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Let’s assume for a moment that the members of the NH Legislature that voted for HB 1360 (Restricting the use of cell phones in motor vehicles) are almost, but not quite as smart as they think they are.
Even under these more than gracious circumstances, voting to ask law enforcement to randomly fine people in New Hampshire, for engaging in conversation with an electronic device, when holding that device up to their ear, in their motor vehicle, while driving, a practice the majority of them have engaged in thousands of times individually, millions and millions of times collectively each year without incident, must be viewed in its proper context.  It is an arbitrary tax on talking. The cell phone era, on the whole, has actually seen a significant decrease in total annual vehicle related fatalities. And so we have a cell phone ban, with loopholes, exceptions, and provisos, all of which complicate enforcement, whose result, confirmed by a recent bit of peer reviewed research about such bans out of California, is for naught–unless the real goal was to pass a talking tax to generate revenue.
The researchers looked at the average daily number of collisions, verifying that other factors such as the number of miles traveled, rainfall and gas prices did not affect the numbers. Use of mobile devices was the least prominent distraction observed, being overtaken by “adjusting controls, personal hygiene, communicating with someone outside the vehicle and reaching for objects in the vehicle,” according to the study. Distraction is a significant cause of accidents, yes, but even the NHTSA still wont point the finger definitively.   But Cell phones make a great  scapegoat.  Witch!  Burn Them! 192 NH House legislators went for it, (31 of that sum Republicans) despite readily available data on how such bans won’t do what the legislators claim.
There wasn’t even any solid evidence in New Hampshire, but they went with the ban anyway.
And in case you missed it, the number of driving related deaths in New Hampshire plummeted for no reason last year, absent the cell phone ban, and very likely despite increases cell phone use. Your wireless carrier isn't the only one pocketing money when you pay your cell phone bill. Local, state and federal governments, 911 systems and even school districts tack on taxes and surcharges to your wireless bill that end up costing American cell phone customers an extra 17.2%, on average, according to the Tax Foundation.

For consumers accustomed to single-digit sales taxes, these double-digit fees can appear unusually burdensome. In Nebraska, which has the country's highest wireless tax rate, customers would pay $74.69 each month for a $60 cell phone bill. A wireless customer who lives in New York, for instance, could have up to 12 different taxes and surcharges show up on his or her wireless bill.
High wireless taxes date back to the "Ma Bell" days of AT&T (T, Fortune 500), when few Americans had cell phones and various governments saw wireless surcharges as a way to support expensive services, such as rural telephone infrastructure build-outs. Some opponents to the current wireless tax structure argue that states, cities and other districts see cell phone bills as an undercover way to dodge the political fallout of raising other taxes. Even living in a state with no sales tax doesn't save you from having to pay high taxes on your cell phone bill.
People in a high-tax state bordering a state with low fees can't escape by buying a phone across the border.
Earlier this year, Tax Foundation released a study detailing the wireless service tax and fee rates in the U.S. The Tax Policy Blog is the official blog of the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit research organization that has monitored tax policy at the federal, state and local levels since 1937. Lunch Links: Tax Foundation Makes Dynamic Scoring Mainstream, DC Budget Autonomy, Tampon Exemption Today is May 26, the anniversary of the Quill v.
The final figures also accounted for holidays, as the numbers show accidents fell 15 percent because people drive less on those days.
But unlike sales, income or property taxes, wireless taxes remain largely hidden -- tacked on to the end of your monthly wireless bill and often ignored.

Every American today pays 5.82% of their cell phone bill to the federal Universal Service Fund, which originally paid for those rural phone services. Sales-tax-free Alaska has a higher-than-average 17.9% tax rate on wireless services, thanks in large part to its hefty 6%, state-imposed Universal Service Fund tax to support rural telephone services. The Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act of 2002 demands that taxes be levied at the address that the cell phone company determines to be a customer's "place of primary use." So if you live in Washington -- the state with the nation's second-highest wireless tax rate -- it doesn't necessarily pay to buy your next phone in Oregon, which has the lowest rate in the country. Two versions of a "Wireless Tax Fairness Act" that are floating around Congress have garnered bipartisan support. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. This week, our Monday Map details the state and local tax & fee rates on wireless service. In addition to the federal estate tax of 40 percent (which is fourth highest in the OECD), many U.S. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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