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The Federal Communications Commission will investigate a recent legal ban on unlocking cellphones, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said in a recent interview. The "ban raises competition concerns; it raises innovation concerns," Genachowski told TechCrunch Thursday. Unlocking a cellphone without your wireless carrier's permission became illegal in January when the Librarian of Congress failed to include the practice in a list of exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which is updated every three years.
The DMCA, originally written in 1998 to prevent consumers from making duplicates of copyright-protected content, has since been interpreted to cover a wide range of modern technologies and practices. Cellphone owners might choose to unlock their device to use it with a carrier other than the one that originally sold them the device. Some carriers offer certain phones unlocked out of the box, as is the case with Verizon Wireless' iPhone 5 — however, that's an exception to the rule.
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Carriers will post on their websites clear and accessible information about how to unlock devices. Upon request, carriers will unlock devices for consumers who have completed their contracts. Carriers will either notify consumers when their devices are eligible or automatically unlock them. The process for unlocking devices will be initiated, if not completed, within two business days of an eligible request.
Carriers have agreed to implement three of the policies within three months and the rest within a year.
Many carriers have eligibility requirements you must meet before you can unlock, so make sure you read all the details first on their website. Once you have that information you should be ready to complete the AT&T Device Unlock Form.
A majority of the smartphones offered by Verizon Wireless work on both CDMA and GSM networks.
Unlike AT&T, Verizon does not currently offer an online solution for an unlock request.
T-Mobile customers must contact customer care in order to get their device unlocked by dialing 611 from their handset, or by calling them at 1-877-746-0909.

Like AT&T, T-Mobile has also set in place various requirements in order to complete your unlock request. First off you will need to contact Sprint Worldwide Care to get your device unlock request submitted. My final words of advice is to try to be pleasant and patient during the unlocking process.
Fredric Paul is Editor in Chief for New Relic, Inc., and has held senior editorial positions at ReadWrite, InformationWeek, CNET, and PC World.
As President Obama prepares to sign a bill to once again legalize unlocking cellphones, therea€™s only one way it will make any real difference.
Groups that want a specific practice exempted from the DMCA have to petition the Librarian for such an exemption every three years. It's a popular practice among world travelers who want the freedom to easily switch between different countries' carriers, but it's also done by users who believe they have the right to use their device on the carrier of their choosing without facing costly early termination fees included in many carriers' contracts.
Also, there's a technological obstacle facing some would-be carrier jumpers: some phones can only connect to one of the two types of wireless networks. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
On January 26, 2013, it became effectively became illegal under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) for consumers to unlock a cell phone provided from a carrier for use on another network, unless they had approval from the original carrier. It provides a handy pop-up text window so you can respond to messages without leaving your current app. With the news that Chrome OS will get Google Play and Android app support later this year, Chromebook sales will likely grow even further. If you read our previous post on why you should unlock, you know you can grab some extra cash when you trade in. A new ruling by the FCC last month ensures consumers can have their phones unlocked by their carriers at the end of their contract and it requires the process to be uniform and simple across carriers. You can also contact a customer care representative from your carrier for any questions regarding unlocking your phone and your eligibility.
The unlock process can take up to 5 days and you can check the status of your request at the AT&T Device Unlock Request Status website. Verizon customers will need to call 1-800-711-8300 (Verizon Global Support) and ask the representative for a SIM unlock. The majority of Verizon phones that support GSM technology (have a SIM card slot) and are 4G LTE capable already and come factory unlocked from the carrier! Before you make the call you will want to have all the necessary information in front of you so you do not have to call back. Sprint is probably the least friendly when it comes to unlocking as they have no online form available and their devices come completely locked. The carrier requires the account to be active at least for 90 days and in good standing order to be eligible for an unlock code. In theory, unlocking is clearly a a€?good thing,a€? as it makes it easier for owners to use their devices on the network they choose (as long as they have no ongoing business service agreement or other deal with the original carrier).Theory vs.

Or do feel like they really shouldn’t have an obligation to provide unlocking services for non-customers?
To find out how to unlock your device, we’ve compiled information for all four major carriers all in one place. In the event your device can’t power on, this number can also be found on the original box, under the battery, or back of the device. Most carriers outside the United States use GSM technology, similar to AT&T and T-Mobile. The complete list of global ready devices can be found at Verizon, but it includes many popular handsets like the iPhone 5S, HTC One Max, Galaxy Note 3 and Motorola X. Just like Verizon, Sprint phones primarily operate on CDMA technology, rather than GSM found on AT&T and T-Mobile. Sprint Worldwide Care can be reached via chat or email from the web or by calling 1-888-226-7212.
If your account is in good standing and you meet the requirements, Sprint should unlock your device in as little as 5 days. Customers that own non 4G capable devices that support SIM cards, will need to submit a device unlock request.
Sprint does have many global roaming devices, which include SIM card slots when traveling abroad. Removing restrictions on unlocking should save a few dollars for the relatively few individuals who want to reuse an existing phone or buy a cheap device to use on a more expensive carrier. And because the bill that passed Congress allows a€?bulk unlocking,a€? it will likely revitalize the cottage industry in unlocking phones.
Sure, there are a couple of scenarios where unlocked phones might save some businesses some money. When organizations switch carriers, they wouldna€™t have to buy all new phones, for example. And when workers travel or move to areas best served by carriers different than the companya€™s prime carrier, unlocking the phones would make it easier for them to keep their existing devices.A But those situations dona€™t seem very common.
For one thing, high switching costs (and hassles) make changing carriers a big deal for most organizations, whether unlocking is legal or not.And therea€™s no reason to think IT shops will go out and buy piles of cheap phones and then dole them out on a variety of carriers to save a few bucks. Smartphone device technology changes far too quickly for it to make much sense to stockpile phones. Most importantly, large organizations already get hefty subsidy deals on devices from carriers hoping to lock in their business for the long term.

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