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Cheap cell phone contracts for your household may not be the cheapest the service provider has to offer.
Recurring monthly fees are usually one of the biggest concerns when South African consumers begin exploring cheap cell phone contracts.  This shouldn’t be the only fees you look at. The latest Apple iPhones have gone on sale in South Africa, with prices starting at R8 499 for the 5c model. We provide news, reviews and comment, without fear or favour, that is of direct relevance to our fast-expanding audience. We do not constantly regurgitate press releases to draw in search engine traffic — we believe websites that do so are doing their readers and advertisers a disservice.
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Keeping track of what South Africans are doing with technology is really hard, and especially so when it comes to learning.
Another way of keeping up with South African technology habits is through the work of market researchers. The AMPS studies make a point of investigating right across the population, rich and poor, urban and rural. Besides anything else, it’s a lower figure than others, even taking into account that the urban sector percentage is 77% according to AMPS. Lets make it clear that unlike in the rest of the world, cell phones are not a big deal because of the arrival of the iPhone. And of these, prepaid cell phones are by far the most common – of the 70% of cell phone ownership, 61% are prepaid not contracts. These two graphs (ITU 2010) nicely illustrate how steep the curve is for developed countries is and how much higher the percentage of cell phone subscriptions is compared to internet users in those countries. Even in 2009, in South Africa, three quarters  (76%) of AMPS respondents said they did not use a computer. This is in stark contrast with the cell phones which are not only used in all social strata, but cross social divides. Thus, a survey of  high-school learners in South Africa by the Youth Research Unit at the University of South Africa (UNISA) analysed their results by school type finding a negligible difference. This commitment to cell phone ownership is revealed in a survey of students specifically in poor high schools in Cape Town which found that 77% of Grade 11 students owned their own phone, 18% used other people’s phones and 4% owned a sim card, but used other people’s phones to use it (Kreutzer 2009). The dramatic difference in penetration and price in PPP dollars (ie Purchasing Power Parity) is stark in these graphs.
In South Africa, Robinson in 2010 estimates conservatively that are approximately 10- to 12-million WAP-enabled cell phone users in SA, and Goldstuck  (2010) reports that for 450 000 users cell phones are the primary form of access to the Internet.
Despite the growing popularity and uptake of mobile  cellular services in Africa, it remains the region with the relatively most expensive mobile prices, according to the ITU 2010. The valuable Goldstuck report is the Internet Access in South Africa 2010 study, conducted by World Wide Worx 2010. The informative graphs come from the International Telecommunication Union 2010 publication, Measuring the Information Society 2010.
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The reason it seems low is that most assessments of penetration look at accounts or connections, not users. The high penetration figure also challenges us to understand how those users, many of them living in poverty use their cellphones. What we actually report from publicly-available ITU data from 2007 (newer data is out, by the way that we are adding to the site) is the number of subscriptions per 100 – not subscribers.
I am glad to see that government, particularly DST, partnered by other institutions, is stepping into the area of m-learning. Your data is comprehensive, and I am glad to see that you have comments from others in the field, particularly Arthur Goldstuck. I have been talking to an Indian company for a while, which is a leading innovator in the m-learning sector on the sub-continent.
In the meantime, Enablem has gone ahead and set up a number of international educational content provider relationships. The key to Enablem’s approach is their development of a software platform that renders data (information) on the different cellphones (makes and models, including sms-only enabled phones) in the market, and now tablets, which allows them to escape the grip of any one cellphone (tablet) manufacturer, cellphone (tablet) operating system, or proprietary software such as Nokia’s own offerings for m-learning. Another advantage is that the system is developed, further, for direct use by learners, with realtime evaluation tools and reports for teachers – using cellphone based technology, (on site, or remote). One of their most successful packages markets English learning to speakers of any of the 20 plus languages spoken in India.

After all this has been said, the practicalities of IPR and foreign direct investment are formidable. Disclaimer The opinions expressed on this site are solely the authors' own and do not represent those of their respective employers unless explicitly noted otherwise. The history of cell phones in South Africa dates back to very old times when mobile phones were some of the most expensive commodities in technological market. The launch and sale of mobile phones in South Africa began in the 1990s when Vodacom and MTN launched the first cellular services in 1994, which laid the foundation for providing most South Africans with voice and data services. We started from the first generation analogue cellular networks to the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard services. Orbitel maintains the title of the first GSM mobile in the world to receive official type approval and also the first to receive an sms. Alcatel HB100 featured an LCD screen, had dimensions of 170 x 65 x 23mm, and offered a phone memory of 50 entries. Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Macedonia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uruguay, Uzbekistan. K530, K550, K770, K810, K850, M600, P990, S500, T250, T650, W580, W610, W660, W880, W900, W910, W960, Z250, Z320, Z750.
Accordingly our research, most of the Samsung mobile phones can’t play animated gifs longer than 15 frames. You can use our animated wallpapers based on Monogram and Ibiza templates, for all the rest – animation will be cut. Just because the price is as low as it can go doesn’t mean you will get all the services you need. If you are looking for cheap cell phone contracts, then you probably want to reduce your monthly costs.
Keep in mind you may encounter additional fees if you submit payment late or have to cancel service before the contract term is up.
Our job is to demonstrate why TechCentral delivers the best return for your advertising spend. Proportionately, we provide the largest local audience of all technology-focused online publishers. Nor do we sell “editorial features”, offer advertising “press offices” or rely on online bulletin-board forums of questionable value to advertisers to bolster our traffic.
Numerous opportunities exist for companies interested in reaching our audience of key decision-makers in South Africa’s dynamic information and communications technology sector. Laura is the Director of the Centre for Educational Technology (CET) at the University of Capetown in South Africa.
There is lots of anecdotal evidence, and like all academics, we all quote what our kids are up to (we should know better, they are hardly typical), and then there is all the media hype. Especially useful is the South African Advertising Research Foundation’s extensive bi-annual (every six months) AMPS surveys, which tracks a wide range of habits, media practices and product ownership.. An organisation focusing on the use of mobiles for social impact, mobileactive, reports that the number of cell phone subscribers in 2007 was 87%  (and that was three years ago). According to one study by two youth marketing agencies  (Student Village & Interact RDT) 78% of SA students access the internet via their cell phones.
Of 17 year old students in the poor schools, about half of all their expenses are spent on cell phones (Kreutzer 2009) – and remember that these are poor students. The older segment (50+) broke some stereotyping by falling close behind with 84% not able to live without their phones. Our research at the time suggested 72% penetration (and in the world of typical market research margins of error, a 2% variance for a number like that means it is practically the same number). In terms of connections, the figure is in fact more than 100% (around 49m SIM connections) penetration.
As Arthur points out above, we do not have any solid date on actual users or subscribers – all we get from the mobile operators is active SIM cards or subscriptions. Enablem cut its teeth as a service provider to Nokia in India and other countries in the region, using Nokia’s proprietary software solutions. This has included negotiating their own direct relationships with network service providers in the sub-continent. The market comprises mainly small traders and others wanting to get access to the formal job market, particularly the call centre job space.
In those early days, to own a Nokia 3310 was like owning a very expensive mansion in one of the most expensive parts of town. Since then, then has been different arrays of mobile phones in different cases, some beautiful and others even more beautiful. When the GSM era began, Vodacom and MTN were the very first companies to give us some the phones we loved most and the once we will not forget in a hurry. It was a better modified version of Nokia 1011, it had a talk time of between 70 and 150 minutes and weighs 275g.

Over usage fees can get rather steep, but as long as you choose a plan that will cover your average usage plus a little extra, you should never have to pay those extra costs.  Don’t go for the highest plan that fits in your budget. We believe we produce the country’s best and most insightful online tech news aimed at industry professionals and those interested in the fast-changing world of technology. We offer packages that will deliver among the best returns on investment available in the online technology news space. But in a country with no centralised elearning policies, resources or think tanks, no PEW or Educause, we have to use what we can get. Other marketing research reports provide data which can be distilled for use by learning designers and educators. As does the fact that 96% of the country’s population is covered by mobile telephony (according to mobileactive and that was in 2006). UNISA’s study of high school learners reported that 75.4 % of the respondents indicated that they accessed the Internet via their cellphones.
More about that in the next (and last) of these postings on cell phones in the South of Africa. The useful thing about any market passing the 100% penetration mark is that it then forces market watchers to educate themselves oin what penetration really means. The use of beeping (phoning someone and then dropping the call – using various patterns to denote various messages) to send non-verbal messages is also common. This has included obtaining a large amount of primary and secondary data on social and educational challenges in the specific project area (where I have been involved for nearly 25 years in different capacities), and location specific data about household cellphone ownership, including usage by youth. You’ve done an impressive activity and our entire neighborhood shall be thankful to you. But while most of us may have forgotten what mobile phone looked like back when they were first introduces, we want to remind you what your phone looked like back in those good old days. These are some of the earliest phones used in South Africa so if you actually had the money to buy one of these phones back then, it goes without saying that you are definitely no longer a young adult. It boasted a 2 line, 8 character monochrome LCD display, had dimensions of 195 x 60 x 45mm and weighed 495g.
As the economy changes, some South African residents find it is more and more difficult to make payments on time. Prepaid orders are, however, not yet available through Vodacom, only new contracts and contract upgrades. One useful mechanism is the South African census which is undertaken every four years, amidst much fanfare and with much effort, especially in crime-suspicious South Africa where census takers have a hard time getting access to homes and people.
The Kreutzer study in poor schools was even more revealing: 93% of the Grade 11 learners reported  having used the internet on cell phones (ever), with  68% using their phones for internet access on a typical day, opposed to 39% using computers (Kreutzer 2009).
While it was still 80% or 90%, it was like beating our heads against brick walls trying to explain that this did not mean 80% or 90% of people in SA having phones. The use of Mxit and mobile Web is very much (but not exclusively) a youth phenomenon in disadvantaged communities. The memory could hold 99 phone numbers, and the phone offered talk time of 90 minutes and standby time of 15 hours. One way to help reduce debt (and the stress that comes with it) is to look for the cheapest cellphone plans to lower your regular monthly expenses.  Some people assume that the plan with the lowest price tag is always the most economical, but this is not always the case. Repeated late payments will mean that your fees will add up, further reducing the overall value of your plan.
The data gathered is useful but the last census took place in 2007, and in a fast changing environment that is old hat!
Once it hit 100%, the truth began to dawn and the media in particular began asking the more important question: what percentage of the population uses cellphones, rather than how many connections are there per person in South Africa (two very different numbers). The following three myths can help you avoid common money-saving pitfalls so you make the best decision about your monthly cellphone bill.
Additional minutes and text credits can be expensive, even with a traditional billing plan. If you want cheap cell phone contracts, then stay informed of all fees possible, not just recurring ones. Don’t jump directly to the bottom of the price list when searching for cheap cell phone contracts.
Instead start with the plan that offers the minimum usage and service options that you will actually use each month.

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