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In a big to help reduce crime levels – 3,500 people have been arrested for mobile device thefts this year – the MPS has launched the “Love your Phone” initiative.
People are naturally distracted in busy environments, such as cafes, bars and pubs, so we are working with the owners, giving crime prevention advice and information about local criminals to help them keep their customers safe and keep the thieves out.
As part of the operation, police will be targeting crime hotspots by stepping up patrols and educating users to increase awareness of and, ultimately reduce, robbery incidents. Around 70 per cent of all thefts in the capital involve mobile phones – with 80 per cent of those targeting iPhones. The MPS launched “Operation Ringtone” in five London boroughs (Camden, Hackney, Islington, Lambeth and Westminster). The campaign comes as Mayor Boris Johnson has joined forces with counterparts in New York and San Francisco to urge smartphone manufacturers to do more to prevent mobile theft. Do not store confidential data, intimate photos, passwords, ATM numbers, Bank Account numbers etc. You can slow down a thief at least by using passwords to restrict easy access to the keypad. Type star-pound-zero-six-pound (* # 0 6 #) and a fifteen digit code will appear on the screen.
Note down emergency numbers in a separate note pad, so that you will be able to contact the service provider or police.
If you must have to make or receive a Mobile Phone call in public, always do so with your back up against the wall or a shop window etc so that you can see around you and reduce the opportunity to be attacked from behind. Many mobile phones are stolen in places like pubs and nightclubs when they are left on a bar, table or on a nearby seat. Thieves indeed love these places; in fact, bus stops, train stations and the subways are their most favourite haunts. Robbing a person standing still or stealing things from a person who has suddenly stopped in the middle of the way is the easiest of all. We know that once you have owned it, it is definitely a difficult thing to control the eagerness to show the world that you have got an iPhone.
There are plenty many mobile anti theft software available in the market and they prove perfect security system for your cell phone. Keep in mind the possibility that you simply have misplaced your handset and that the person who has it intends to return it to you. Never reveal your PIN code or SIM Lock code under any circumstances, unless an authorized party is asking for it.

Carriers can give you the PIN code, but the Security Code you set on your mobile can usually only be reset by having the software reset by the manufacturer. For those of you that like to buy used phones on eBay or Craigslist, we have some good news. Of course, nothing is foolproof because hackers might be able to use software to alter the identity of any stolen phones. Cell phones are integral part of our life and for most of us we can’t think day without them.
The police said that, while overall crime in London is down, theft offences remain a challenge, with personal theft up by 9.9 per cent compared to the previous 12 months.
It said this has resulted in a reduction in phone thefts in these boroughs of almost 10 per cent – or around 2,020 fewer victims.
Especially ladies, you have a habit of keeping the cell phone in your handbag and then put the bag carelessly here and there. You will be totally distracted by the traffic, the signals, the vehicles and also the message you are typing or the matter you are talking to the person over the phone. Using a mobile phone in a busy area advertises the fact that you have a piece of valuable property and while talking on the phone you are distracted and not aware of who might be watching you or who might be a potential thief. Open handbags also prove tempting for thieves, as do carried rucksacks, coats left hanging on chairs and phones left unattended in vehicles and other places. The best place is underneath the battery near to the SIM card and on the back of the battery.
So, the most thieves play this trick on their victims by asking them for time, change, address, direction, even cigarette, and so on. Unfortunately even that’s not considered a crime, but hopefully that will change with legislation.
The initiative , which sees the police working with local businesses, will be extended to all 32 London Boroughs from this month. We use them to 'check ourselves in' at a location, take a photo, or by looking something up as a result of the conversation. You might have avoided your favourite delicacy or a trip or some movies to save money for your phone. If you are so particular that you need the numbers saved in the phone, make the number over in a way that it looks exactly like a cell phone number. So don’t hold your phone in your hands instead keep it safe in your bag, pouch, or pockets and keep an eye on the surroundings and people around you.

When somebody asks you for time do not at all bring out your mobile to check the time, the asker may be thief waiting for this very moment to run away with your phone. Many of these stolen phones end up on eBay or Craigslist, and some are even exported to China, Latin America, and Africa. When you misplace a cell phone or your cell phone is stolen more than money you loose many things which would prove very tough for you retrieve back, like the contacts in a phone which you have not backed up. Therefore we tend to keep our phones in our hand or left on the table for quick access,” said Metropolitan Police commander Christine Jones.
In case your mobile phone gets stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. Don’t get hooked up at your mobile, all the time looking down and not at all looking around. If you are using a branded expensive phone, do not show off the names cases, bags or pouches.
And if your phone really gets stolen, you can remotely lock it or choose to delete confidential data on it.
Below INFOGRAPH from Lookout security shows what’s the real situation in US about missing and lost cases of the phones.
The chances for a theft is higher when you are in a public for an experienced thief will know that you will not be expecting an attack.
They will then be able to block your handset, so even if the thief changes the sim card, your phone will be totally useless. Also avoid the back pockets of your jeans or the backpacks instead stick to the front pockets and the bags that can be shut with zippers. Even while tell the direction or helping somebody with addresses, don’t at all try stopping instead just keep walking on.
It also helps in recovering your lost phone as you get to track the data, or SIM exchange as well as the location. Use caution but try to get a good description of the suspect and vehicle (license number, colour, and model) and the last known direction of travel. Most smart phones come with latest security systems but still they miss out some or other features but a special cell phone security app offers all the needed features.

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