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The LG G2 is on its way and while LG have generally posed little threat to Samsung on western markets, this looks set to change that thanks to some top flight specs and innovative features.
Both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G2 are clad in plastic, so neither look particularly premium. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a slightly smaller 5 inch Super AMOLED 1080 x 1920 display with 441 pixels per inch. The LG G2 has a huge 3000 mAh battery under the hood, which should give it substantial battery life.
The LG G2 has 32GB of built in storage but there’s no micro SD card slot to expand it. The Samsung Galaxy S4 on the other hand has a micro SD card slot, potentially giving it far more storage. Ultimately they’re quite evenly matched and it may more come down to whether you like the idea of having the buttons on the back (as the LG G2 does) or not.
IntroductionSo let's say that you're interested in getting a new high-end smartphone, and having a huge display is one of your top priorities.
Lifting the Note 3's back cover reveals its user-replaceable 3200mAh battery, as well as its slots for the Micro SIM and microSD cards. DisplayScreen quality plays a crucial role in determining whether a given smartphone is worthy of attention. We measure battery life by running a custom web-script, designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage.
ConclusionSo there you have it a€“ two amazing flagships that will never fail at exchanging painful blows.
The G3 also has a seemingly superior, 5.5'' display, but the reality is that despite the extra resolution, you'll be hard-pressed to perceive a difference in clarity. Really, the samsung flight is plain and boring , it  looks really ugly with the slide up keypad. The quality is stunning and that 5.2 inch size was judged by LG to be the biggest size that the average adult could operate comfortably with one hand.
Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is among the handsets matching that description a€“ it is fast, loaded to the brim with neat features, and equipped with a gorgeous 5.7-inch touchscreen.
The G3, for its part, has a sufficiently-loud, noise-canceling microphone setup, that transmits voices with a satisfying level of clarity to the other side. If you haven't realized yet, this seeming quibble is exactly the type of mess you'll be in if you ever have to make a decision between the two. What's more, content crafted for such a high resolution is not just rare a€“ it's darn near non-existent. Though both devices are quick message phones support for a touchscreen and a full qwerty keypad, while the LG Xenon is really stylish and highly functional, It has a good looks, especially a side-slider design, which makes the xenon looks a small PDA.

I would like to know the quality of the phone, because everyone has a different opinion when it comes to looks!!!!!
In addtion, the xenon’s keyboard is really easy to text on, and the touch screen is really accurate.
That’s all my views, if you have different reviews, tell us how  do you think of this problem.
While both phones have great snappers, the LG G2 slightly out-performs the Samsung Galaxy S4 in this area. The LG G2 looks to have a marginally better camera and is likely to have better battery life. However, as in most cases, there's a number of alternatives to consider a€“ high-end alternatives that will fit in your pockets much more easily than the Note 3, yet will provide you with a screen that is nearly as spacious. No microSD card slot is present on the G2, so you'll have to rely solely on its built-in storage.LG has placed the G2's power and volume keys on the back for a couple of reasons. The earpiece is also powerful enough to provide comfort during calls, and sound is, again, relayed without significant deterioration in quality.Looking at the S5, its microphone is moderately-loud, but higher frequencies are boosted substantially, and sound a tad unnatural.
That is, unless you get your preferences straight.In terms of overall design, we feel we can successfully argue that the LG G3 is the more attractive device of the two. And all those pictures don't come for free a€“ the hit in performance is exemplified by both synthetic and real-world benchmarks.
Alos its reception is awesome, and its keys are in right size, so it is easy to text on it with the qwerty keyboard. However, the phone’s keyboard error press correction feature is fairly accurate so it compensates for large fingered people, and its battery is excellent. The only problem that I’ve found with my Flight is that it takes a little while for the text msgs to load. One of them is the LG G2, packing a 5.2-inch display and the hardware muscle needed to give Samsung's phablet some heated competition. Firstly, that has allowed for the company's engineers to make the phone more narrow (read: easier to hold), and secondly, this unorthodox solution is meant to make these buttons easier to access. Their resolution is 1080 by 1920 pixels, as is now typical for top-of-the-line Android smartphones.Looking at size alone, the Note 3 definitely has the upper hand since its screen is larger than the one on the G2. The utilitarian GS5, however, will appeal to those looking for practicality over looks, and this has a lot to do with the fact that Samsung's flagship is dust- and water-resistant.
Without a doubt, choosing a favorite between these two smartphones is no easy task, so let's dive into it and see what they have to win our hearts with.
Well, we've been using the LG G2 for a while now, and while we're fine with having the power and volume keys placed where they are, we don't think that their placement makes them easier to operate.
That makes Samsung's phablet more suitable for a number of tasks that would benefit from the extra real estate, such as browsing the internet, enjoying photos or videos, playing games and so on.

Put in numbers, the Samsung Galaxy S5 managed the great 7 hours and 38 minutes, while the LG G3 only survived for 6 hours and 14 minutes.
Unfortunately, our initial concerns about what this panel might do to battery life have materialized and that means longevity is a chink in the G3's armor.And in terms of imaging? DesignIt is hard to say which one of these two smartphones looks better, primarily because neither of them has much to sparkle with.
Buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are arranged in a typical for the company fashion, with a large physical home key below the screen accompanied by a pair of capacitive buttons for the back and menu functions. But size is not everything, and the G2's display, despite being smaller by half an inch, is also a pleasure to admire.
The shoe is now on the other foot, as the GS5's camera churns out slightly better stills and video overall.So how do you choose? Don't get us wrong a€“ they definitely can't be described as bad-looking, but putting at least a little more effort into improving their appearance wouldn't have hurt anyone.
The power and volume keys are positioned on the right and left sides respectively and are easy to reach despite the handset's size.
In fact, we find the screen on LG's flagship slightly more detailed a€“ something that doesn't surprise us given its higher pixel density (423ppi vs 386ppi for the Note 3) and the fact that a standard RGB sub-pixel arrangement is in use, as opposed to the Note 3's Diamond sub-pixel panel.However, as awesome as they may look, both displays have their flaws, and one of them is their not-so-ideal color representation. As we mentioned in the very beginning of this comparison, it ultimately comes down to your individual preferences, as each device has enough relative strengths to even out its relative weaknesses. The plastic-made Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with its conservative shape and leather-like plastic back plate, looks and feels a bit more like a device built with professionals in mind.
The typical for AMOLED panels pumped up colors are present on the Note 3 as well, while the LG G2 has its color temperature leaning towards the colder side. We have no objective winner here a€“ just different paths taken, both of which lead to the same great outcome.
Its textured surface has a very low tendency to slip out of your palm, and that's quite a big deal since handling this jumbo-sized handset can be challenging. Nevertheless, these imperfections are so slight that they are likely to go unnoticed by most users and we don't think they spoil the overall user experience at all. At the same time, no fingerprints or pocket lint get stuck to the Note 3's back, so it looks nice and spotless pretty much all of the time. Both screens can be operated comfortably even on a sunny day thanks to their high brightness output and low reflectance.

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