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We fix all sorts of devices from computers, to drones, to gaming systems, and of course cell phones.
Not all phones may have it, but if your phone does, it will serve you well to make use of its battery-saving mode.
After using your cell phone, your screen will remain lit up for a certain period before eventually going to sleep mode. Unless phone silence is needed as courtesy or as a requirement, your phone will last much longer if your vibration alert is disabled. When you are in an area where there is poor cellular coverage, your battery will have the tendency to drain faster because your phone has to work extra hard to acquire good signal. Give us a call at 406-534-2547 to learn more about our services, or stop by one of our two locations in Billings.
It’s really quite ironic that the more sophisticated a mobile phone becomes, the faster its battery seems to get depleted. When enabled, this automatically takes over battery conservation by turning off those power-sapping features once your battery power drops to 20%. Compared to simply playing a tone to alert you of an incoming call or text, more power is used up when your phone vibrates.
Since your voice call and data features are unlikely to work well in such area anyway, it will be better to switch to airplane mode and give your battery time to rest rather than struggle needlessly.

Such notification alerts do use up power so if you can survive the day without having to know about such updates in real-time, it will be much better to simply turn those alerts off. Similar with rebooting your PC to refresh it from time to time, you should also do the same to your phone and for the sake of your battery. Blackberry® is owned by Research in Motion Limited and is registered in the United States and may be pending or registering in other countries. Usually, this means dimming your screen, turning off vibration, disabling on-screen animations and live wallpapers, reducing the screen timeout setting, and disabling auto update of background apps. More running apps mean more energy is being sucked out of your battery, especially since there are some apps that consume significantly more power than others. While auto-brightness might sound useful, the truth is, what it deems appropriate is somewhat exaggerated and is a lot brighter than what you really need.
To illustrate how much power you can save, imagine that your screen timeout is currently set at 2 minutes (which is way too long). So is leaving your Wi-Fi on when you don’t need it because you have access to 3G, LTE or other data connection services. With so many activities that can be done simultaneously on your smartphone, it’s logical that battery power is consumed much faster. By killing apps that are not being used, power consumption will be lessened, and your battery’s life will be conserved.

Which means that in this case, manual is better than automatic and it’s better for you to choose your own brightness setting, (preferably to the lowest level you can manage without straining your eyes) than to let your phone decide for you. If you open or use your phone for about 50 times a day, your phone will continue to use power for 100 minutes while idle and waiting to sleep. Lithium-ion batteries deteriorate much faster when allowed to drain completely before recharging. If you reduce your screen timeout setting to 30 seconds, following the same pattern of using your phone for 50 times, your power consumption while idle will be down to 25 minutes only. It only takes a few seconds to turn on your Bluetooth and your Wi-Fi, and these few seconds can help extend your battery life by at least an hour. Charge your battery when it’s down to about 20%, regardless of how many times that might be in a day. But while we’re still waiting, here are 10 tips to help you get the most from your smartphone cell battery.

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