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This mini slider cell phone features a built in MP3 playing boombox that gets surprisingly loud.
The Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone is an unlocked tri-band GSM cell phone with no included SIM card. Providing complete coverage of the wireless industry, cell phone news, and future 4G technologies.
After being rumored since the early Summer months and the rumor picking up steam after the official expansion of LTE access in the past two months, Page Plus has announced to dealers that its previous bread and butter in allowing flashed phone activation will end next month and activations will be restricted to Verizon-branded devices that have previously been activated on postpaid as well as the recently growing slate of PagePlus devices that the MVNO itself sells and supports through its online partner storefronts. There will be a policy change going into effect January 15th, 2015 and we want to let you know now so that you have time to prepare.  At that time, our system will no longer allow the activation of devices that are not approved by Page Plus. As a result, the most savvy customers would wait for certain devices to be available for flashing before upgrading to another device, or as was the case with the Moto G, flashing another carrier’s variant due to activation restrictions on the Verizon Prepaid version. AT&T provides the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with records of Americans' phone calls dating back to 1987 as part of a surveillance program that goes beyond the scope of the National Security Agency's (NSA) call collection, the New York Times reported Sunday. Besides covering a longer time span, the program is unlike the NSA's data collection because it "includes information on the locations of callers," the report said. Most of the subpoenas for "phone numbers of interest" are "administrative" ones, meaning they are issued by the DEA without needing approval from a grand jury or judge, the Times wrote. The program lists numerous "success stories," including cases involving crimes other than drugs.

The slide deck notes that "4 billion CDRs populate the Hemisphere database on a daily basis." Within an hour of a call, the database can provide call detail records in response to federal, state, or local subpoenas. Dropped Phones—the program uses an algorithm and advanced search features to find the new number.
Additional Phones—the program can often determine cell phones the target is using that are unknown to law enforcement.
International Phones—the program provides CDRs for a tremendous amount of international numbers that place calls through or roam on the AT&T network.
In one DEA case that led to the seizure of 100 pounds of meth, other drugs, $190,000, and five assault rifles, the dropped phone search helped identify "multiple replacement phones" and "multiple Mexican phones roaming in the US." The dropped phone search works by "systematically grading the common calls report" and then ranking potential replacement phones by probability.
The program is technically unclassified, but the government has attempted to keep it secret. A total of four AT&T employees work alongside government employees in what's known as the "High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area" program's offices in Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. The best part, you don’t have to forsake your existing cell phone (unless you want to). The aforementioned also had the additional benefit of being able to be activated on the least expensive $12 plan without having to purchase a monthly plan, which is now required for official LTE smartphone activation. The database "contains CDRs [call detail records] for any telephone carrier that uses an AT&T switch to process a telephone call," the slide deck states.

In one February 2013 case involving a woman who made repeated bomb threats, "Hemisphere toll record analysis of the threatened businesses showed the calls were coming from a Verizon Wireless customer.
The Los Angeles branch of the program has processed more than 4,400 requests for data covering more than 11,200 telephone numbers since its start in September 2007. For example, "Hemisphere began providing subscriber information in July 2012 for AT&T phones… started offering mapping through the GeoTime software in July 2012… [and] introduced limited pinging for some phones in May 2013," one slide says. The information is provided in response to the standard Hemisphere administrative subpoena.
That's right, this data is received by the DEA with absolutely no court oversight.There is an aspect of this that is important and reasonable.
One nice trick we like is the ability for the phone to read aloud the numbers of incoming calls using voice synthesis. The Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone comes with 256 MB of built in memory to store your MP3 music files or videos, and the storage is expandable up to 2GB via a Micro SD card slot. Now you can share your musical tastes with everyone around you without making your old phone mad.

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