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Today, I installed a software which I activated on a different PC before but it gave an error of MAC address check failure. Please note that some of the device drivers provide an option to change the MAC address but some don’t. It looks to be a problem with the DHCP server, which mistakenly assigns the same IP address to two devices, but don’t blame your router quite yet. 1: The easiest solution is to just reset the router, but that can be a pain depending on your access to the router itself. 2: If resetting the router is a no go, you can also try torenew your DHCP lease in Mac OS X either through the command line (as the linked article shows) or through the Network settings System Preference panels as described here. 3: The other option is to manually set an IP address to a static IP and have the IP range be far enough apart so that the devices do not conflict. Another possibility (although much less likely) is that someone has managed to spoof your MAC address and IP and is attempting to gain access to your network. If a DHCP server hands out double addresses that’s not because the device wants it but simple because your DHCP server fails. With any luck at all, AirPort will behave itself now, and you will be able to connect to the Internet. I’ve been trying to solve this problem for a few days now, and your solution was the one that finally worked. It then allows me to change the last segment of the DHCP Address, but doing this loses my Airport connections. Im still havin trouble ive tried the steps but when i get to step6 it shoes no green light i have no router just a box woth two antenas not sure if its the router lol the apartments i live in provides the net. The only things that are different are that I unplugged my iMac and took it to another location for work.
After reading some of this, I am thinking that connecting via ethernet is the cause of my problem, since I got this message as soon as I plugged it in back at home. I am living in a university dorm (and therefore have no access to the router, just my ethernet cable).

I have never set up any sort of network with my ethernet and as far as I am aware all of my security is up to date, so is someone possibly using my network? Not really sure what to do, is there a (very very) simple way to ensure I am keeping my internet secure?
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If the proposal is passed it would cost the city $48,000 the first year the firm develops the data and $26,000 for each additional year. How to print configuration page for HP printer model ???How to find MAC Address for HP printer model ??? I have 2 network adapters, one is D-Link DUB-E100 while the other one is Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller. Disable and then enable your adapter and check your new adapter MAC via ipconfig -all command to be run on a Command prompt. I assume this is just a bug with how iOS interacts with certain routers DHCP management, it happen to Apple’s own Airport too so perhaps that will spur a patch sooner than later, but by no means is this limited to Apple routers, and you can encounter it on any wi-fi network (and even some wired networks too). I say this is much less likely because assuming you have some reasonable wireless security precautions in place this is very unlikely, there simply aren’t that many people out there with the knowhow to crack into a secured wireless network. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! In my experience, this only happens when running Apple’s AirPort on a wireless network.
And I keep getting this error much more often then every other day – a couple of times a day, for sures.

The problem goes away when I connect with wifi but I prefer to use ethernet as the connection runs faster (roughly sixty people use the wifi on my floor alone). On two occations, I found my (I am on a contract with a limited amount of Internet data per month) data being used much too quickly, and then got the message that my computer shares an ip address with another computer on my network. Romaine said the city has a $72 million budget and 27 percent of that number is from sales tax revenue. The request for this address is made so that we can assign an IP address to the device automatically.
Right after that, I started online search for a utility to change MAC address in windows 7.
For example, my current MAC is 00-18-8B-BA-DD-55, I will choose 0018 since the first four HEX numbers of the MAC are 00-18. Apparently these iOS devices like to maintain the same IP address and will attempt to force themselves onto the same IP that they had previously been assigned, which can lead to the error message. When I reset my IP (I have tried this method and manually resetting it) the problem will go away for several hours to days but returns. This tells me that another device close to my home takes my ip address and pretends to be on my network, then steals my data. In XP, there were free utilities available on internet which changed MAC address but I couldn’t find such utility for windows 7.
To change the MAC of such an adapter which doesn’t have such option, you will be required to modify in registry.
How do I tell my modem that I am not on a network, he should not share data with any device except the one computer – mine – I connect him with? And that day was one week before I got this message up on my mac, and that day I was on vacation without my computer: someone had hacked my IP address.

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