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Of all the feature requests we’ve received as a company, integrating Top Producer with our Real Estate Dialer has always been at the top of the list.
An important task Real Estate agents need to complete when prospecting is updating their main contact database with any new contacts and updating notes on existing contacts.
Go to the top menu bar and click on your name, then choose settings from the drop down menu.
Once the Top Producer button has been activated, it will show up at the top of each contact form in Mojo.
We have a long list of additional integrations coming in the near future and we look forward to your feedback! It’s a pretty easy question to answer, after all, using our Real Estate dialer is all you need to really maximize your prospecting time, but there are some things you can do to get the most out of it.
If you’re going to put the effort in to making hundreds of calls per hour, it makes sense you display a real caller ID number so interested parties can call you back.
Imagine you’ve prospected all morning calling expired, cancelled and FSBO properties.
Real Estate agents are achieving great success using our Real Estate dialer, and these 3 tips take their prospecting to the next level.
Whether you are a new Real Estate agent just starting out or a veteran agent adding FSBO prospecting to your lead generation, the Mojo on the GO! Touch to Call allows agents to auto dial leads one at a time with a push of a button, saving them the hassle of hand dialing each number.
Earlier this year we released our new real-time FSBO lead service with the goal of offering quality data for our Real Estate agents to call on, and we nailed it!
When you put it all together, with our Hosted Lead Management license and our real-time FSBO lead service, you get a FSBO Dialer on the iPad with FSBO leads for only $35 per month.
When dialing your leads up to 300 calls per hour, the ability to set quick follow action is critical to your success on the phone. Today’s activities overview is found on the Mojo home page and displays all activities due and completed for today.
The phone calls action button prompts the user to create either a follow-up call or a call back. The appointments action button prompts the set appointment pop up where the user selects the date, time and duration of the appointment while also giving the appointment a title and description. The To Do’s action button initiates the Mojo task creation pop up where the user can create a new task, give it a description, assign it to any user on the Mojo dialing system and set the date for the task to be completed. After 10 years of training prospecting skills and strategies, I find the success rates to be very bad. First is the recognition of the long term pay off of becoming a powerful prospector, second is the significant difference between the two words “try” and “commit”, third learning the three aspects (lead sources, what to say, and how to engage conversations), and finally simply having the mindset of being grateful for the opportunity everyday. Let’s look closer at each one to discover where you are in this amazing and rewarding journey of becoming a powerful prospector.
Third is the hard work, developing your understanding of the different lead sources in your market, your knowledge of what to say, and the skills to engage conversations with strangers who are not expecting it.
When you launch the MOJO Dialer next, start from a place of gratitude for not only what this prospecting session can do for you and your family, but also what you can do to help a family in your community today! Mojo Selling Solutions is the company behind the Mojo Dialer and Mojo Lead Store and Data Service.
We identified a need for a low-cost, high quality data source for Expired, Withdrawn and Cancel properties, so we came up with a solution, the new Mojo Reverse Look Up phone number service. Our new reverse look up phone number service is ideal for those customers seeking an affordable, easy-to-use solution for acquiring contact information for their Expired, Withdrawn, Cancelled or any other property data or those customers who are happy with their current lead provider but would like the ability to append records they have deemed as bad number using the Mojo Dialer.
Here at Mojo we know that price matters and we wanted to launch our new reverse look up service at a price that made it a no-brainer for customers that want to use it as a stand-alone service and for those that want to use it as a supplement to their current lead provider.
Accessing the power of our new reverse look up phone number service is as simple as logging in to the new web-based Mojo selecting a list of data and pressing a button.
For those customers that use another company for their data, our reverse look up phone number service can easily append the data that is marked bad while dialing. If it is high-quality, low-cost data that you are looking for, Mojo’s new reverse look up phone number service might just be what you have been looking for. For Sale by Owner data is now available from Mojo as an add-on to the Mojo Dialer or a stand-alone service. For Real Estate agents, a solid listing inventory can make the difference between struggling to make ends meet or hitting pay dirt in the one of the most lucrative sales industries there is. Having a lot of data is not the only goal though, quality and control is just as important.
Mojo’s For Sale by Owner data is delivered in real-time in to the Mojo data manager and Auto Dialer. Finally, we learned that agents wanted control over the data that was delivered, they wanted to have say over what was inserted. We said in the beginning of this post that there were three things that make a person successful prospecting on the phone and you will have to wait to see what we have up our sleeve for the third component:) We can say this though, If you’re a Real Estate agent looking for the most complete prospecting package, there is only one company for you, Mojo! At Mojo, we have spent the past couple of years daydreaming of the day when we would put the power of the Mojo Dialer on to the iPad’s of every sales agent that owned one. For most agents, prospecting requires them to be tied down to their desktop computers or their clunky  laptops.
We’re so confident that this app is going to make a measurable difference in your business, we are offering it on iTunes free of charge with any license purchase. Now that we have that out-of-the-way, I think you will understand my surprise when we asked members of our inner circle, some of the top Real Estate and Insurance professionals in the country, how they handled incoming calls to their phones after a prospecting session.
Probably the most shocking response we got was from a Real Estate agent that closes over 100 transactions a year, they told us that they do pick up the phone when they get a call back but that they ‘got butterflies’ in their stomach when they did because they feared sounding unprepared and disliked having to figure out ‘who’ the prospect was so they could pitch them correctly.
If a successful, professional Realtor gets butterflies when a prospect calls them back, there was clearly a need and opportunity for Mojo to come up with a feature that would make an impact on all of our customers and help ensure that they were prepared for every call back. Mojo ID is our latest mobile application for the iPhone that syncs your contact and property data to your phone and lets you sync those records to your iPhones address book as their own group. Mojo ID is a no brainer for anyone that takes prospecting and lead generation seriously and wants to take their best shot with every contact.
Mojo ID can be downloaded from iTunes and is used in conjunction with the Next Generation Mojo Dialer, Power Dialer and Lead Manager. Stay tuned for an upcoming Mojo ID post where we get down to business on just how awesome Mojo ID really is!
The Los Angeles Times recently reported that an idyllic “Leave It To Beaver” neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley is suffering from real estate woes it thought it might be immune to under any economic conditions. According to the Cameron Woods Homeowners Association, “For Sale” signs have been exceedingly rare over the years as residents have given first dibs on available homes to friends and relatives.
But one vacant house on coveted Orion Avenue has been on the market for more than a year with no takers.
This mini-panic in Leave It To Beaverville when one home lingers unwanted might seem comical to real estate agents in other parts of the state and country – where it is not unusual for multiple “For Sale” signs on a street to be gathering cobwebs.

There’s no question that the depressed real estate market is making it tougher to close deals no matter where you live. Back to the Golden State… Although interest in real estate might be leveling off in Cameron Woods, it still is the darling of Hollywood.
We last celebrated America’s funniest Realtor, Phil Dunphy, last fall when alter-ego Ty Burrell won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
In the episode, real estate agent Phil is about to score the biggest real estate listing of his career, when rival agent Mitzi Roth (guest star Ellen Barkin) swoops in on his territory — intent on stealing the client for herself.
When the clients are looking the other way, Mitzi deliberately falls backwards into the hedges and blames Phil for pushing her. Discouraged, he goes home and tells his kids that the true path to success in life is lying and cheating. Mitzi senses she is being set up, gives Phil a patronizing hug and steals the spy pen as well! Want to find out if Phil is able to get his real estate listing back?  And if anything happens to Mitzi for her dirty business tactics? ABC has posted the full episode on-line for free with fewer commercials than the broadcast version. We know that the Mojo system is especially tailored for the needs of real estate agents, helping you prospect at 300 calls per hour with the Triple Line Power Dialer and giving you the first response opportunity on hot leads with Mojo Live Lead Alert. Tell us your stories!  What’s the most bizarre thing that’s happened in your sales territory? Below is an example of this built-in feature on the latest version of Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) being demonstrated on the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. I’ve found that the simplest way to block unwanted calls and text messages (SMS) is via an app called “Blacklist”. Blacklist offers customizable parameters and different blocking scenarios for whatever needs you have. Have any questions or other apps that you would like to recommend to block unwanted calls and text messages? Free mobile AVG antivirus Android app has these basic setting you want, I believe, under it’s privacy settings. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash.
Recently, we got together with the folks at Top Producer and discussed how we could provide the most value to our mutual clients and came up with the new Top Producer data push.
This has been a manual process for many, requiring them to export from their Mojo Dialer and then import in to their Top Producer accounts. Top Producer is no stranger to integrations so their existing methods made it painless and easy for our customers to use. When you have a new contact or note you want to push to Top Producer, you simply press this button after completing your call, the data will then be pushed to your Top Producer account. So we’ve discovered its a good idea to display a valid caller ID and control where the callbacks are routed with Mojo Voice. They contact more leads, they do it smart by leveraging callbacks and they out wit the most savvy homeowners by arming themselves with information before answering their call, making it known they are the most professional, resourceful agent for the job! And at only $25 per month, our new FSBO lead service is a no brainer for any agent looking for the highest quality FSBO leads at the most affordable pricing. Best of all, you always have your data, notes and contact history with you everywhere you go.
We display appointments, to do’s, follow-up calls and call backs not yet been completed.
When a call back is set, the Mojo dialing system will automatically pause the users power dialing system and feed in the call back. When the appointment is set, the appointment is added to the users Mojo calendar and a system alert will notify the user of the appointment when it is due. These tasks show in the Activities Due Today console and show in the activities area of the contact associated with them, when due and completed . If you’re in the market for a dialer, make sure you have all the tools necessary to ensure your success on the phone; make sure you subscribe to the Mojo Dialer! This information is critical to anyone looking to call on off-market properties such as Expired, Cancelled and Withdrawn listings. The cost of the new reverse look up phone number service is only $25 per month and includes unlimited data look-ups. It will immediately begin to process your records and check your addresses against our huge database of residential data and real-time data sources. It is because of this that a great listing inventory is the goal, the holy grail if you will, of all Real Estate agents wanting more than just an average income. The first reason is simply that for a Realtor to truly be successful prospecting for listings, they must leverage the many types of leads available. Seasoned Real Estate agents that have been prospecting For Sale by Owner data for years are reporting the delivery of more For Sale by Owner data from our service than any service they have used in the past! We set out to have a service that delivered high quality For Sale by Owner data in real-time, as we approve it and we delivered. For this, we created filters that our customers can set and forget or massage to get the most out of their data.
It wasn’t until recently, when began developing our web-based Mojo Dialer platform, that we began production of the industries first and only, dedicated power dialing and lead management application for the iPad. Clunky laptops certainly get you mobile, but they leave performance  at the mercy of your internet connection, which often leaves the user with slow connection speeds, latency in searching for records and an overall frustrating experience . This simple action, initiates a call back to our customer, once connected, the line automatically dials the contact.
It could mean that we aren’t generating enough value proposition for our contacts or perhaps, we aren’t building the sense of urgency needed to get a response from our prospects.  Either way, if our phones aren’t ringing, it means that we have far less opportunity to generate business.
With our industry exclusive, copper-based multi-line power dialer that dials up to 300 calls per hour, it is no surprise that a single prospecting session can easily generate 20-30 call backs on the days following your session. Let me reiterate, this was from a seasoned Real Estate agent that closes over 100 transactions a year!
Once you have synced your data, when someone calls you back from your prospecting session or someone you have worked with in Mojo, your iPhone will populate with their information and you will know who is calling you, when you last called them, what kind of property they have (if they are listing calls such as expired, FSBO, withdrawn, etc.), property address, listing price and a variety of other information that will help you answer your incoming calls with confidence. Having the caller’s information at your fingertips means that you spend seconds identifying the prospect before you pick up the call and all your talk time pitching and building your brand. It is better known by Hollywood film producers as the “Leave It To Beaver neighborhood” because of its largely unmodified 1950s charm.  It’s seen as a quick solution to staging “Anywhere USA” in movies, TV and commercials, as there are no palm trees like much of Greater Los Angeles. It is not uncommon for children who grew up here to come back and restake their claim on the territory. Neighbors are nervous that the old home might be torn down and replaced with a McMansion, ruining the vintage feel of the place. It’s on the market for $479,000, which Realtor Julie Bate described as a bargain to KABC-7 News.

This home at 6324 Orion Avenue advertises itself as available for rental (click for more info). But the reality is that people still need to put a roof over their heads and that houses still change hands all the time.
He bumps into Mitzi at the supermarket and asks her point blank why she is so mean and explains how his father is worried about paying for his older sister’s college.
There are many reasons why you may be looking for a call blocker: to stop telemarketers, spammers, debt collectors, harrassers, and other annoying people! To change blacklist settings, tap on the  MENU button, then “Blacklist” to put numbers that you want to block into the blacklist. Turn off ringer: same as option 1) but you will still receive incoming SMS from the number. I started obsessing about the Android platform as soon as I got my HTC EVO phone in mid-2010. If the contact is not present in your Top Producer account, it will add the contact and all notes and miscellaneous fields to your account..
Well, in some cases this is probably a valid argument but homeowners needing help listing their home WILL call you back and you WILL set appointments from it. Well, with Mojo ID, if you route the call back to your iPhone, Mojo ID will show you who is calling you back before you take the call.
There is one big difference though; with our web-based version of Mojo, agents must purchase a dialing license to dial, not the case with Mojo on The Go!. Once the call back is completed, the user will automatically resume their power dialing session. This past year, we made the commitment to offer a service that would assist our customers with acquiring this hard-to-find data and created the new Mojo Reverse Look Up phone number Service.
With the Mojo Dialer’s ability to dial out at up to 300 calls per hour and the almost unlimited amount of neighborhood data in the Lead Store, listings just come easier to our clients. For Sale by Owner leads are plentiful and with the right approach, can easily be the low-hanging fruit that many Realtors are looking for. Additionally, many markets are seeing their Expired inventory dry up, making For Sale by Owner data that much more valuable to our Realtors.
We weed out incomplete ads, fake ads, out of area ads and anything that might make it a waste of valuable time for our customer’s to call on it. All of our For Sale by Owner data is delivered throughout the day as we get it and immediately inserted in to our clients For Sale by Owner data list inside the Mojo Dialer. Our filters include specific geographical area based on zip codes, price point and property type, ensuring that our For Sale by Owner customers only receive the data they want to list and nothing they don’t want. We needed to get a solution in the hands of our customers that kept them mobile but that also gave them unprecedented speed and reliability, thus the dedication to developing Mojo On The Go!. With a dedicated iPad application, we are able to utilize the resources of the iPad to complete data intensive tasks such as querying records for starting a call session, for searching data and for general contact management duties. Heck, if the user doesn’t hang up the phone, they can actually call through a list of records in a row, one at a time which is still much more efficient than hand dialing and these calls can be completed from anywhere, using Mojo On The Go!. To preserve their quality of life, they also have enacted strict filmmaking guidelines limiting any one residence to no more than 14 production days per year, restricting street parking and banning shoots on weekends and holidays.
Whatever the reason may be that you want to block someone from contacting you via phone calls or text messages (SMS)… In this lesson, I will show you how it can be done with two different methods. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with learning all that I can about the Android OS and sharing that knowledge with my friends and family.
If the contact is already present in your Top Producer account, it will update any new notes or miscellaneous field data. This means if you dial 500 calls, you’ll likely receive 50 call backs to your cell phone and these calls could be at 3pm or 1am, not very convenient.
That’s right, when we developed our mobile app, we wanted agents to take full advantage of being mobile and included single line Touch-to-Call in our $10 hosted lead management licenses.
This is our favorite because we have seen agents ring the bell prospecting on the phone, setting appointments left and right, because two days earlier, another agent got the prospect primed but never followed up with them.
Users simply click on the follow-up calls link in Today’s Activities Overview and Mojo will present them with a list of follow-up calls due. If the call back is set when NOT logged in to the Mojo dialer, the user will receive a system alert when the call is due. Today, we are proud to announce a new data source integrated in to our Lead Store, For Sale By Owner data. We knew we could take a new approach to the cultivation and delivery of the For Sale by Owner data.
Unlike using a web-based service from a laptop or iPad browser, which depends on a centralized web-server for its resources, the dedicated iPad application gets the job done locally and so fast, it might very well replace the desktop! With some carriers, the caller may be redirected to voice mail and they may leave a voice mail. This new functionality allows agents to add new contacts from their off market and just listed just sold prospecting and keeps their sphere of influence and past client database up to date with the most recent call notes. There is an easy way to reduce the amount of folks calling you back that are angry, change up your caller ID. With Mojo Voice, you can get a virtual number in the area code you service and use it as your caller ID while you prospect. Mojo ID will display to you the contacts information as an image on your iPhone while your phone rings. Believing follow-up is a waste of time is something that costs people money and it is what keeps your competition busy with appointments that lead to appointments and sales.
To avoid leaving a voice mail, you can enable the pick up then hang up mode in the settings (read more). I’ve deleted all communication logs for that number but with these apps you have to input the number you want blocked and there is always the options of unblocking that number in the settings.
With the Mojo Dialer, this is simple to do, you simply enter one of your caller ID’s, we validate it in mere seconds and then it is in your account to be used while dialing.
When a lead calls it back, it gets routed to any number you desire, giving you full control over where your leads are calling you back.
You will see their name, listing status, any lists or groups they are in, your notes and when you last called them… completely preparing you for the incoming call.
We STRONGLY suggest this method when calling on Expired listings right now, inventory is short and these lead types are being called on heavily. Lastly, for total anonymity, subscribe to multiple Mojo Voice numbers so you have the ability to change up what your customers see when you call them. When we designed the new Mojo Dialer, we wanted our customers to complete follow-up tasks as easily and effectively as possible, making it so simple there would be no excuse to ignore it.
Oh, and if you call a lead who is already irritated with you because of all the other agents calling them, simply let them know the calls will stop after you list their home!

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