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A hand dialing a cell phone or receiving a call or taking a picture or video, isolated on white with clipping path.
Customized phone number or text or graphics can be added on the cell phone screen copy space.
A dial pad on any phone is a great aid in learning the times tables for the Ones, Threes, Sevens, & Nines.
Threes times table revealed on a phone dial pad when the phone is turned to the left 90 degrees.

An easy, visual way to learn multiplication and division by playing with patterns, and making friends with numbers.
The numbers you see are the ones-digits (Onesies) for the Ones, Threes, Sevens, and Nines times tables. This will show the ones digits (Onesies) of the Ones Times Table, the Threes times table, the Sevens times table, and the Nines Times Table. The middle picture is the numbers right side up The right picture has the tens-digits  (tensies) added to create the THREES times table.

Note the pattern of the tens-digits is Same-UP-UP, Same-UP-UP, Same-UP-UP (0-1-2,  2-3-4,  4-5-6).

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