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Cell phone plans which offer unlimited talking and come without contracts are becoming increasingly popular.
With an ever increasing number of people now looking for ways to reduce their monthly mobile bills, an unlimited cell phone plan which comes without a contract seems a feasibly good alternative. A variation of this unlimited plan offers subscribers to make unlimited calls and send an equal number of text messages at a fixed monthly rate. Unlimited cell phone plans are largely offered on prepaid services, although a few national carriers also offer these on their post paid plans.
With Early Termination Fee as high as $325 for advanced devices I can understand why people are looking for the best place to buy cell phones without contract.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInCell phones are a necessity for many American families and cell phone contracts are often expensive and difficult to cancel.
Because these early termination fees can be a huge hassle and cell phone companies renew your contract for every little plan change or phone upgrade, some people opt for no contract mobile services, also known as “Pay As You Go” or prepaid plans.
Most cell phone companies, such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, provide free or deeply discounted phones when you sign up for a 2 year contract.
Although the number of monthly minutes is combined and shared, contracts usually allow users to make in-network calls for free, as well as select between 5 and 10 numbers to call without being charged minutes. The initial cost of contract mobile plans and phones is less than the price of no-contract ones.
You will likely read dozens of articles promising ways to get you out of your AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile contract without paying termination fees. Just because it is highly unlikely that you’ll get a sympathetic employee who will use their power for good, doesn’t mean it will never happen. All service providers reserve the right to make specific changes in their contracts like raising the rate for overtime minutes or text messaging. One way to get out of a contract with your provider is to prove that there this no cell service at your home or office. In fact, we recommend looking at your entire contract to find any loopholes you may be able to exploit. Don’t think for a second that you can just stop paying your monthly premium or avoid the early termination fee to get out of your contract. For a smartphone, you can expect to pay up to $350 for each line – T-Mobile’s highest rate is $200 while AT&T’s is $325. Providers charge roaming fees when users make calls from locations other than their home area. If you can find another person who qualifies for a cell contract and is willing to take over the financial responsibility, you can sign your contract over to a different user.
If you try to cancel your contract with cause and the mobile company still charges termination fees, you can file a lawsuit in small claims court.
While making timely payments on a phone contract will not improve credit scores significantly, failure to pay the contract can have a negative impact on your credit.
While cell phone contracts provide advantages to most consumers, getting out of a contract can be a hassle. I’ve read about some cell phone providers trying to force military members to continue paying their contracts even when the PCS overseas, but you should insist that they allow you out of the contract. Deployments are not always a guaranteed way to get out of your cell phone contract without paying early termination fees, but you may be able to do it. Your best bet to be able to cancel your contract is when your deployment is for longer than 6 months.
If canceling your contract doesn’t work, you may be able to sell or transfer your cell phone contract and avoid early termination fees. If you need help finding someone interested in taking over your contract, you can try posting your phone on Craig’s List, or using a free service like Trade My Cellular, who will match you up with people around the US.
The Cell phone industry is incredibly competitive right now, and some cell phone service providers are even going as far as offering to pay your Early Termination Fee if you switch to their service.
Process your trade-in within 14 days of your new phone purchase (T-Mobile will offer you credit based on the market value for your eligible device). After entering your order number and T-Mobile phone number, print the postage paid shipping label and send in your device. Get up to $350 per line based on the Early Termination Fees (ETFs) on your carrier’s final bill. Another possible way out of your contract is through protections provided by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which gives military members certain legal protections based on the military service.
Verizon TOTALLY ******* me when I deployed to a small FOB of 500 peeps in Afghanistan with VERY LIMITED and intermittent internet access for 15 months. Elizabeth, Try contacting their customer service department, getting a name and employee number of the person you talk to, and repeat the process while working your way higher up the chain.
Military customers simply bring or send in a copy of the transfer documentation or deployment orders.
Military personnel interested in this program should call 1-800-331-0500 or visit their local AT&T retail store. In the spirit of the previous comment, it is possible to get a letter from the orderly room or other personnel office that proves active duty status. My father took out a cellular contract with at&t for me, and now I am currently deployed with the navy on a ship. Right now I would try to put the phone on a vacation plan, and ask them to pause the plan until you get back. There has to be a simple way to prevent my sons identity from being compromised as a result of AT&T mistakes and their inability to correct them.
Erin, if your old voicemails are stored on your phone, and your phone doesn’t automatically delete them after a certain time frame, then your voicemails should be there.
Also, they have admitted to me that other people have microcells in their houses in that area.
If they have given other people microcells in their home, then that is a likely option for you as well. Regarding canceling under the SCRA – you may want to speak to your base legal department for assistance if you get pushback from your cell phone provider. Dad seldom uses the internet on his cell phone because he’s on the computer quite frequently. Now that I’ve discovered the perfect phone, how hard would it be to set up the service? Next month, I’ll let you know if Dad liked the phone, what he thinks of the monthly plan, and if he considers it a good value. Awww ?? Your dad sounds a lot like mine – always there and just wanting to keep everyone happy, safe and in touch! I am loving the phone and the low cost so much that I plan on not renewing my contract with my carrier. However, there are variations in the plan, and it is best to consider them before you actually commit yourself into buying one of these plans. While some network carriers offer unlimited data transfer, there are others who limit this to only sending and receiving of emails. However, the latter is associated with a contract, and needless to say, if you are not satisfied with the services or choose to cancel your contract before its formal end date, you will be required to pay termination fees. He recently reviewed assurance wireless service offering plans in US and found this source of information very useful.
In most cases you will find yourself shelling out a good amount of money if you do decide to cancel the service plan before it expires.

If you look around the internet, you will read countless stories about consumers getting the short-end of the stick from telecom companies. Some of the largest “No Contract” carriers include T-Mobile (who offers contract and no-contract), Boost Mobile, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, MetroPCS, and TracFone. Choosing the best cell phone plan and company the first time around takes a little research, and can save you a lot of time and money in the future by not having to make countless calls to customer service, try to cancel a contract, pay early termination fees or suffer from bad service coverage. Customers are then allowed to upgrade their phones each time they renew their contract for another 2 years. Unlimited text messaging is included in most contracts, but there is an additional charge for data plans.
Unlimited plans are available for a flat monthly rate, but those who do not use their phone often can save money by choosing a limited plan that charges for call minutes, text messaging and data services based on usage. Contracts are usually the cheaper option for families who need multiple phone lines to keep everyone in touch. Read any of the comments associated with those articles and you will quickly realize that you’ll be very lucky to get out of your mobile contract free, even if you demonstrate a real or dire need. Start by being respectful and nice, after all, this person is not the reason you are upset. The provider must give users a 30-day notice of the changes and consumers have the right to cancel their contract within 14 days of notification of the changes.
The cell companies have detailed maps showing their service areas, which means the customer must be able to prove they do not have service. You may save a few hundred dollars in the short-term, but the long-term affects to your credit score will be detrimental, and may cost you thousands of dollars in additional interest rate payments on your next home or car loan.
Instead of the headache of customer service representatives putting you on hold only to hang up on you in 5 minutes, or wasting your time repeating your situation or complaint to multiple reps to no avail, pay the fee and get out.
A user may be able to cancel his contract if more than 50% of the calls made in a three month period are subject to roaming.
If you do not know anyone, there are online services, such as CellSwapper, that match people who want to change their calling plans. Small claims can be filed without a lawyer, although in most jurisdictions, there is a court fee of $30 for filing lawsuits of less than $1,500. Cell phone companies do report defaults on contracts to credit bureaus and may place delinquent accounts with collection services. Before choosing a cell phone service and carrier, it is a good idea to compare the contracts, plans and coverage areas of different companies to get the most for your money. Unfortunately, canceling your cell phone contract often comes with an Early Termination Fee (ETF) that can run as high as $200!
If you are a military member, there are a few extra clauses that allow you to cancel your cell phone contract without paying any early termination fees.
Be sure to take a copy of your military ID and orders with you, or you may be able to fax in a copy. If the cell phone provider will not cancel your contract for you, they will probably allow you to place your line on vacation status, which places your contract on hold until you return.
You can also try Cell Swapper and Cell Trade USA which provide a similar service for a $20 fee, but seem to have more options. One such company is T-Mobile, which will has a current offer that will allow you to transfer up to 10 lines, and they will pay the Early Termination Fee for each line! When you receive your current carrier’s final bill with your Early Termination Fees (ETFs), submit the bill to T-Mobile electronically within 2 calendar months of your number transfer to T-Mobile for reimbursement (up to 10 lines). Please me be sure to read more about this act and the benefits it provides before taking action on it. Since I was only going for 6 months, I called them both and asked to put my accounts on hold. Prior to departing on my deployment, I put my phone on vacation and my daughter (high school age) on unlimited everything. It really is unfortunate because they shouldn’t hold you to a contract when you are not physically in the country. They may print it which would bring a lot of bad press to AT&T (which they always want to avoid). With a suspension, you will still have to pay the remainder of the contract when the suspension expires.
AT&T will hold the account and wireless number in suspended status so the customer can keep the same wireless number upon their return. This must be planned in advance, because it isn’t something most people carry around with them. You may be able to first transfer them in your name, but I don’t know if you would be able to cancel them directly after transferring it to your name. A copy of your orders may be required to do this, and you may first have to place the plan in your name. No cell phone company will easily let a customer walk away without doing everything they can to keep you under contract.
If you are otherwise happy with their service and your contract, then request a microcell installation. For example, if your orders take you to a country or location that your cell phone provider doesn’t offer at all, then you could cancel your coverage. Until then, check out the Walmart Family Mobile Plan next time you’re in Walmart, or online.
We are trying to avoid signing another 2 yrs with our current plan but are looking for more options. A large number of national cell phone carriers now offer these plans, and although it is only a marketing strategy on their part to increase their customer, a subscriber can only but benefit from these pricing plans. This is particularly useful for business organizations where one network provider has been chosen to provide its services. Some even offer a handset insurance scheme which allows users to insure their handsets by paying a monthly amount as premium against the policy.
If you do lose your phone or simply want a new one, the most expensive way is to get a new one is through retail stores. Whether you moved to a new home, city or state with no service, lost your job and can’t afford the monthly premiums, or simply hate the coverage you are getting, chances are, you don’t want to pay the early termination fees to get out of your phone contract and are looking for a cheaper alternative.
Family plans allow you to include several lines on a plan at a lower cost than each family member buying their own service.
There is no penalty for cancelling a no-contract service and if the user fails to pay the bill, the service is cut off but may be renewed within 90 days. Providers do run a credit check and people with poor credit may not qualify for a contract.
Cancelling a contract without an ETF of $200 or $300 per line is the exception, not the rule, but it never hurts to try.
Some employees know the policies, rules and regulations better than others and use their power to actually offer a good user experience.
If a free phone was provided as part of the contract, the user may have to pay either the full cost or a discounted charge for the phone, but there are no termination penalties for cancelling due to contract changes. Customers who have relocated to an area with no service can try to cancel their contracts based on this reason, but one retort we keep hearing from customer service representatives is “I’m sorry, but we didn’t force you to move to an area with no coverage”.
As a rule, however, pay as you go providers do not issue refunds for “no home service” complaints. Afterwards, you’ll have no further obligation to the company and you can’t get sucked in again.

This varies between mobile providers so customers will have to check their contracts to find out if the roaming clause applies. The websites only match people who want to change providers, so they will not work if you want to cancel cell service completely or switch to a no-contract plan.
In some cases, plaintiffs win by default since it costs more for the company to send a lawyer to defend the claim than it does to pay it.
If job loss or illness causes financial problems that force early termination of a cell contract, it may be possible to negotiate installment payments of termination fees or to pay a reduced fee.
Be sure to show the cell phone provider a copy of your military ID card and a copy of your orders.
You will be able to keep your phone number and will still remain on contract when you return from overseas. He served over 6 years on active duty in the USAF and is currently serving in the IL Air National Guard. When I returned, I found that Sprint had continued to charge me during the entire time I was gone.
TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION OF CONTRACTS FOR CELLULAR TELEPHONE SERVICE FOR CERTAIN SERVICEMEMBERS. Also, will I still be able to receive texts and voicemails that were sent to my phone while it was on the hold? I also don’t know about new text messages and voicemails you would have received while your phone was on military hold. Again, continue calling customer service about the poor reception and continue tracking your call logs. Your situation is different because they claim coverage, but you don’t actually receive it. Since money is really tight, I could never afford an iPhone without my Dad’s assistance. Moreover, most network service providers offer extras with these unlimited plans, making a good bundle for anyone looking to save money on their cell phone bills. Another variation of the plan allows users to make unlimited calls to other numbers, but the provider charges a fixed amount for every text message sent.
These do not require any contract, and if you do not wish to retain the services of your existing provider, you simply need not purchase additional airtime after you have used all your minutes. Why, first you can check if you are eligible for an upgrade and chances to get free phones without rebates.
For example, I’ve called AT&T for my home DSL service every month this year to get a promotional credit applied to my bill. They will go through their scripted messages to resolve your issue, and when none of them satisfy your problem, innocently suggest getting out of the contract without paying any fees. If you are lucky and want to change carriers soon after a seldom-announced contract change, you can try to invoke this as your reason, but be prepared to hear arguments to keep you in your current plan. Be sure to read the no service clause (if you have one) of any cell phone contract before signing with a mobile company. Roaming costs the service provider money since they have to pay for the use of other providers’ networks and equipment. If you win the case, the company will have to refund the termination fee but they may or may not be held responsible for legal and court costs. The lowest price may not be your best deal so consider how you use your phone before selecting a calling plan.
He also writes about money management, small business, and career topics at Cash Money Life. Upon return, I found out Verizon set my daughters phone on vacation and my phone on unlimited everything. What the law says is that the provider can’t add any additional time to the 6 months already on the contract.
We left island at and in route I checked to see if my phone was cancelled it was still active.
Each time you speak with a customer service rep, inform them how many times you have called for this specific problem. We may receive compensation through affiliate or advertising relationships from products mentioned on this site.
Click here to find out what subjects Kimberly's Master's degrees are in and learn the profession she previously worked in.
Mobile phones have undoubtedly become a necessity, and with the more feature packed handsets made available at affordable prices, these plans are generating a temptation not many want to let go. This service would typically work best who send very few text messages, but rely heavily on outgoing calls. Moreover, prepaid plans make an excellent cost-effective technique, since you can constantly keep an eye on your unused minutes. So, you are looking to pay $500 or more on smartphones and $200 or more on regular flip phones. Contract services have substantial financial penalties for cancellation, but consumers who know their contracts may be able to avoid the penalties by invoking clauses that allow early termination. At the end of every call, I was promised this would be taken care of for the future, and every month after, the bill showed the incorrect balance. What that meant was, my daughter’sphone (sending THOUSANDS of txt msg a month) was being charge each msg sent.
During lay over I contacted Docomo to cancel the phone I was told i had to come into store.
Eventually they will realize that it is costing them more in customer service time than it would to install a microcell in your home.
However, we do not accept compensation for positive reviews; all reviews on this site represent the opinions of the author.
He just pays the bill each month without complaint and he won’t accept money towards the bill either. He says there’s too many buttons and gadgets {this coming from a guy who loves electrical equipment}. Not many people prefer signing long term contracts, and an unlimited plan without contracts is sure to attract the attention of a large group of people.
The choice of choosing a prepaid or post paid service, however, ultimately depends on you and your requirements. Lastly, you have the option to buy a new cell phone without plan through authorized dealers.
Be willing to compromise – if they offer you a discounted early termination charge, take it. No one is using the phones, and I need to get rid of them ASAP, im paying money out of my pocket I don’t have for 4 lines that are not used! Dad says he wants to be able to reach his family and it makes him feel good to know that we can reach each other at all times. So why is Dad paying for a cell phone he doesn’t like and for features he doesn’t use too often? Although you are paying more compared those with contract, you are still getting cheapers prices vs.

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