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IntroductionMuch in the same way as Apple sparked a revolution on the smartphone market, Samsung essentially started a whole separate category within the industry with the original phablet a€“ the 2011 Galaxy Note. To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page. DisplayA Samsung Super AMOLED panel that offers a better color fidelity than an Apple IPS screen?
We went in-depth with the Galaxy Note 4's screen, and found that the new panel is the very best we've seen from Samsung. Meet the Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone, a phone currently available in the UK only that can let you experience best in world video capturing facilities and features that you would not find in any other phone of even a few years back.
Quite creative and attractive, the video shot has further been edited a little by the owner, Stu Kennedy, by using the tilt-shift editing features and the efforts come out with flying colours. Kennedy has utilized the 1080p HD capacity of the camera for shooting this video and further has opted for the tilt shift effect. Those who are sad at this news that the Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone is available in the UK only will get to cheer up very soon as it is to knock the US markets too hopefully this August. Many cell phone users prefer phones with touch screen because of that special feeling when navigating and typing, that no other style of phone can provide. It is a low-end phone, but still many things can be done with it as syncing e-mails for POP, IMAP, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange accounts as well as other popular e-mail accounts, having access to social networking accounts like Twitter and Facebook and downloading from the Android Market. Among Boost Mobile touch screen phones there is also Samsung SPH-m350 Seek with a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, which is the next best thing. These Boost Mobile touch screen phones offer enough quality and features to please most users’ needs so if you might became on of them, choose according to what you need out of phone. Description: Download attractive high quality nature cell phone wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia and all 480x800 pixel mobile phones. Suggested Mobiles:Samsung Galaxy S 3, Samsung Galaxy S 2, Galaxy S, Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy R, Nokia Lumia 710, Sony Xperia S, Xperia U, Xperia sola, Xperia P, Xperia neo L, Xperia ion, Lumia 800, Lumia 900, Lumia 910 and all 480x800 pixel cellphones. The White Galaxy S II has identical hardware specs as the black version, it’s fast and call quality is the best. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be available in purple, pink and orange from Carphone Warehouse.
You’re not going to get all the cool S4 features, like air gestures, multi-window and smart pause… and the hardware is downgraded (lower resolution screen, slower processor, not as much memory).
While rivalry has always raged between the two manufacturers, we've often felt like they're waging a kind of a proxy war, and basically compete indirectly in a way. Better believe it!While Samsung has been gradually increasing the display size of its Note devices with each successive generation, this trend has been put to an expected stop with the Note 4, which shares a 5.7-inch diagonal with its predecessor.

The display's color temperature is excellent at 6667 K a€“ an absolutely negligible deviation from the optimal value of 6500 K a€“ beating the iPhone 6 Plus' 7300 K, which causes a slight bluish overcast. This amazing capacity, or to say, quality of the phone came into light only then when a user of the phone went creative with its camera and shot a video in the Lincoln city of UK. Unbelievable but true, the quality of the video clip can leave anybody amazed and surprised at this thing that can a camera phone really shot this standard of videos.
Although this effect is seen to be used in the small and other cameras with medium format and is basically used for giving selective focus to the objects. Boost Mobile touch screen phones come from few different, respected brands so let’s see what Boost Mobile has to offer. It gives significant freedom to the users in web browsing, so with the price of $179.99, no contract and $50 monthly unlimited plan together with Shrinkage plan that can lower the $50 bill to up to $15 discount in period of 18 on time payments, this is a good offer at good price. The S4 Mini phone is a joy to use, the screen is fantastic, it’s fast, voice control works very well, lots of other useful features and it’s just the right size! It all depends on what you want to do with your phone, your comfort when it comes to the size of the device and how much you’re willing to pay. In other words, there was always a major differentiating factor (size, operating system, underlying philosophy) between their devices, and that, in a sense, instilled a feeling that theirs was more of a game of who's gonna get the farthest the fastest, and not who's going to make it out of the cage alive. What did change, however, is the screen resolution a€“ the number of pixels shot up by 77% to 1440x2560 (Quad HD), so the Super AMOLED panel on-board now boasts the whopping 515 pixels per inch.
But that's not all a€“ this is actually the first phone with an AMOLED screen that is as faithful in rendering hues properly a€“ color error is pretty small in Basic mode, and grayscale errors are also fairly low.
Kennedy says that his intension behind using the camera of the phone was to do something cool and certainly this is one of the coolest works done by him through it.
That signifies the addition of the tilt shift effect with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a plus point for the phone. It comes with the Opera Mini 5 web browser for fast browsing experience since, with this phone, you have access to Email Exchange, Gmail, MSN, Yahoo and other, as well as it supports instant messaging. This phone is excellent for its super amoled and big screen and light weight and other features too. But no longer.With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is encroaching on core Samsung territory a€“ one that it molded itself a€“ and it has every intention of fighting for every last inch of it. The iPhone 6 Plus, in turn, sticks to a smaller, 5.5-inch IPS display with a conventional 1080x1920 resolution, or a pixel density of 401 ppi.
The average color error on the iPhone 6 Plus is also decently-low, but colors are not quite as on-target as the ones available with the Note 4's display. The video is not something very normal and obvious but quite an amusing one where the objects and images appear like miniature toys.

Few other details of the video features used by Kennedy in the video capture are the Time Line effects through which he has reduced the original time to 27 percent. It is available for $149.99, and for it, access and sync your personal and work email, use the pre-loaded instant messenger for staying in touch with your friends and enjoy social networking on-the-go. On paper, the difference in resolutions is non-trivial and very much in favor of the Note 4, but in real life, bragging rights are the biggest benefit of having all these extra pixels. This phone can do everything that Prevail can, but Prevail is better quality in many fields.
Will Apple's relative inexperience in this segment prove to be its downfall, or can its phablet come on top? When the two handsets are held at a normal distance from the user's eyes, the difference in screen resolution becomes indiscernible.
So, over all, had it not been the highly featured camera quality of the Samsung phone, why only Kennedy, nobody would have been able to think about going so creative with it! However, outdoor visibility in broad daylight is very good on both, as the two of them sport very good and non-reflective glasses.
At the back, we're once again looking at a polycarbonate imitation of leather, though the texture has been changed to a slightly less grippy one, which, however, looks more authentic than the one available with the Note 3.
The Note 4's display can be dimmed down all the way to 1 nit, which is outstanding and guarantees comfy usage in your bed, while the iPhone 6 Plus can do 4 nits, which is also excellent.
In comparison, Apple has endowed the iPhone 6 Plus with an all-aluminum body and plastic is altogether missing a€“ front or back.The Note 4 is also different at the sides a€“ the overall shape is still of a rectangular that is pleasantly rounded at the edges, but Samsung has actually implemented shock-absorbent bumps at the four corners of the device, much alike to the Galaxy Alpha.
One last advantage of the Note 4's screen is its ability to become highly-sensitive, allowing you to use it even with gloves a€“ a great feature in light of the coming winter. And don’t forget that all this is available for $50 unlimited plan or for even $35 after 18 on-time payments, thanks to Shrinkage plan. The iPhone 6 Plus a€“ also a rounded rectangle (if slightly more so) a€“ doesn't feature protective bumps, and is instead making use of a circular, tube-like frame that hugs your palm nicely.All in all, we've gotta hand it to Apple a€“ when it comes to the feeling you get when handling the two devices, the iPhone 6 Plus definitely inspires a greater sense of you toying with something truly high-end.
In any case, we're still looking at two XL-sized smartphones, both of which are simply not meant to be used with just one hand.Last, but not least, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that debuted with the iPhone 5s can still be found embedded within the circular home button, and it's just as reliable and easy-to-use. We've got to say that we still prefer it over the swipe-type fingerprint scanner on the Note 4 (also a part of its home button), even though that one has seen some improvements from the frustrating early days of the Galaxy S5.

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