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In our lastA  lesson we give you a summary of guest registration procedure a Front Desk Agent needs to follow. Assigning a large number of rooms advanced may give less chance to non preregistered guests. A registration record is created by front desk agent where he puts all necessary data of the guests. If a front office agent is not clear with these terms described on those 3 tutorials, it will be difficult to sell the room properly. On the basis of reservation information, front office agent can assign a vacant room for a guest or if the guest has any specific request then he will try to find such room and if no such room found then can offer similar type of room. Now you can check your Car online registration in Punjab by using the MTMIS Vehicle verification method in which all the information will be displayed in front of you. Augments E-government efforts through building up integrated Province wide central repository. Windows based Software has been deployed in all the 36 districts of the Punjab with the real time provision of insert, delete and update. To check whether the fitness certificate or route permit of any particular vehicle is valid or not.

When you enter the vehicle number then a new page will be shown where many of information’s available. So a front desk agent gets enough time to finish all the formalities prior to guest arrival. In that case, the registration may be done by the driver of the vehicle by giving registration card to the guest. So, before reading ahead you have to have clear conceptions about room types,status and rates. After deciding room types, it is the responsibility of front office agent to describe all the features, amenities of the issued room to guest and if he wants something extra then discuss it. Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) introduce a new technique in which we can find the owner name of any type of vehicle. Registration number, Chassis number, Registration date, Vehicle price, Color and Year of Manufacturer. It is a main source of guest history file and from this record a hotel can easily identify the guest if he comes next and this will save a lot of time for both, hotel and guest.
Gradually this project introduces in 36 District of the Punjab and was completed on 3oth September 2011 and final costs were 517.236 Millions.

Generally, in times of preregistration the agent collects all necessary information and when guest comes he just recheck everything and settling the payment. Computerization of Motor Vehicle Registration System has successfully been implemented in all the districts of the Punjab.
If the guest has business relation with the hotel or comes from a company with whom the hotel has prior contract or if the guest is a VIP or if the hotel likes to lower its room prices for some reason, in all these situations room rate will be varied.
This application of MTMIS is very helpful for those people that want to get a vehicle from unknown person and make sure this vehicle is his name or not.
You can find the engine registration number and the year in which unknown person buy a vehicle.

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