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Virgin Mobile Canada provides cell phone service to a customer base of a few hundred thousand Canadians by offering prepaid mobile service that operates on the Bell Mobility network. Been with Virgin for about a year now, upgraded my already good deal to a even better deal last Black Friday. Good service, no issues with Virgin as a carrier, however they are expensive, have very costly data plans and are not willing to offer me anything to stay. Called in today to make changes to my account and was talked down to by the Care Specialist they then hung up on me after I requested speaking to a Supervisor.
Want to find out more information about environmental health risks, or about EHT’s current efforts and projects?
The WHO determination that “radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic fields” are a possible “carcinogen” rests on an exhaustive examination of peer-reviewed, published epidemiology studies, industry-funded Interphone studies, and hundreds of scientific papers on radiofrequency radiation. The data and weight of the evidence found that with more than 10 years of use (with 30 minutes a day considered as high use), there is a significantly increased risk of glioma, a lethal brain tumor. Thirty-one highly acclaimed members of the International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC), a WHO committee, voted in a nearly unanimous decision after detailed examination of this data.  In their expert opinion, the evidence warranted a 2b classification, the same category a possible carcinogenic.
IF THE CELL PHONE INDUSTRY HAS STUDIES PROVING OTHERWISE, NOW IS THE TIME TO SHARE THEM WITH THE PUBLIC. This is an attempt to dismiss the seriousness of this determination and mislead the public. The Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), the Attorney General and the telecoms companies Claro, Orange and Viva have signed an agreement to join forces to fight cell phone theft in the country. The agreements between the telecom companies represented by the international GSM Association (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) and Indotel included the publication of a commitment to open the platform so that all the customers can verify their mobile equipment. Indotel adds that they have recognized the will of the private sector to increase internal controls in order to contribute to the fight against cell phone theft by adopting best international practices and especially their commitment to provide information for the GSM database on stolen cell phones in this country. During an event held at the Jaragua Renaissance Hotel in Santo Domingo yesterday, Wednesday 9 September 2015, three of the largest telecoms companies in the country, Claro, Orange and Viva agreed to exchange information on the stolen equipment and to implement the verification of mobiles with Indotel so that all users can know if a mobile phone had been reported as stolen.

CommentAs sales of expensive smartphones grow rapidly, trade-in sites have also risen in popularity.
LAS VEGAS—The number of real wireless carriers in the United States may be shrinking, but your options for cheap mobile phone plans are growing. There are two things a lot of these companies have in common, though—Sprint and T-Mobile.
These super-cheap prepaid deals work better for people who have their own compatible phones (whether it's an old Sprint phone or an unlocked GSM device) and for lighter data users rather than heavier users.
For more options try The 10 Best Cheap Prepaid Phone Plans You're Never Heard Of and The Best Prepaid SIM Cards. They are a part of the Virgin Group, which is a larger collection of companies operating around the world involved in everything from airplanes to soft drinks and music. The mobile phone service providers pledged to share the information on numbers that are available for the public, according to a press release from Indotel. The telecoms will connect to the GSM database that allows for the exchange of information on the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of the mobile phone in order to block equipment that has been reported as missing. Their services give customers the opportunity to make some cash off their old devices, which shoppers can use toward their shiny new handsets.
Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. Here at the CTIA wireless trade show a bunch of little virtual carriers, known as MVNOs, have come out of the woodwork offering everything from pure prepaid data to unlimited international calling. Lycamobile is currently running a $19 unlimited, nationwide talk and text deal on T-Mobile's network.
Herberman, Chairman of the Board of EHT and renowned cancer biologist, asked industry to turn over records of calls with confidentiality protected so that researchers would not have to rely on the memory of those with brain cancer to determine their patterns of cell phone use. The recent WHO statement has provoked a litany of responses from critics within the cell phone industry.  Here are some of the most common myths that have been aired since the statement was released, along with the countering FACT, which is rooted in the latest and most accurate scientific research findings.

Powers & Associates "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Prepaid Wireless Service"? for two years in a row. Can't even do a simple thing like taking a little time with customer care and finding out for me. Each trade-in company said it wipes memory in two steps to ensure your data is completely erased from the phone. They claim to be a mobile phone company with a fresh new take and they plan to shake things up giving Canadian consumers a better and simpler mobile service. Gazelle receives so many iPhones that it tends to sell Apple's smartphones to wholesalers, since the recommerce company lacks the manpower to sell all of them on eBay or Amazon.But it's in the traded-in junk where it starts to get interesting. Those wholesalers have access to retail chains in and out of the United States that specialize in selling used feature phones to customers.
Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. ReCellular said roughly 80% of smartphones and 60% of feature phones are ultimately sold back to consumers. Most won't pay more than a few cents for these old phones, but they'll happily recycle them if you send them in. In fact, ReCellular said it recycled enough gold last year to make 1,500 wedding bands and enough copper to make two Statues of Liberty.

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