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It does not work properly on dynamically generated pages, which will show the date and time the pages was loaded on to your screen. The best way to save this to your Bookmarks or Favorites is to left click on the following link Web Page Date and then drag to your Favorites bar. Cookies are basic text files which contain data, usually relating to your visit to a website. English, Welsh and Scottish driving licence numbers contain information about the applicant's name, sex and date of birth. Please note that the date of birth on English, Welsh and Scottish driving licences, issued before 1977, is not recorded as a separate entry on the licence. N = 1st five letters of the surname (if the surname begins MAC or MC it is treated as MC for all).
M = MONTH of birth - In the case of a female, the number represented by the first M will have the value 5 added to the first digit e.g. I = Initial letter of the first two forenames - if only one, then 9 will replace the second letter.
Please note, for Northern Ireland driving licences the licence number is in a different format. You then subtract 97 from the total as many times as needed to arrive at a negative number.
It is important to note that this test only checks whether the number is valid, not that it belongs to the person or company using it. Click on the below picture for details about the Prefix letters used in National Insurance Numbers. You can also access this number electronically by keying in *#06# (asterisk hash 0 6 hash) on the phones handset and the IMEI Number will then be displayed on the screen. You may have just passed your driving test and received your full UK driving licence or exchanged your foreign licence for a GB licence and wondered what the various codes and categories on your licence mean.
Displayed below is the front and rear view of a full United Kingdom driving licence along with each section explained. Although the images below represent a genuine UK driving licence, the information contained on the licence is purely fictional and will not correspond with any DVLA data. Your licence personal details (1, 2 and 3): Fields 1, 2 and 3 of your photocard driving licence display your surname, first names, date and place of birth. Date of driving licence issue, photo expiry, issuing authority (4): The date displayed in 4a is the date the photocard licence was issued. Licence holder’s signature (6): This is digitally reproduced and burned into the photocard from the signature you provided on the application form.
Issuing authority roundel (8): This shows the stamp of the EC authority that issued the driving licence.
Entitlement categories (11): The letters in capitals show the categories of entitlement covered by the European Community Directive.
Production barcode (12): Used to link a photocard licence with its counterpart licence ready for dispatch.
Pictograms (15): These illustrations are representations to easily explain the types of vehicles in those categories shown.
Full Licence Holders: Categories of vehicle you are entitled to drive provisionally (that is, before you pass the applicable driving test). Entitlement history (4) Entitlement history (that is, previous entitlement which has been replaced by a higher category). Change of address (6) The counterpart also has a section for you to tell the DVLA about a change of address. A full and valid GB driving licence permits you to drive in all European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries, and Switzerland.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. If you live in the European Union or one of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and intend on exchanging your current driving licence for a GB licence, listed below are the various country codes that will appear on your GB driving licence depending on the location of the licence you exchange.

A1Light motorcycles of no more than 125cc and of a power output of no more than 11kW (14.6bhp).
B+EMotor cars or light vans with up to eight passenger seats, weighing up to 3500kg and pulling a heavy trailer. D1+ESmall passenger-carrying vehicles with nine to 16 passenger seats and pulling a trailer over 750kg. The European driving licence is a driving licence replacing the many driving licence styles already in use in the member states of the European Union. The directive harmonises the categories of driving licences among the Member States and establishes two Community driving licence models, one paper version and one plastic card version. The licence will be a credit-card-style, single plastic-coated document, very difficult to falsify.
The directive stipulates that members states should adopt laws implementing the directive no later than 19 January 2011. The directive mentions that it has EEA relevance, meaning that its provisions in the end will also apply to Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein. 16 years (15 years in Finland,Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, 14 years in Estonia, Latvia, France, Italy, Portugal and Hungary). Recently, Portugal passed a law in which B and BE driving licencees can drive motorcycles not exceeding 125cc within Portugal.
Without prejudice to the provisions of type-approval rules for the vehicles concerned, combination of vehicles consisting of a tractor vehicle in category B and a trailer or semi-trailer where the maximum authorised mass of the trailer or semi-trailer does not exceed 3500 kg.
Combinations of vehicles where the tractor vehicle is in category C and its trailer or semi-trailer has a maximum authorised mass of over 750 kg.
Other combinations of vehicles and trailers which with combined maximum authorised mass of more than 750 kg.
Combinations of vehicles where the tractor vehicle is in category D and its trailer has a maximum authorised mass of over 750 kg. Combinations of vehicles where the tractor vehicle is in category D1 and its trailer has a maximum authorised mass of over 750 kg. Furthermore there are more national categories for tractors, large motorcycles, motorised wheel boats, motor tricycles (modern voiturettes, Category B1 or S) and military categories such as for driving tanks. Since the 2000s, Switzerland uses the EU system of vehicle categories, issues EU-style credit-card licences and has generally adopted much of the harmonised EU legislation with regard to drivers' licences. For motorcycles and heavier vehicles, the regulations are different, and some agrarian vehicles can be driven without a licence.
In addition to the standard EU items, the bearer's national identification number is included as item 4d). There are three additional vehicle categories: M for mopeds, S for snowmobiles and T for tractors. Driving licence in the Republic of Ireland — A driving licence issued by the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport through a Principal Local Authority is required to drive most forms of motorized vehicles in public in the state. Driving licence in Australia — A Provisional Driver Licence from the Australian Capital Territory. Driving licence in Canada — In Canada, driver s licences are issued by the government of the province and territory in which the driver is residing.
Driving licence in New Zealand — The New Zealand driver s licence system is a graduated system, which has been in place (with modifications, such as the L plate requirement) since 1987. Driving licence in Hong Kong — Hong Kong Driving Licence issued by the Hong Kong Transport Department.
Driving licence in Finland — In Finland, the car driver s training can be obtained either in a private driving school or given by a near relative who has a [driver s license]. Driving licence in Sweden — Swedish driving licences (Swedish: Korkort) adhere to a standard set in the European Economic Area.
Driving licence in the United Kingdom — The front and reverse sides of a full UK driving licence. The paper counterpart of a UK driving licence is no longer issued by the DVLA as all information is kept digital.

4b displays the date the photocard must be renewed and 4c displays the authority that issued the licence (DVLA). If surname is less than five characters in length, the remaining spaces will comprise of the digit 9. If you have passed a practical driving test and handed over your provisional driving licence to the examiner, the test pass certificate the driving examiner issues you with entitles you to legally drive until your full driving licence arrives. Section 4 on the front of our photocard licence provides the date your licence was issued (4a) and the date it expires (4b). If you intend on driving outside of the EU or EEA areas, you may need an International Driving Permit.
It also established the practice of exchange of licences by holders moving from one Member State to another. The directive required Member States to adopt laws implementing the directive before 1 July 1994, which laws would take effect on 1 July 1996.
It furthermore establishes an obligatory test of knowledge (theory) and a test of skills and behaviour (practical) which has to be successfully passed before an individual is offered a driving licence.
After expiration, a medical check-up is necessary in order to renew the licence for another five years.
B licence holders in Latvia, Spain (Once you have a three years experience with B) and Italy are able to drive motorcycles not exceeding 125cc within the respective countries. Germany and Austria introduced this model a few years ago to decrease the accident rate among young drivers. They must first attend first aid courses and pass have their view checked by an eye-doctor. As of 2011, a 45-minute driving lesson costs around 90 CHF, while the various fees and theoretical instruction costs associated with getting a car driver's licence can amount to up to CHF 600, without counting the costs for the two days of further training. A driver s licence (or driver licence) is required in Australia before a person is permitted to drive a motor vehicle of any description on a road in Australia.
In the United Kingdom, the driving licence is the official document which authorises its holder to operate various types of motor vehicle on public roads.
Providing the address details held with the DVLA are current, they will send you an application form around two months before your licence expires. They were introduced to replace the 110 different plastic and paper driving licences of the 300 million drivers in the EU. It also requires an applicant to meet the minimum standards of physical and mental fitness to drive. The several member states will have the option to include a microchip containing information about the card holder on the card. The directive specifies the minimum ages for driving different types of vehicles, and establishes progressive access in categories A, C, and D, from light vehicles to larger or more powerful vehicles. This will prove extremely useful because police can access the driving licence in their own language. This allows them to drive a car only if accompanied by an adult 23 or older who has had his licence for at least 3 years. This would solve the problem with the three kinds of alphabet (Latin, Greek and Cyrillic) used in the EU. Before passing the practical exam, the candidate must attend 10 hours of theoretical lessons on "sensibilisation to road traffic". In addition, the fields of the driving licence are uniformly numbered, thus allowing the police to decipher the meaning of the fields without electronic access.
Practical driving lessons are not legally required, but are considered a de facto prerequisite for passing the practical exam with a government expert.
To obtain the full, unlimited, driver's licence after these 3 years, the candidate must not commit a serious traffic infraction and attend 2 days of further driving training.

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