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GSM GPS Wrist Watch Cell Phone and Real-time Tracking System,watch mobile phone, GPS tracker .GPS-20Detailed Product Description Latest 3 in 1 Cell Phone Watch GPS Tracker with Touch Screen and Real Time Tracking Functions.
2011 fashion wrist watch cell phoneHere are our hot Fashion 2011 fashion wrist watch cell phone, Top quality , lowest cost with fast delivery. WRIST WATCH +CELL PHONEGsm mobile watch Watch mobile phone Cell phone watch mobile phone Quad-band watch cell phone GSM watch mobile phone---Quad-band new launch!  Suit for the Christmas Gift! Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. It's also the first global phone from Verizon Wireless to support GlobalAccess Connect, allowing customers to tether their BlackBerry Bold to a notebook or netbook and use it as a modem for wireless Internet access in more than 200 countries worldwide.
Offering top-of-the-line performance and functionality, it features a sophisticated, high-gloss black finish, chrome highlights and leatherette back. You'll stay on course thanks to the VZ Navigator GPS turn-by-turn direction service, as well as be able to find your way in foreign destination using the VZ Navigator Global service. Global roaming capabilities with data access in more than 220 destinations plus the capability to tether your laptop to your smartphone for Internet access using the Verizon Wireless GlobalAccess Connect service.
Support for BlackBerry App World featuring a broad and growing catalog of third-party mobile applications developed specifically for BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry Internet Service offers easy access to up to 10 supported personal and work email accounts and one BlackBerry email account.
Compatible with BlackBerry Enterprise Server for advanced security and IT administration features within IBM Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise environments. Integrated GPS for use with the BlackBerry Maps applications as well as other location-based applications and photo geotagging. VZ Navigator and VZ Navigator Global capable for voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and location services both in the United States and Western Europe.
Additionally, this phone is compatible with the VZ Navigator Global service, which enables you to find locations and access turn-by-turn directions in North America and Western Europe, including Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom (with more being added).

On PCs running the Windows XP or higher operating system, you can also browse, preview, and purchase music using the V CAST Music with Rhapsody software, which is available as a free download from the V CAST Music with Rhapsody download website.
The 9650 is follow-up to the 9630 (Tour), adding Wi-Fi and switching to an optical pad for navigation.
Click the button below to add the Blackberry 9650 Bold Verizon or Sprint Cell Phone to your wish list. And whether traveling to Europe or Asia, the Bold 9650 provides globetrotters the freedom of reliable global connectivity with the reliable Verizon Wireless high-speed 3G CDMA network here in the United States and compatibility with GSM and 3G UMTS networks abroad.
It also includes a distinctive, highly tactile full-QWERTY keyboard for fast and accurate typing, and an innovative touch-sensitive optical trackpad, which makes for a great navigation experience. With the optional Visual Voice Mail service, you'll be able to quickly and easily scroll through your messages and pick the ones you want to listen to. Categories include travel, productivity, entertainment, games, social networking and sharing, news and weather, and more.
Customers running BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 will gain the ability to set follow-up flags, manage e-mail folders, access remote files (Windows Shares), forward appointments, view calendar attachments, and more. If you're a Mac user, just choose the "media" option and you're ready to sync your iTunes music collection from your BlackBerry smartphone onto your Mac. Its 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 5 hours of talk time, and up to 312 hours (13 days) of standby time. It comes pre-installed with a SIM card, so customers who plan to travel abroad can activate global service at the time of purchase or by calling Verizon Wireless prior to leaving the U.S. Helping to alleviate stress or confusion caused by reading road signs or directions in an unfamiliar language, VZ Navigator Global allows you to choose either English or Spanish as the default language, and miles or kilometers to mark distances. The Mobile Broadband Connect tethered modem capability is ideal when you're traveling and need to use your notebook to check e-mail, access corporate networks, or download large files like presentations and reports.
You can get wireless Internet access in more than 200 countries worldwide--and over 110 with 3G speed--enabling you to download and upload critical business data and files and access your company's intranet and applications.

Visual Voice Mail is the ideal tool for the busy mobile professional who may need to prioritize which messages he or she listens to first. For a monthly fee (billed on your Verizon Wireless bill), you can load and reload your subscription songs from your PC to your V CAST Music with Rhapsody phone as often as you want, and take your music on the go.
It features more than 100 full-length programs from leading broadcast and cable networks, ranging from highly-rated drama and comedy series to reality programs and children's programming. You can choose from 14 categories, including Entertainment, Kids, Music, Sports, Comedy, News, Pop Culture, Information, Women, Latino, Home & Leisure, Multicultural, Cutting Edge, and Hollywood. This CDMA messaging phone is otherwise similar to its predecessor, including 3.2-megapixel auto-focus camera with video capture, Rev.
Additionally, the Bold 9650 provides a Push to Talk feature, enabling instant two-way communication with up to 50 people with the touch of a button.
For those who travel abroad frequently, the Verizon Wireless Global Value Plan offers discounted roaming capabilities with data access in more than 185 destinations. And with Mobile Broadband Connect, you won't have to buy an extra PC Card or other devices. Features include on-screen access to voice mail message status, save up to 40 messages for 40 days (or archive permanently), create up to 10 different caller ID-based greetings, and reply via call back, text or even voice mail.
A data domestically, GSM and 3G overseas, 3.5mm audio jack, memory card slot, push email, QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, and GPS navigation.

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