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The Verizon HTC Touch Diamond cell phone will be available for $299.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. The motorola DEVOUR is a new Android phone running on Android 1.6, it will hit Verizon sometime in March. The DEVOUR looks really very nice, It is a mid-level Android phone , it  suppors Google Maps with voice, and it also has a host of social networking options that will all work together. In addtion, the  talent also claims that he will go on this work untill he completely unlock the verizon Palm Pre, so if you’re going to get one unlocked Palm Pre from verizon, stay tuned for our update.
The new Verizon LG Enlighten Android phone will be laggy with the 800mhz processor and a custom skin.

The Verizon has so much market security that they can just string along customers with promises.
The device comes with the Sidekick Slide in design, It feels very solid also it offers MOTOBLUR, a 3.1? capacitive touch screen, touch-sensitive track pad. But on PreCentral forum we see one member has successfully hacked a Pre to operate on Verizon’s network. My favorite one so far was from a rep at my local VZW store, If they don’t want people to jump ship, they need some quality hardware.
I wanted something that had a qwerty keyboard that was not on the front of the phone, and this fit the bill.

Could have been a decent Android phone, to bad they really skimp on memory will lag worse than the LG Ally did after awhile.
Since not all Apps can go to the SD card the lack of internal memory on the Ally has been a disappointment though the QWERTY keyboard is the best I’ve seen.
I love the seven home screen setup and you have a lot of flexibility to set up the phone just the way you want it.

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