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Vancouver Island's #1 cell phone and tablet repair and unlock service for iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, and others. Now, an online campaign has launched in Canada, putting pressure on telecoms and manufacturers to turn on the radio hidden in many cellphones. Titled, "free radio on my phone," the campaign says that most Android smartphones have a built-in FM receiver which doesn't require data or Wi-Fi to operate. In Canada, however, most of the telecoms haven't made the move to get the radio turned on. They'd prefer that you stream your audio, depleting your phone's costly data plan, claims campaign organizer, Barry Rooke. Rooke's association, which is made up of member stations from across the country, created the campaign as an extension of one that broadcasters have already established in the U.S.

In times of crisis, cellular and internet service may be compromised and people often rely on local radio for emergency updates. Canadians can already buy some select smartphones with an FM chip enabled a€” but the campaign specifically encourages people to push telecoms to provide all Android phones with the radios turned on. The campaign also plans to target Apple and pressure the company to get the FM radio working in the iPhone. In a video recorded for the campaign, FEMA administrator Craig Fugate argued that radio is critical in a crisis.
The app provides listeners with images and interactive content along with FM broadcasts.
With Canadians grappling with rising prices for cellphone services, Rooke hopes people may embrace the chance to listen to music and news without the worry of going over data plan limits.

We repair broken screens, water damage, charge ports, buttons, and countless other cell phone components. But the campaign says it can easily be activated a€” if telecom providers ask the manufacturers to do it. We have been in business 3 years and in that time have grown to 5 stores and become the island's most trusted name in the industry. We use the highest quality parts available and stand behind our work with a 30-day warranty, all while delivering legendary customer service.

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