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A somewhat beer stained invite, or could have been Pimms in those days, to the Purser's (L S Warren) cabin in 1962.
Over the years, it came into light that one of the best ways to promote a website online is to submit it to a top web directory targeting its niche market for the simple reason that niche web directories not only give you targeted traffic but rather, they are also known to come with the added benefit of helping your website gain valuable backlinks, something which you need if you want to rank rather high with the popular search engines.
It is generally acknowledged that paid directories last longer than the free directories do so if you choose to resort to a free directory, be prepared to lose hundreds of links in one go if and when the web directory decides to pop out.
Last but not least, a paid web directory maintains higher standards as compared to the free ones we know of. Any person conducting a search via a web directory is shown results in the form of websites organized into either groups or menus and since web directories are essentially put together by humans, they tend to have databases much smaller than those of search engines, something which gives your business a selective advantage over your competitors who only target the search engine results. Generally, to be included in the listings of a web directory, a website owner will need to submit his or her site to the directory.
A web directory is a powerful promotional tool and if you own an online business, it is absolutely critical that you consider ranking in a web directory. These days the meaning of online networking has changed, online networking means having the ability to tap into hundreds of relevant connections with clicking a button. Very congrats on your first and crucial step towards better hearing, and now you are all set for hearing aids.
Information contained herein is deemed accurate and correct, but no warranty is implied or given. It  may also provide instructions about how to use the telephone service in the local area, may give important numbers for emergency services, utilities, hospitals, doctors, and organizations who can provide support in times of crisis. The rise of the Internet and smart phones in the 21st Century greatly reduced the need for a paper phone book. In the US, under current rules and practices, mobile phone and Voice over IP listings are not included in telephone directories.

A telephone directory and its content may be known by the color of the paper it is printed on.
White pages generally provides  residential and business telephone number by alphabetic order.
Other colors may have other meanings; for example, information on government agencies is often printed on blue pages or green pages. A reverse telephone directory is sorted by number, which can be looked up to give the name and address of the subscriber.
By definition, a web directory organizes specific websites into categories based on their subject matter. In most cases, people go for the free web directories because obviously, they are more cost effective or so they appear to be as you will come to see soon enough.
With some of the free directories out there, it can sometimes take up to one week for you to post a single link on the web directory, something that you can’t afford if you want to reach somewhere significant with your online business. Many people are not aware of this but web directories have been in existence for very long. As is the case with the search engines we know of, the higher a website ranks in a web directory, the more traffic it gets. Nothing wraps up an event better than indulging in a great buffet that not only looks great but also scrumptious.
Subscriber names are generally listed in alphabetical order, together with their postal or street address and telephone number. But for a fee, subscribers may request the exclusion of their number from the directory, primarily for privacy and security concerns. In the latter case, the directory can be provided as an online service through proprietary terminals or over the Internet, or on physical media such as CD-ROM.

Some communities, such as Seattle and San Francisco, sought to ban their unsolicited distribution as wasteful, unwanted and harmful to the environment. Use the New Ultimates white pages directory to find information on lost friends or relatives.
A web directory is typically manned by humans though a select few are known to make use of automated software. Paid directories are quicker, more resilient and above all, they are undeniably more effective for internet marketing. Generally, a paid web directory comes with the guarantee that it will maintain your link for as long as you paid for, sometimes even longer. Free web directories come with no restrictions whatsoever so pretty much anyone can go on there and post links.
They came even before the search engines, the reason why they are one of the most trusted sources available of finding reliable and quality information. Don't lose your chance to be counted and suggest your business at one of the top web directories now.
In many countries directories are both published in book for and also available over the Internet. As such, it only takes a few weeks for a free web directory to transform into a house of spam links and listing your online business on such a platform will prove to be nothing short of a waste of time and resources.

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