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Cell phones emit radiation, whether you believe it or not, so don’t keep the phone in your bra, pants or pockets too long. This entry was posted in Outrageousness and tagged Brain Tumor, Celebrity, Cell Phone, Devil, Famous, Radiation, Tom Cruise, Tumor by Joseph McConnell. This entry was posted in straight talk and tagged free prepaid phones, free straight talk phones, straight talk, straight talk android, straight talk phones, straight talk promotions. YOU may be eligible to receive a free government cell phone with airtime minutes added every month, absolutely free! If you qualify for the Lifeline Assistance Program, you will receive a cell phone at no cost. Unfortunately, this offer is not yet available in every state and not everyone will qualify for this program. For years, the US government has tried to make sure that all Americans have access to life’s necessities. Our government realizes this change and has created the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program to help subsidize a way that everyone can be in contact with their businesses or loved ones. The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program is a program started by the United States government to help all Americans have access to telecommunications.
The government requires telecommunications companies to pay a portion of their income to pay for the Lifeline Assistance Program.
There are many cell phone companies that participate in the Lifeline program, however not all of them provide free cell phones or free cell phone service. This site will focus on the carriers that provide free cell phones and free talk minutes, but we will also touch on some of the carriers that offer discounted service, as many of these are quite worthwhile.
1 Only ONE member of a household can participate in the Lifeline Assistance Program.  Violators can be subject to penalties. Income- based Eligibility- If you don’t participate in any government assistance program; you may qualify in some states, based upon your household income.
1Group One states – Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Washington. 2Group Two states – Florida, New Jersey (only for residents 65 years of age and over), Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas.

The above figures are based upon the 2012 United States Poverty Guidelines and are subject to change. If you apply based on income eligibility, you will be asked to provide some proof of income. I’ve seen it slowly creep into our culture, taking over the hearts and minds (and attention spans) of our wonderful human compatriots.
Remember the short run of the Andy Dick show where they had a sketch with people who had cell phone brain tumors?
Isn’t that a sign because celebrities are rich and know all the secrets to the universe, right?? The free phone deals are still rolling, which means that you my friend can get yourself a free phone with one month of talk time from Straight Talk with no commitment at all. The government has provided assistance to people who were having trouble affording food, medical care and housing through familiar programs like EBT, Medicare and Rental Assistance respectively. That money is then given to companies so that they may provide free cell phones and low-cost to those who need them. As time passed, and cell phone ownership became more common and cost-effective, the Federal Lifeline Assistance Plan was extended to cover cell phone use as well. The rules of eligibility change from state to state.  Generally, there are two ways to qualify. The following chart shows the maximum allowable household income level to qualify for the program. Now we’ve got mostly smart phones that cost $200-500 bucks and last for maybe a year. You can find it there and see all the specs, pictures, and other information you’re going to want to know about this phone. We will review the different cell phone providers that offer free government cell phones and describe all of their plan details and extra features, so you’ll know which provider is best for you. The largest cell phone providers are already participating in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. If your total household income is below the figure in the chart for your state, you may qualify for a free government cell phone.

The rest of the time you’re stuck yelling or complaining about how crappy your phone is. This instant communication is no longer a luxury, but a necessity of life in our more connected world.
Find your state in the notes below (some states do not allow customers to qualify by income alone). Finally, when you have chosen the right provider for you, we’ll show you the requirements for your state and how to apply. Having a phone is vital for finding a job, staying in touch with colleagues and family, or alerting people of emergencies. However, as other states are added to the program, this page will be updated accordingly, so please check this page frequently.
How many in-person conversations do you have with people in a day (non work related) that last longer than 30 seconds? So if you’re going to continue to use your cell phone a lot just be mindful, use some common sense and educate yourself. Couldn’t that anxious need for gratification or acceptance be provided by being silent in your mind and enjoying the moment with yourself or whoever you’re with? I’m just exercising my American right of free speech, stating some opinions and sharing some information. I was never molested or kidnapped or maimed (I know that happens sometimes- but unfortunately stuff like that will always happen no matter how many cell phones we give our children). And people talked so much in the first decade cell phones became available that they’re exhausted now and just text message.

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