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BlackBerry's first Android phone, the Priv, is a smarmy amalgamation of "privilege" and "priv-ah-cy". Once again, Samsung has devised a perfectly good phone (really good, even!) with a tongue-twister name. The only issue with the Motorola Moto G is that there are currently three (or is it four?) that you can buy right now all with the same exact name. As if the name of this Miami-based phone-maker weren't pun-inducing enough, the Yezz Billy 4.7 closes the loop with the Billy series, a line of Windows phones named after -- yep, you guessed it -- Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
It's bad enough that the HTC One M8 Harman Kardon is an awkward, semi-rhyming mouthful you can barely spit out five times fast. It takes a certain kind of chutzpah to confidently and unironically name your ultralarge smartphone the ZTE Iconic Phablet -- particularly if it is anything other than the obvious and undisputed top of its class. Its terribly rhyming tongue-twister of a name certainly isn't the reason why the HP Pre 3 never made it to the US. Officially the Samsung Galaxy S 2, Epic 4G Touch, Sprint's Galaxy S 2 variant claimed the dubious honor of having the most long-winded name in cell phone history.
I'm not sure what would compel a smartphone company to name devices after popular Latin dances. The tea leaves are being read, and the message is clear: Wearables are taking the summer off.

This rubberized cell phone isn't fancy, but it'll keep the phone's delicate internals intact near water and dust.
LAS VEGAS -- The Cat B100 is a rugged, simple cell phone with large buttons and a 2.2-inch screen.
The yellow button between the volume toggles turns on a bright flashlight using the centered camera flash.
Google's taking its Cardboard VR initiative to the next level, with a more capable VR platform. For every stroke of genius (Motorola's original Razr flip phone) there's been a fit of nomenclature flops. This from a company that was charmingly known for most of its life as Research in Motion, so I guess we're not too surprised. Oh sure, there's nothing wrong with the OnePlus 2 name, except for the fact that a company called OnePlus has named their phones "One" and "2".
Some support LTE, others don't, but the main confusion comes from the fact that unless you've memorized the specs, you won't know which one your store or carrier is selling unless you dig a little deeper.
That certainly isn't the case for this ho-hum midrange effort.This marks the first time that any smartphone vendor has embraced the often-reviled portmanteau "phablet" in any official capacity.
HTC essentially flipped Nokia the bird by dropping the name of Microsoft's operating system into the Windows Phone 8X.

Instead, abysmal sales and mismanagement killed WebOS' chances in the mobile platform fight, ending the once-promising Pre line shortly after HP's disastrous purchase of Palm.
By the time it came out on shelves, Sprint had lopped off a few words, making it the much more manageable Samsung Epic 4G Touch.
That this gorgeous audio-boosted flagship perfectly sets up a certain spoonerism any company would be smart to sidestep. Luckily, US prepaid carrier Boost Mobile had the good sense to rename its version as the Boost Max.
And is that a hard "g" as in "beluga," or a soft one, "eluja"?) was almost as awkward as its inconvenient button placement. It would be like naming a handset the "Samsung Galaxy Android phone." HTC's bold-but-brief surge to displace Nokia as Microsoft's OS darling has proven ultimately ineffective, even more so in light of Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's hardware-making arm. If only T-Mobile had followed suit with its Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, we'd all have been a little happier. The ChaCha, which was first introduced at Mobile World Congress in February 2011, blessedly became the HTC Status when it landed with the US carrier.

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