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This year in Overland Park we have been fortunate to have a warm, dry fall and the ability to stretch out the classic car season.
These 10 simple steps should ensure your special classics are ready to hit the road when the spring thaw comes. So what are the best ways to avoid an injury to yourself or a passenger from such danger on the road? The seller is reluctant to or even refuses to provide a vehicle history report from a reputable source like CARFAX. Component colors that do not match, either on the steering wheel or dashboard panels, or even the seat belts. We strongly advise all our customers to have a third-party ASE-certified mechanic inspect any used vehicle before purchase.
If you are suspicious about an airbag system on a used vehicle, never tamper with the airbag compartment yourself. New Concept Auto Service can quickly test the SRS components for any trouble codes and make recommendations for repair if needed on most vehicles. During last yeara€™s car care events a full 84 percent of vehicles failed at least one aspect of the inspections.
For some reason, that number is up five whole percentage points over the same study done the year before.
In addition, 13 percent of cars inspected had a a€?check enginea€? light on which was being ignored by the owner. Last time we shared the eye-opening experience a customer of ours had while witnessing a vehicle fire. It starts at one side of the battery and is constantly trying to find its way back to the other side of the battery.
A simple formula for electricity is Ohms law, which says voltage equals amps times resistance. If your engine will not start and you have to keep cranking and cranking, the starter will heat up because of all the amperage ita€™s using. If you install a big stereo amplifier (or boom box), then your alternator has to work harder and heats up, supplying all the extra amperage.
Recently a customer brought in a 1990 VW Jetta, which was experiencing complications from a cobbled-together aftermarket electrical wiring harness. Thanks very much for your tenacity, endurance, diagnostic skills, and long-suffering stick-to-it strengths. Three days ago, we were out driving around in that automobile and were eastbound on Blackfish Parkway, approaching Pflumm. As we drove away from the car engulfed in flames, I kept glancing back in my rear view mirrors in anticipation of the moment when it finally exploded and flew up in the air in the giant fireball, spinning over a few times before coming back to pavement in the form of a raining hail storm of burning debris which would require at least a half-minute before the last door or bumper or hood component finally obeyed gravity and fell back to earth, in a neighborhood greenbelt some distance away, but it never did. Fluids a€” including brake fluid, engine coolant (antifreeze), automatic transmission fluid, and power steering fluida€”must also be maintained at regular intervals to keep things in tip-top shape. Tires and lights are a couple of the easiest items to overlook when it comes to maintenance.
Other normal wear parts such as brakes, steering and suspension, and wiper blades, should be inspected annually. Of course New Concept Auto Service maintains detailed records of our customersa€™ vehicles and we send out regular maintenance reminders specific to each vehicle. Concept Auto Service, we invest heavily in our techniciansa€™ training and test equipment so they are able to perform their jobs better than average.
Our techs are trained to focus on the customera€™s symptoms first, no matter how minor, and then address any other issues they might find.
If the auto repair is a safety issue, you should not be driving ita€”even across the street. Having a properly working air conditioning system not only protects you and your family from heat exhaustion, but it helps maintain the integrity of your vehiclea€™s interior, and guards against damage to items in your car such as DVDs or food.
This is not something you want to do in your garage without the proper equipment to capture and recycle the refrigerant. Once we fix the leak or other system problem, we recommend a full system evacuation and recharge. Although the Olympics are being held half a world away, here in Overland Park the Olympic sport of pothole avoidance is the main attraction this week. Of course ita€™s a known scientific fact that things get bigger when heated and smaller when cooled. As the sections grow, the expansion joints in between will bloat on a hot day and contract on a cold day.
Most highway potholes are depressions in the road surface located near these expansion joints.
Sometimes the surface underneath will wash away due to rain and snow, leaving nothing substantial to hold it up, so it cracks and breaks off. There are a lot of car parts that can be damaged from potholes: tires, wheels, wheel bearings, shocks and struts. If the old bearing has imprints on only one section of the race, I will ask the customer if they remember hitting a pothole on the highway. Sure enough, they even guess the correct side, but surprisingly the incident usually happened months ago. When an engine a€?burns a little oil,a€? you can usually trace that result to poor oil change services over its life.
Wea€™re happy to see our new oil change recommendations being cheerfully embraced by our customers. Ita€™s amazing how the smallest and least expensive part of the car can have a tremendous impact on safety.
The easiest way to determine if youa€™re due a replacement is to run your fingers along the rubber part of the wiper. There is no need to measure your blades as New Concept Auto Service will have a record of which sizes your vehicle needs. Be aware that when the rubber blade is off the wiper arm it has the potential to snap back and crack the windshield.
To prolong the life of your blades, use your windshield washer weekly to remove bird droppings, bugs and dirt.
Call New Concept Auto Service today with any questions or concerns about your wiper performance.
For many years, I have been recommending that people change engine oil every 3,000 miles with traditional mineral based oil.
I started with some research--simply asking other independent shops, franchise oil change places and dealerships what they did and why.
I personally prefer full synthetic, simply because ita€™s better oil and I am an engine advocate. Next, I obtained recommendations from 12 popular car manufacturers to see what their engineers thought. At New Concept Auto Service we look up the correct type (mineral or synthetic), weight and quantity published by the manufacturer. In the final analysis, every shop needs to come up with an official recommendation and that is what we have done.
Listen for squealing or grinding noises while braking (especially when backing up) and dona€™t ignore them even if they are only intermittent. Once youa€™ve had your brakes serviced at New Concept Auto Service we recommend you have them inspected every 30,000 miles on average.
Dona€™t approve a connection without a photo as a general rule, because too many faceless connections makes your network appear hinky. Dona€™t use like buzzwords like a€?responsiblea€? or a€?effective,a€? but mention specific, measurable accomplishments. Go through the lists and send requests once, adding a personal note to each one (but only after you have uploaded a profile picture). LinkedIn is certainly making a lot of noise these days and not to be ignored by the savvy professional.
Ia€™ve said it before but it bears repeatinga€”it is not difficult to make sure your family is as safe as possible before you take off for your summer vacation. Check the hoses and belts that can become cracked, brittle, frayed, loose, or show signs of excessive wear.
If your inspection turns up any questionable areas, call us to schedule an appointment and wea€™ll ensure you get to your destination safely! The back of this Ford was full of tools and replacement parts for the washers and dryers, PLUS boxes of candy and cases of bottled pop (hence the name a€?Candy Wagona€?).
The Sunday Wagon.A This was a mid-70a€™s tan Chevy with a jump seat for two in the very back.
A The best times, though, were watching the local fireworks displays while sitting on the tailgate with my whole family. Check your fluid levels.A The proper amount of oil, transmission fluid, coolant, or washer fluid could be the difference between a great weekend and a day at the auto repair shop. Have a roadside assistance phone number handy.A Even if youa€™re not a member of AAA, many insurance companies offer their own roadside assistance programs. When youa€™re tooling down the highway (or even an Overland Park thruway like 87th Street nearA New Concept Auto Service) and suddenly see a pothole looming up ahead, what do you do? Here are four easy ways to avoid hitting those dastardly holes and creating a need for costly repairs to your vehicle. Dona€™t get NASCARa€™d.A Should you swerve?A  Of course the answer to that split-second decision hinges on whata€™s going on around you. Although I heard the mention of snow in the Overland Park forecast for next week, Ia€™m going out on a limb and guessing you are more than ready to get yourA classic carA prepped for warm weather driving. If you removed your battery last fall, take it off the charger and make sure all the mounting brackets are secure and the connections are clean and not corroded.

For classic cars with automatic transmissions you want to replace the fluid every three years if you have not put many miles on it. Gasoline loses its octane over the months, so hopefully you put a fuel stabilizer like a€?Staybila€? in the tank last fall.A  Drive it to empty and fill it up with fresh gas and you will be OK. Of course, at New Concept Auto Service in Overland Park, classic cars are one of our specialties.
Paul helped fix an exhaust leak on this beautiful 1970 Chevelle with a 350 small-block engine and vintage air. Today, at my Overland Park auto repair shop, we have the luxury of using five-ton, two post hydraulic lifts which are very safe provided the vehicle is staged properly.A  We even use custom-made hickory blocks to safely set a vehicle just right. All our floors are level, so if you are doing this at home on a slope, always block the wheels at the other end.A  A front wheel drive will roll if you jack up the front, a rear wheel drive if you jack up the rear. You never know when you will get a flat tire.A  If safely jacking up a car is just not your thing, you can always call for AAAa€™s roadside tire assistance and let the professionals handle it. I was first inspired by watching my uncle replace a worn-out combine axle bearing in a wheat field in western Kansas.
The destination was a narrow draw between fields where the dirt was unplowed, and the ground was hard.A  There were several skyscraper-sized cottonwood trees living there. Later in the week Ia€™ll post a little description of how we apply this practical troubleshooting knowledge to working under vehicles in our Overland Park auto repair shop and how you can change a tire safely yourself.
The best one was a Toyota Prius Hybrid which was stuffed into the ditch at a 90 degree angle to the street about half a block off a main road.A  She had been sitting there for a while during the heaviest time of snowfall and a couple of guys were trying to dig with makeshift shovels. This was just the first stage of the storma€”the deep unplowed snow.A  This is where the low-to-ground sedans just get high centered as the undercarriage acts like a plow. The third stage is what I call the driveway dilemma, which usually is found the following day.A  The plows have been down each side street to cut a clear path in the center, only to place that now hard packed snow wall at the entrance to your driveway. Put your car in drive (or reverse when applicable) and when you feel a little tug, give it a little gas. Although, sadly, I will not be in Overland Park to help anyone after winter storm Rocky, I will post some of my more interesting tow stories later in the week.
And if I can say something a little clever or make a little gesture, and get at the very least a smile from one person, then the fear melts away and ita€™s all I need. If youa€™ve stopped by our Overland Park shop recently for an oil change, car repair, or maintenance visit, you may have met Gary Parker.
Whata€™s the strangest thing that has happened to you while working as a technician?A One time, after doing an oil change, I heard a funny noise coming from the car. What did you enjoy most about your drag racing days?A I loved the competition and the people I met.
What do you do on the weekends these days?A Watch sports and head outdoors for boating and fishing when the weather permits. What else should we know about you?A I have four great kids who have all earned mastera€™s degrees.
Ita€™s been great to see Overland Park and surrounding communities get serious about recycling over the last few years.
As an engineer, I was taught to be efficient with our limited resources and respect Mother Nature, so we have long been good stewards of the environment. In addition to properly disposing of all fluids, our employees are meticulous about sorting materials into several different trash cans.We also feel pretty good about donating scrap metal. Consider joining a roadside service like AAA.A If there is a big snowstorm, many people will also be calling them, so you may need to be patient.
Dona€™t try to a€?plow througha€? a snowdrift.A  Drifts will ramp up, so the farther you drive into one, the deeper it gets. Try rocking the car back and forth.A  For moderately deep drifts, dig the snow away from behind the tires. All this shifting will heat up the transmission, so periodically leave the car in neutral if safe to do so.A  This keeps the transmission cooler by circulating the fluid. Minimize the amount of time spinning the tires.A  This creates heat, which melts the snow and turns it to ice. Patience is the key.A  Most likely you are late to wherever you were going to start with, so rushing is futile. If you are not able to get the car moving, stay with the vehicle unless you are extremely familiar with your surroundings.
When you finally get home,A make an appointmentA with your Overland Park auto service technician to make sure you havena€™t damaged your vehicle during the process.
I asked my Overland Park auto techs recently what would interest them and here is a Christmas list from them. A wall clock that looks either like a large gear or has seven-time Winston Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt on it.
Oh yes, when tailgating at the biannual NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at Kansas Speedway, who could be without a Hot Rod Grill. However, freezing precipitation came within a few counties of us this week and ita€™s time to get those special classics tucked away for a long wintera€™s nap.
Add fuel stabilizer (like Sea Foam or Sta-Bil brand) to protect from rust and other issues, then fill the gas tank to the brim. You dona€™t have to store the car up on blocks, but if you are adamant about that, use proper jack stands set on the suspension, like the front control arms and the rear axle.
Once the car is parked in its winter home, start the engine, take off the air cleaner and apply an engine fogger such as Sta-Bil or CRC, until smoke comes out of the exhaust.
If the vehicle is in a secure location, crack the windows an inch or so to allow humidity to stabilize inside and out. We send out regular reminders so you never have to miss a scheduled maintenance service again. While you still have a clean financial slate in front of you for 2015, why not add regular car maintenance as a budget line item. Conventional engine oil lubricates, removes heat, prevents corrosion and sludge, and keeps the inside of the engine clean.
Of course this answer varies widely based on the year, make and model of your vehicle, your driving style, and annual mileage driven.
As they get older and major components begin to wear out, cars naturally go from maintenance only, to maintenance and repairs, and poorly maintained cars cost more to repair. Ita€™s not worth saving $30 to drive it across town or across the street when you may not end up arriving at all!
This eliminates any air that has been introduced, as well as ensuring the carefully prescribed amount of compressor oil and Freon is added. We will see a car that has an obvious bent wheel with a perfectly good tire, still full of air. I also got the response several times like, a€?The car will tell you when ita€™s time from the electronic oil change reminder info on the dash.a€? Most of these systems are simply an elaborate calculation the computer makes based on starts and stops, RPM, idle time, etc. Reason being, more oil will lubricate and cool better and make the engine last longer, and they also only recommend full synthetic. You dona€™t need to come in as often and the price is now the same as the old mineral based oil. Profiles without photos have the distinct feel that one of your kids created the account and you dona€™t even know how to log in. If you are an entrepreneur now is the time to get your business presence established on LinkedIn. This may feel like youa€™re giving the green light to Big Brother, but it is the most efficient way to build your connections. Ideally, we want you to schedule an appointment well in advance with our super auto repair mechanics here in Overland Park. These are critical to the proper functioning of the electrical system, air conditioning, power steering and the cooling system.
Check that all interior and exterior lighting is working properly and inspect and replace worn wiper blades so you can see clearly when driving during precipitation. A He was restoring an early 60a€™s Chevy station wagon, which brought back some vivid childhood memories of my mother. A This was her main daily driver, but its real purpose was helping me with seven WaKeeney paper routes.
Being a woman always on the go, she figured we only had 20 to 30 minutes to get the route done. A The best feature was electric rear window which you could open and close from the drivera€™s seat.
A This was the wagon we all piled into on Sunday after church to ride to the Triangle Truck Stop for the best pancakes off I-70. Wea€™re both glad to see the station wagon (aka crossover) starting to make its appearance on the streets again. If youa€™re packing your bags to go on a road trip there are a few things you can do to help ensure your safe arrival. The stress of a long-distance drive at high summer temperatures may be what pushes the reminder to a full-blown auto repair emergency.
I have an idea that is guaranteed to fit and probably wona€™t cost a thing: a vehicle safety check.
If they are faded, splitting or tearing find an auto parts store and get the best pair you can afford. If your battery seems to have trouble holding a charge, replacing it now is a cheap way to make sure you dona€™t get stranded when the temperatures rise.
Unfortunately, todaya€™s coolants are full of corrosion inhibitors which eat away at the rust inside your system. Resist the urge to rev the engine (therea€™s time for that later) and simply let it idle until it reaches regular running temperature. Oil that has been sitting all through this tough Overland Park winter is likely contaminated with water and other things that dona€™t like your engine.

This will get all the systems to proper operating temperatures and let you know if anything needs attention. A If we use a floor jack or bottle jack, we always place a metal jack stand under as a backup, whether we are crawling under the car or not. Our Overland Park auto service receivedA record amountsA of the white stuff but it appears most people took warnings seriously and stayed home. A A Cars get stuck right in the middle of the street and there is not much anyone can do at this point.A  The police usually handle these to get traffic flowing again. A For the life of me I could not memorize the line, so the music teacher gave me a half sheet of paper with the short but informative sentence.A  I didna€™t know how to fold it, so I just wadded it up with my big gloves. For a second I thought everyone left, until I heard my older sister Paula giggle a very distinct a€?oh brothera€? giggle. Gary is the newest member of our New Concept team and comes to us with lots of experience in classic car repair. Then right after high school I went to trade school, and since then have logged lots of hands-on experience. Although some might not consider that bitter cold, here in Overland Park, Kansas, I think it qualifies! Besides the handy curbside pickup, you cana€™t help but notice the bins for glass and paper recycling popping up in many parking lots. You may have noticed our a€?Excellence in Environmental Managementa€? award from Quaker State Oil hanging in our Overland Park auto service lobby.
According to the Automotive Recyclers Association, recycling vehicles provides enough steel to produce almost 13 million new vehicles annually. If front-wheel drive, place aA floor matA as far under each front wheel as possible (if rear-wheel, do the same). Not only will you be better protected from the elements, it is much easier to spot a snowbound car than a person on the side of the road. If he is seasoned, buy him gift certificates for tools like Snap On, MAC Tools or Matco Tools. This is basically a reproduction, small block Chevy that doubles as a gas grill, complete with smoking Zoomie headers and a temperature gauge. Resist the urge to put it off until spring, when you will have a thousand other things to tend to as you bring her out of hibernation. The very week we rewired the vehicle properly, the customer encountered a scene which reinforced the life-and-death importance of proper vehicle wiring.
The Shawnee police had the street "secured" about 25 yards from the scene of a "small white car of indeterminate make but an older model" completely engulfed in flames.
Regular maintenance increases the safety and reliability of your vehicle, as well as prolonging its life.
Following is a cross section of New Concept Auto Service customers who have faithfully scheduled regular maintenance (and light repairs as the car aged) for a specific vehicle.
Remember to add gas, insurance and perhaps tires to your annual budgeta€”but you wona€™t need to include a tow service fee! Studies have shown that even on a relatively mild day in the lower 70s, interior temperatures can climb more than 40 degrees above the outside air temperature in as little as 60 minutes.
This is a serious environmental issue that should not be fixed with the band-aid approach of adding more refrigerant from a can. Also, the condenser (in front of the radiator) may lose its cooling capacity due to bent air fins from road debris like bugs and rocks.
Some manufacturers like Ford, Honda and Toyota are moving to only full synthetic for all their new vehicles. We will still check your lights, tire pressures, wipers and all fluid levels with each service. But even if you dona€™t think anything needs to be inspected, the Car Care Council has some great tips for a 10-minute driveway look-see you can perform yourself. A She was quite the industrious woman, always on the go and always hauling something around.
A At some point in time from the age of 10 to 14, I had every route in towna€“usually one, sometimes two.
A I was old enough to drive at this point and A sometimes with (and sometimes without) my moma€™s permission, I would a€?borrowa€? it on Saturday night to drag main. Even the most un-mechanical mom has a tire pressure gauge in the glove compartment.A  If she does not, you can pick one up at any local discount store or drugstore. Quality does matter here and you want to be sure she can see in any blinding Overland Park spring rainstorm!
I guarantee with this special treatment your mom will be bragging about how she was pampered and honored for Mothera€™s Day! Check under the hood for popped connectors or hoses because this may indicate damage caused by frozen water. Also look for dry rot and foreign objects which may have lodged in the tire over the course of the winter.
After sitting for several months this can translate into dislodged chunks which may block the flow of coolant and cause problems.
I am ASE certified in engine repair and also HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).
That was awarded to us through Kansas State University in recognition of dedication to protecting the environment. It also saves an estimated 85 million barrels of oilA a year,A that would otherwise have been used in the manufacturing of new or replacement parts. Then gently rock to create a long enough rut to slowly but steadily accelerateA out of the drift. It was surprising how much thermal energy was being released from the oxidation of all flammable materials in that small car's makeup. However, all oils eventually wear out over time, losing their ability to perform as needed. Even with the windows cracked, temperatures can easily top out above 130 degrees during a heat wave.
In extreme instances a cooling fan may fail causing the system to over-pressurize and blow a pop-off valve like a pressure cooker.
The absolute 100 percent way to know if your oil needs to be changed is to send a sample of it to their lab for analysis. A One of my jobs was to service and refill both machines while my uncle Donnie performed repairs on the washers and dryers. A On the way back from each service call, the passenger seat usually filled up with worn-out parts. A I would sit in the very back with the rear glass down, rain coming in, and sling papers at the various porches. TheA tire pressure the engineers designedA the car for can be found on the sticker on the drivera€™s doorjamb. Engine runs without any hesitation, stuttering, sputtering, backfiring, exploding, fire-balling, etc. I say it was white so I must have caught a glimpse of that color as I was executing a three-point turn-around.
Diagnosing leaks is a tricky process because some are no larger than a pinhole, even when you experience a huge loss in cooling capacity. There really is no set mileage or time period in which to change your oil, there are just too many variables, like how often the engine is started and stopped (heat cycling). A I learned how a periodic little drop of oil in just the right spot kept those fascinating mechanisms working.
A So I did what any kid of that era would doa€“crawled clear in the back and lay on top of the candy boxes with my head positioned just under the rear window. A The paper was promptly delivered by a€?Vic, the paper guya€? every day (less Saturday) at 4 p.m. If ita€™s low, run to a gas station and fill it upa€”but be careful not to overfill, especially with the hot days we have in the forecast next week. Be sure to remove any rodent blockers you cleverly installed last fall like paper towels stuffed in the exhaust pipe.
While youa€™re doing the walk-around, push down on each corner of the car and check the condition of your shocks. You know ita€™s time to change your oil either from a lube oil window sticker or your gauges. A I would stare at the western Kansas starlit night sky, devoid of any artificial light, and let my imagination run wild.
A Vica€™s wagon (also an inadvertent low-rider) was always a Chrysler with high miles, and replaced often.
A He would pull up in front of the shop and I would run out, grab the bundles, cut the twine and start rolling and rubber banding papers.
A The electric rear window control allowed me to let guys and girls in or out at various stoplights on Main in Hays. A Before heading home, I always took inventory and make sure I was returning with everyone I brought. One issue I would have is the fact my customersa€™ tires may get low, or their wiper fluid may run dry, or they may develop a coolant leak during their 15,000 mile hiatus.

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