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Our visits to VLE typically begin with coffee and breakfast on the balcony, and lunch either on the balcony, poolside at the restaurant or a lunch at one of the several beach restaurants (a short walk down the beach).  Dinner is almost always in town and we typically walk (20 minutes) and after dinner and a stroll downtown (or the marina), we then catch a $7 taxi back, tip included. Police from La Paz to Cabo, and especially including Todos Santos have recently stepped up their efforts to shake down foreigners for money. When you are stopped, and you have made a boo boo, ask for a ticket and go down to the police station later on or the next day or the next week and pay it. They rarely write tickets, and for sure they will not cite you when you haven’t done anything wrong.
This police extortion would stop in a week if everyone would grow a back bone and stand up to them.
If you’re not in Mexico yet, set Google as your home page and it will hold GoogleUSA in it for you.
We tend to just pay in US Dollars or convert them to Pesos at the Wyndham exchange  or a bank (take your passport).
This is covered elsewhere on our website, but it’s worthy enough for a post of its own.
Turning your phone off may not be enough; REMOVE THE BATTERY or place the phone in AIRPLANE MODE. Check with your wireless carrier to see if calls while in Mexico are included with your plan (or see if you can add a Mexico option).
The Mexican Peso is the official currency however, most merchants will take US dollars (but sometimes at an exchange rate that favors them; the most common is to exchange at 12 pesos to the dollar).
The current exchange rate is approximately 13.5 pesos per US dollar (click here for an update).

Also, be sure to call your credit card issuer prior to departing for Mexico, just to let them know (it’s a total hassle to arrive and find that your cards have been placed on hold due to ever-stringent security at your issuer).
Note that many credit card companies charge a 2% conversion fee for foreign exchange transactions.
There are so many incredible restaurants nearby (on the beach and in town) that it would be a shame to not experience them.
The search engines put you in a pigeon hole by reading your ip address, and here we are in the pigeon hole called Mexico. However, wanted to pass this on to those who may be tempted to use an ATM in Cabo (or Mexico). If you don’t know if you have data roaming on your plan, you should assume that YOU DO NOT and turn data roaming OFF.
Seriously — friends of ours spent five days in Cancun and were presented the following month with a $3700 data roaming bill!!! Just call them when you return and have that option removed, with the result that you’ve just added Mexico for only 34 cents per day of your trip. However, be sure to bring cash with you for those merchants who don’t take credit cards. The municipality clearly had an interest in maintaining the quaint look of the town as we saw workmen chipping away at the brand-new pavements to give it an old school, cobbled feel and they had laid down a mosaic commemorating the new year (see pic). There’s even a small mini-market on the premises, with fair pricing and a decent selection. If they threaten you or get nasty, (the police in Todos Santos are saying they will pick up the money later in the foreigners’ home and ask for your address, which is clearly calculated to frighten), write down their name, or if they are not wearing their name badge, (mandatory, but still they often don’t wear it when they are up to no good), then haul out your phone and take their picture.

They ended up taking Monica's friend in the back of their truck to spend the night in jail which was just mental, and then drove us to the Oxxo to meet Edgar. The taxi was meant to be only M$40, but the driver got lost, couldn't find my host's place and therefore charged me M$55! That’s like holding a mirror up to a vampire and they will jump in their car and scurry away like cockroaches. I think that every shop and stall in Mexico starts the day with whatever change the person in the kiosk happens to have in his or her pocket, and just hopes that everyone pays with exact change.
They have a great selection of produce and the most incredible thick-cut Sonoran rib eye steaks we’ve ever experienced. Guarantee, they will let you go with some face saving mumble like, “just a warning this time”. The liquor selection is excellent, or there’s a liquor store (La Europea) in the Walmart complex. I don’t know what it is about being here, but I just feel like I am able to give my worries to God and just trust that everything will work out okay.
Walk over or catch the local’s bus, then hail a taxi to return to the condo with your groceries.

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