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The classes at Cellphone Repair Courses were designed to help students obtain skills in terms of iPhone repair, HTC repair, Android repair, Samsung repair and iPad repair. In addition to learning about all of the different repair options that could ever be required for smartphones, you will learn business-savvy solutions that will help you to make more money down the road. If you need any information regarding pricing, scheduling, or details on courses, you will find it all here.
At Cell Phone Repair Training School, you will get the appropriate training needed in order to become a qualified cell phone repair tech. These are just some of the things that you will learn, and you have many options when it comes to classes. There was a time when just knowing how to repair broken screens was enough, but today (if you want to have more successful repairs and less competition) you need to do more. How do you eliminate any competition in your market while at the same time adding massive profits to your bottom line? I'm not going to sell you on the importance of being able to diagnose and troubleshoot advanced repairs as part of your cell phone and tablet repair business. In other words, troubleshooting can turn your competition into your customers and add more cash to the bottom line:  the lifeblood of any cell phone repair business. So that's why repair businesses need certified cell phone advanced troubleshooting repair technicians. There's just one problem:  Most so-called "repair technicians" don't know what they're doing. As a Certified Cell Phone & Tablet Advanced Troubleshooting Repair Graduate, you are uniquely qualified to help repair more devices, with less errors, resulting in more profits. The way frequencies move through cell phones and how to trace down a connection problem when a device is having issues with connecting to the network.  No signal issues?  No sweat!
When a SIM issue is the cause of a problem and how to test the SIM circuit to pinpoint a low signal or connection fault. The right way to use multi-meters when diagnosing and testing circuits.  By the end of this course, you'll actually know what you're doing with your test equipment! How to do proper "Pre & Post-Flight Checks" to ensure that every repair is tested effectively before and after it's completed.  Stop letting customers get the best of you and start properly setting checkpoints and references to ensure quality repairs!
How flowcharts simplify your troubleshooting & diagnostic process which equals faster repairs and more money in your pocket! Learn to eliminate your competition by completing advanced repairs that only the elite repair technicians (that's you when you graduate) can do. Add super high margin advanced cell phone logic board repairs to your repair business and skyrocket your profits! The program level is appropriate for intermediate level technicians and advanced technicians, and is taught to the mobility repair certification standards set by the Association of Device Repair Service Excellence (ADRSE) Level 3. At the end of each core module you will take a brief quiz to ensure that you understand the basic concepts covered in that module. Once you have completed each quiz for each module, and each workmanship exercise, you will then be able to sit for the final exam (which is taken online) and upon successful completion you will have earned your badge and certificate. Our exams aren’t “tricky,” but they do require that you know the information if you want to pass. Upon successful completion of the course and exams, you will receive a personalized badge and certificate. Plus, your certificate is suitable for framing should you wish to proudly display your achievement at your home or office. Unlike everyone else who simply calls themselves a "cell phone repair technician," you'll have the certificate and the badge to prove it, from a source that is licensed by the Board of Education. You will be learning the exact same tools, techniques and strategies that have generated millions of dollars for our students over the last few years. But what about your team? Do you know for a fact that they're up to speed on all the latest and greatest repair techniques and profit generating strategies? Oh yeah, and if you're a franchise, activation store or other repair professional, then you already know how important certifications are to distancing yourself from the competition. Either way, if you expect the best for your company, then this course and certification is for you.
Yes, you can find other trainings that cover similar topics, but a Cellular Repair School diploma and Association of Device Repair Service Excellence (ADRSE) certification is unique because it's built and taught by real experts who actually own and operate real repair businesses.

In other words, we aren't "researchers." We're in-the-trenches doers who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. If you’re wanting to add advanced troubleshooting to your cell phone repair business, this is the best way to learn the proper techniques, resources, vendors and skills to be successful by doing things the right way. If you're already a business owner, this certification is a great way to learn advanced troubleshooting repairs yourself.
If you're an employee, this certificate can make you worth more to your company, which is a great way to get that raise you probably already deserve. A:  If you really want to set yourself apart from your competition this certification is highly valuable. A:  Yes, our Vendor Marketplace has all the wholesale suppliers for everything from tools and parts, to Software and Bookkeepers.
A:  Cellular Repair School is the only cell phone repair school licensed by the Board of Education and approved by the Association of Device Repair Service Excellence.
A:  The knowledge you gain in this course will help you even if you don’t need the certification. A:  Our tests are based on the cell phone repair industry standards set by the Association of Device Repair Service Excellence (ADRSE), which means that they are difficult enough that you need to actually know the material.
Taking the iPhone repair class was definitely very helpful for me in starting my own repair business. I was able to get a lot of practical information from the smartphone repair course that I participated in. Two months ago, I grabbed this chance to attend a course on repairing iPads and found it very practical. I want to say that it was admittedly a wonderful experience for me to have attended the iPhone repair course. Anyone who is looking for smart course instructors and real-world, practical information in regards to successfully doing iPhone repairs should definitely consider the courses offered here.
I recently took an iPhone repair course and can’t help but boast about how proud I am of all that I have learned. We are confident that you will find all of the information that you need right here if you are interested in earning certification in cellphone repair.
We will teach you the best practices and even help when it comes to a business plan and marketing strategies.
We are happy to provide you with all of the information that you need if you are interested in signing up with us for cellphone repair certification training.
Of course, if you would prefer to speak to someone directly over the phone, that is an option too. Get in touch with us today here at Cell Phone Repair Training School if you would like any additional information.
Because you're receiving training that has not only been tested and improved by almost 5,000 students, but it's field tested daily in our own profitable repair stores. I learned how to repair an iPhone 5 very fast and that is all because of the amazing teachers in this institute.
The course on repairing iPads was very instructive and they gave me all the tools needed for the trainings. It was very educational plus they gave me the best ideas on how to grow my iPhone repair business. The teachers were very skilled and I learned a lot of practical information about repairing iPhones.
All instructors were competent in doing iPad repairs and they were also accommodating to every student’s needs. I’m going to be taking another one soon because I really found everything to be so useful in everyday life. The information given to students was very practical and no time was wasted in the classes. The class gave me a lot of helpful information and the lessons were very beneficial for me. The sessions were very practical and the teachers offered lessons that students were able to learn easily.
I enjoyed the classes that were taught by the best teachers and the most important of all is the fact that I am now certified on repairing cell phones!

The instructors were friendly and knowledgeable and the information was always practical and useful. We are proud to boast the best teachers at our school, many of whom actually operate their very own cellphone repair businesses.
We have every aspect of your future career covered if you decide to stick with cellphone repairs. Cell Phone Repair Training School is always ready to help out new potential students who have the desire and motivation to succeed. We understand that you are busy, and we want to make it easy for you to become certified in cell phone repairs.
If you do not receive a passing grade after your third attempt, you will be required to go back through the module prior to taking the test again. It was money that couldn’t have been better spent because now I make money helping other people. The iPhone repair courses were certainly informative because now I can fix all kinds of smartphone damages.
I’m also pleased that the school included wonderful advice on starting your on repair business.
After taking the iPad repair course, I found that I was able to use all that I learned in repairing the iPad. I learned how to repair an iPhone quite quickly and I admittedly had a wonderful time during the sessions because the teachers were all excellent! The teachers are all pleasant and they will make certain that you learn the skill of repairing these modern devices. We are proud that you have already taken the first step in your career by looking up our site. Therefore, they have direct experience in the industry and are able to share their know-how with students.
We are right behind you if you have the drive to be successful and to obtain your certification in iPhone repair training.
That’s right, our courses run only one week, so all you need is that minimal amount of time in order to obtain cell phone repair certification.
There is no better school to sign up for if you are looking to make money repairing iPhones.
Furthermore, the tutors also gave me the best ideas on how to grow my iPhone repair business.
If you would like to speak directly to us at any time, feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail. All of the information that you could ever need to be a successful cell phone repair technician can be found right here at Cell Phone Repair Training School. You will learn how to make a profit, come up with a business plan, and you will learn exciting marketing strategies.
Considering the fact that just about everyone in your social circle probably owns a cellphone, this skillset will be incredibly profitable and useful.
Send us an e-mail or give us a call today if you would like to directly speak with someone or to obtain any additional information that you need. You don’t need any prior experience in order to register for our iPhone training classes or cellphone training classes.
Cellphone Repair Courses encourages prospective students to take the leap and sign up to obtain certification in iPhone repair today!
You will learn how to fix broken screens, replace LCD, fix water damage and you will learn how to deal with a plethora of other common problems.
Even if you don’t want to start your own repair business, you can at least use your skills to help out your friends because everyone owns a cell phone nowadays!

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