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Users who are new to Apple products wish to find a fast way to check iPhone model or models of devices other people are using. We'll overnight you a replacement when possible (may not be available for leased or financed devices).
A new smartphone might cost only $199 when signing up for a contract, but replacing it will likely cost you up to $639.
SquareTrade protects you for less than you’ll pay for insurance through your wireless carrier. Click this link and follow the simple instructions or call us at 1-877-WARRANTY (927-7268) for help. How your item gets fixed depends on what it is, the type of damage, and the type of plan you have. Send it in for Repair: We’ll repair your item in five business days or less after we’ve received it, guaranteed. Same-day Local Repair: You can arrange for your own repair provider for same-day repairs and send us the receipt to get reimbursed. Next-day Replacement: For smartphones and iPhones, we’ll send you a replacement phone for next-day delivery (when available).

Just when I got the first iOS smartphone [it was a gift, I didn’t purchase it myself] I had no idea what my model was. I will share them with you so that you have no problems in discovering which model of iPhone you or your friends have. Just turn your iPhone on its back and take a look at the numbers of your model under the smartphone’s badge. Or, we'll pay to have your device overnighted to us, fix it the day it arrives, and then overnight it back to you.
Take your device to a local repair shop or Genius Bar, pay for any repairs, and we'll reimburse you.
And when they break, they can cost up to $639 to replace if you’re still under contract with your wireless carrier.
Research has shown that people are 10 times more likely to have their phone break due to malfunctions or accidents like drops and spills (which SquareTrade covers better than anyone else) than lose it or have it stolen.
Just call 1-877-967-5125 to sign up for SquareTrade and we'll help cancel your insurance from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile. We protect your smartphone against everyday accidents as well as common malfunctions after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Great when traveling (SquareTrade covers you anywhere in the world) or when you just can’t wait. Meanwhile, most smartphone cases do little to prevent your screen from getting cracked, almost none are waterproof, and even the best can’t protect your phone from malfunctions. Any yet, accident plans that include loss & theft can cost twice as much as plans that don't—up to $400 or more (fees plus deductibles). Also youi can find out how to decode IMEI number and see iPhone model, country and many more interesting factsabout your gadget.
Even if your phone is still under contract, you're allowed to cancel whenever you want without penalties, fees or changing your current cell phone plan.
Meanwhile, Apple and Google have free apps to help find your phone if you ever do misplace it.

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