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Burner, a mobile application that offers disposable phone numbers, just launched for Android. Remember that one time you sold an item on Craigslist and some weirdo started calling your cell on a frequent basis?
If you get your friends to sign up with your unique referral code they can earn credits for themselves and you.
Single-use scalpels avoid cross contamination and are suitable for simple surgical procedures.

It can send and recieve phone calls, store voicemails and even handle text messaging (incoming and outgoing). Luckily, there’s a referral system that earns you credits for bugging the shit out of your friends. I know you’re just dying to say something about the app, or maybe even my maid outfit? What Burner fundamentally does is present users with a temporary phone number to receive SMS and calls at.

The numbers are disposable and can be used for things like mobile surveys, messaging clubs (who wants to sign up to those things with their real phone number), and prank calls. Oh, maybe I should reconsider advertising myself as a male housekeeper in the future- maid outfit and all.

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