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The adverse effects of cell phone towers have not been getting the media scrutiny they have long deserved. A few studies that have measured the biological effects of microwave radio emissions from cell phone towers find that they increase free radicals and oxidative stress, lower glutathione (GSH) and lower cortisol levels.
Currently, there are no investigations on the effects of cell phone signals on impairing the body’s immune response against viral, fungal and bacterial infections while empirical evidence grows that cell phone radiation may be degrading and impairing the immune system of millions of people worldwide.
Internet sources report over 100,000 cell phone relay towers in the US alone and they grow daily. A significant reduction in GSH or reduced glutathione caused by an increase in free radicals (oxidative stress) bodes ill for the health of people living near cell phone relay towers or persons exposed from multiple cell phone towers that broadcast their radiation from several different directions. An increase in oxidative stress or free radicals from the microwave radiation of cell phones and especially cell phone towers would cause a depletion in glutathione reserves as the body reacts to defend itself. The red blood cells because of their high iron content would be especially vulnerable to microwave radiation as would cells of the liver where iron content is also high. Surprisingly, I have been unable to find a single study that measured the rate of cell destruction in persons exposed to microwave radiation. A German study on the effects of a cell phone on red blood cells after a 90 second phone call. Ethics compelled us to ensure that all reasonable people have access to the basic scientific facts.
Motorola advises consumers to avoid pointing a cellular antenna toward exposed parts of the body.
In 1993, the telecom industry committed $25 million dollars for a series of research projects designed to prove that cell phones are safe. Meantime, the telecom industry has been pressing to INCREASE BY MORE THAN 10 TIMES the allowable human exposure to cell phone radiation!a€?a€?Luckily, Dr. On June 16, 2002 , CBS aired a Sixty Minutes segment which confirmed the telecom industry is about as grungy as it gets. Spanish researchers have shown that cell phones can alter electrical activity of a child's brain for hours, causing drastic mood changes and possible behavior and learning disabilities.
A cell phone must greatly increase its field strength to maintain communications within the metallic cage of an auto. Insurance studies in England showed that an average driver talking on a cell is actually more impaired in function and reaction time than a drunk. On April 7, 2002, Sixty Minutes aired a fascinating report on brain cancer, explaining that scientists are unsure why incidence of the disease is growing so exponentially.a€?Ironically, the segment was followed by a Sprint ad, which advised parents that the best way to keep track of teenagers is to connect them to a cell phone. While researchers say that radical damage to the brain can occur within the first few minutes of conversation, telecom ads encourage customers to spend many hours on the phone each month.
An excellent resource tool is Robert Kane's book Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette (Vantage Press, 2001). Reports of illness from heavy cell phone usage and from living or working close to powerful RF transmitters are synchronous with numerous cancer-related lawsuits now being filed against the cell phone industry. Community, Environmental and Occupational Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, Menoufiya University, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt.

BACKGROUND: There is a general concern on the possible hazardous health effects of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiations (RFR) emitted from mobile phone base station antennas on the human nervous system. Almost everyone admits that cell phones emit radiation when they link to the closest tower. Amid this confusion comes a report from health and safety activists that the government's cell phone watchdog -- the Federal Communications Commission -- is putting industry desires before public well-being. Most of the studies funded by the telecommunications industry are carefully structured and are limited to the short terms effects of cell phones, a strategy to feed the grist-mill of favorable publicity.
Photographs of red blood cells exposed to cell phone signals show red blood cell aggregation, an abnormal condition. From the common cold to the flu, infections are lasting much longer than they use to from 10 days to several weeks or even months.
The following research done on rats exposed to the microwave frequencies of cell phones and cell phone towers demonstrates serious health implications for the human race.
This could include just about anyone of us who resides in a major city anywhere on this planet where the telecommunications industry heavily markets wireless phone services. However, a significant depletion of glutathione means that the person subjected to microwave radiation would have little or no defense from free radicals that steal electrons from cells leading to the destruction of cells in a process known as a free radical cascade. This because iron molecules would act like an antenna or receptor for receiving the microwave radiation much like the antenna of a radio, TV or cell phone itself.
During the Cold War, the Soviets irradiated the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia, with low level, twin-beam microwave radiation.
But independent tests show that cell phones can also leak huge amounts of radiation from the keypad and mouthpiece. They and their lackey politicians and federal regulators decided the only lucrative thing to do was to LIE and DENY.
CBS producers accused major phone service providers of cheating, scamming, forging signatures, switching phone service without permission and lying about charges. Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority reports that one hour of exposure to mobile phone radiation can cause human cells to shrink. As a telecommunications expert, Kane presents an impressive collection of studies showing that both government agencies and cell phone manufacturers KNEW YEARS AGO that cell phone radiation at present exposure levels is dangerous to human health.
AIM: To identify the possible neurobehavioral deficits among inhabitants living nearby mobile phone base stations.
What almost no one can agree on is whether that radiation is harmful to those holding their phones to their ears. They spend nothing to study the long term effects or to measure specific biological and immunological markers. The distorted red blood cells impair oxygen delivery and the removal of CO2 and this alone has vast consequences for cardiovascular health.
Microwave radiation weakens the integrity of cell membranes and accelerates the aging process.
This process leads to either the destruction or disfiguring of the cells causing either temporary or permanent damage.

To receive microwave radiation, an antenna has to be made of a material that conducts electricity. Blood was taken for the capillary of an ear after the 90 second phone call and is shown in the upper right figure clumping together.
Italian scientists have recently demonstrated that cell phone radiation makes cancerous cells grow aggressively. This radiation deeply penetrates brain, ear and eye tissues, which are especially susceptible to microwave damage.
The attorney general of Connecticut stated that despite millions of dollars in fines each year, these companies remain incorrigible.
Researchers believe this is due to increased protein activity, an indicator of cell damage. A grade four brain tumor can grow from the size of a grape to tennis ball size in just 4 months. Underwriters for Lloyd's of London refuse to insure phone manufacturers against damage to users' health. Inside a living human being, both iron and copper act like miniature antenna and transfer the destructive power of the microwave radiation to the rest of the cell and thereby disrupt its biological functions.
The middle left photo was taken 20 minutes later and in the second column, the middle photo show the cells almost returning to normal after 40 minutes. The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry reports that these frequencies cause cancer and other diseases by interfering with cellular DNA and its repair mechanisms. Cordless phones marked 900 megahertz or 2.4 gigahertz emit the same dangerous microwave radiation as cell phones.
Other staffers also developed cancer--or their blood showed DNA damage, which precedes cancer.a€?a€?Research by University of Washington professor Dr. Belt clip cases allow cell phones to deliver radiation to the liver or kidney areas when a wired, hands-free earpiece is used.
A University of Utah researcher found the younger the child, the more radiation is absorbed by the brain. Brain tumors are almost always fatal and most people die within 6-12 months after diagnosis.
Cell phone radiation and the risks of brain cancer and cell phones are today what tobacco was 40 years ago. Increased destruction of red blood cells and liver cells would be expected in persons exposed to cell phone microwaves. Lai notes that even tiny doses of radio frequency can cumulate over time and lead to harmful effects.

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