoint’s SC-79 video camera, a waterproof, shock-resistant camera designed with the outdoorsman in mind. A This alone offers the flexibility unrivaled in any of the prepaid cell phone carriers around today.
A Even, if you happen to miss a payment while under this plan, the number of on-time payments youa€™ve made will continue to count toward your next savings. This new infrared model features 5-megapixel images, camouflage housing and plenty of high-end features. A The icing on the cake is, now you are able to purchase a SIM card for any unlocked AT&T or T-Mobile phone and use it on Straight Talka€™s Network. Moultrie’s new ReAction Cam also offers a high-definition alternative for hunters looking to record live footage. A Yes, you do have to purchase your smartphone at full price, but no longer would you have to be locked into a long contract to use it. Why can’t they come up with a plan for people to purchase more days only, at a lesser price, till they use more of their minutes? Internet ProviderBeing able to connect the cell phone to the laptop is one thing, but how do you log on to the internet from a cell phone laptop connection?

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