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You’re probably aware that iPhone will automatically detect phone numbers in web pages, allowing you to tap directly on a phone number and choose to call that number, send it a message, add it to Contacts, or to copy it to the clipboard. You’ll notice the vanity alphabetic number is still maintained below the converted numerical version, so you can be sure you are calling the right place.
This means that mobile users can use Skype from public hotspots to place all their business calls, not just calls to other Skype users. By the way, don't bother using the Skype "check for updates" option; it will tell you you have the latest version. Really, Skype is an Instant Messenger - like MSN and AIM and YM - but instead of doing typewritten chat with voice as an optional extra, it does voice as its main function.
The new feature couldn't be simpler: you give Skype money, and they connect you to phone numbers. Of course, SIP phone users will say that you don't need to do this; but the fact is that setting up a SIP service like Gossiptel or Stanaphone is frequently fraught with opportunities to screw up.

In today's business world, user expectations for application performance are incredibly high. Often called vanity numbers, these will be like 1-800-COMCAST, 1-800-MY-APPLE, 1-800-SOS-APPLE, etc, and they are not automatically detected by iOS. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Stanaphone does provide an excellent starter service of 200 free phone calls to American numbers; but it is also entirely dependent on Stanaphone's gateway being in good working order. At first glance they don’t appear to be usable on the iPhone, but it turns out they are, just not directly. This will instantly convert the lettered vanity number into an actual phone number, that’s nice in and of itself, but of course you can then dial it too. You can edit the number on the screen if it is wrong, but the phone won't dial the new number, it just carries on with the old one.

Often, it's down (it's a new service) and having a Skype client ready to run on your notebook can get you out of trouble.
And there's no sign of working caller ID; which seems to mean that you can't call a Skype user from the phone network yet.
OK, so it wasn't that secret: Niklas Zennstrom announced his plans for SkypeOut, which makes this possible, at VON Europe a couple of weeks back.

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