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Tuesday, Kate Taylor in the  New York Times reported that New York City’s Department of Education plans to lift the ban that former mayor Michael Bloomberg put on students using cell phones in school.
The reasoning for the ban was the use of cell phones could help students cheat and possibly cause incidents between other students. An article on Slate addresses the concern of students using their phones to cheat and a solution to that concern.
Whether schools have strict cell phone policies or not, students are going to bring their phones to school. I understand teachers and administration concerns regarding the use of cell phones to lead to cheating or distracting students during class. According to the New York Daily News, principals and teachers in New York City schools will be able to create their own policies.
There is a rise in cell tower hand-offs but it is conjecture to say that those were all drivers and not passengers. I don’t text and drive because I am less aware, and I rarely make calls because of the same. In 1986 a know-knothing doc from Australia gave a speech at a US conference saying that maybe it wasn’t stress but bacterium that caused ulcers.
While I would argue that looking after their people is kinda the government’s job, I would also love a little gene pool cleaning, too. Have you made your peace with mandatory ground fault interruptors in the bathroom and kitchen? There have been a few times when I followed too closely to a vehicle because I was texting. There have been a few times when I have missed my freeway exit because I was distracted talking on the phone.
Other studies that have measured people ACTUALLY talking hands free on a phone in demanding driving conditions have shown impairment comparable to being legally under the influence.
Commonsense would suggest that there will be a multitude of factors influencing any given crash both in terms of occurrence and severity.

As another poster mentioned there is plenty of evidence from simulators that distracted drivers are more likely to have a crash in controlled conditions. This is the most ridiculous misapplication of science since the Institute of Tobacco Studies found that rats can’t get cancer if they die of smoke inhalation first.
The number of people hiring personal trainers and the number of tablets has also increased in the period you mention. The ban was lifted, however, because Mayor Bill De Blasio thinks parents should be able to have contact with their children while they are at school. Students should be able to bring their phones to school but during tests they should have them out in plain sight, on their desk, in a sealed sandwich bag that is taped to the desk. These options including keeping the phones stored away in a locker or other location during the day, allowing them to be used during lunch periods or using them for educational purposes in the classroom. But the link between cellphone use and accidents looks more tenuous if you agree with the conclusions of a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University and the London School of Economics and Political Science.
There is not proof that those people were the driver or under what circumstances they were on th phone. It is the dialing and texting thing where their eyes and attention is clearly not focused on the multi-ton vehicle hurdling down the the road that is troublesome. I disagree with this study, but I do think often times the increase in tickets you find in most places is jus BS and unwarranted. With this method, students can’t try to hide their phone and look for answers and the teacher would hear the sound of the bag unzipping.
Schools that do not create a custom policy will use a default one that allows students to have their phones in school, but they must remain hidden. Using statistics and data comparisons, the researchers found that the increased use of cellphones has led to no measurable increase in accidents. By acknowledging the presence of cell phones and allowing them to be out in the open, this method could possibly stop students from using their cell phones to cheat. Also, as part of removing the ban, schools will educate their students on cyberbullying in order to make sure students use this technology responsibly.
I don’t recall where I read it but another study said that some motor control portions of the brain are tied into SPEECH.

The use of radios soared in the 1920s and so did commitments to insane asylums; some people thought there was a causal link.
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If so, click here for an article that provides tips for creating a better relationship between the two of you by using a cell phone.
If there is nothing to be distracted from, and nothing to cheat on, why can’t students be on their phone? There are a number of ways you can use your calls and messages to enhance your relationship with your teen.
Saurabh Bhargava, assistant professor of social and decision sciences in CMU’s Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Vikram S.
More importantly, if you were talking on the phone and was a little distracted and killed someone, this article would be little comfort to you or the family of those you killed. Pathania of the London School of Economics and Political Science looked at cellular data from 2002 to 2005, apparently after the NSA was done parsing it. They identified drivers as those whose calls were regularly handed off from cell tower to cell tower. They pulled up data on eight million car crashes in those four years as well as all fatal crashes. There’s a damning graphic in their study that compares cellphone ownership over 20 years vs. Cars are getting safer all the time and drunks are being policed off the roads more than in the past.
But still, the research should be kept in mind when the the Department of Transportation and the states ponder their next steps.

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