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As we’ve taken baby steps toward a more classical approach to learning, our breakfast notebook has transformed into a tool that contains the core of our grammar work. Before anyone starts thinking of grandiose visions of what a homeschool should like, I will be first to admit that things do not always go as planned! If you wish to save on time and money, sure to check out our post Notebooking on a Shoestring & Scheduling Simplified!
You can either make a separate notebook for each subject (or multiple subjects), or place all in the same notebook with dividers for each subject. Where you see an asterisk:  *Place in page protector (or laminate) and use dry erase marker. This is where we place our Grapevine Studies Bible work, scripture memory work pages (blank illustration pages) [when we are not doing a Grapevine Study], daily prayer pages, and thankfulness journal. This is where we keep our daily practice pages:  blank calendars, weather charts, address and phone number practice, and (for our youngest) name-writing practice pages.
This is where we keep our Geography Continental Blob Maps and Classical Conversations maps. Multiplication Drills, Skip Counting Sheets, Skip Counting Circle-and-Write Pages, Skip Counting Mazes. Use blank pages (blank cardstock inserted into page protector) for unit conversions, geometry, and algebraic laws. We work on two math fact sets per day – not necessarily the ones for that week, but rather the ones they need to practice the most!

Download Cycle 3 Fine Arts Notebooking Packet here.Cycle 1 Fine Arts Notebooking Packets will be posted in Fall 2015.
Visit our Beginner’s Guide for how to use these sheets for copywork, dictation, and narration.
For step-by-step instructions for drawing, we use Draw Write Now and Draw and Write Through History (for older students).
Our drawing resources page contains a more exhaustive list of drawing resources, along with lesson plans for six weeks of drawing instruction. Our Tin Whistle and Music Theory plans include links to great Treble-clef and note writing pages, as well as a plethora of review games!
Filed Under: CC CYCLE 2, FREE RESOURCES Tagged With: CLASSICAL EDUCATION, FINE ARTS, GEOGRAPHY, GRAMMAR STAGE, NOTEBOOKING, TIMELINEDid you find this information useful? Mainly because the majority of scholarships call for appliers to post one or more dissertation, it's very essential that the dissertation an individual compose articulates for the scholarship or grant idol judges.
Child of a great God, wife to a marvelous man, and homeschooling mother of four boisterous blessings - exploring the world together from our home in Middle Tennessee. Share your plans or activities organized by CC week for Cycle 1, or read what other bloggers have shared! A sales receipt is important in recording the purchases of your customers and for other sales-related information. The Simple Sales Receipt Template for Word is a useful template for documenting sales information and for printing an itemized receipt for your customers. You might just use a blank page to list the current week’s memory work as shown here.

The first 12 weeks of each cycle are the same, so you can use the note booking pages offered in the other Fine Arts packets for the fall semester. I haven't had a chance to make the Fine Arts pages yet, but they are the same for the first 12 weeks of each Cycle. For mapping the continents on a blank sheet of paper, our youngest two children use our continental blob mapping templates. In our quality policy we emphasize on technical as well as presentable condition of the Laptop. In addition, this template is part of a design collection called Simple Lines Design so users in business can create many other documents that match and complement this Simple Sales Receipt.Parts of the TemplateThe Simple Sales Receipt Template for Word contains a placeholder for your company logo.
It also contains the Date wherein you can click to select the date from a calendar display.
It also contains the Name where items are Sold To and the Company Name, Address and Phone Number.
This Simple Sales Receipt Template also automatically generates a Customer ID number to identify each sales receipt.

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