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If Owner is using Family Share email on screen will not match the info, in this case Info is Correct. To order Serial check write IMEI 0000000000000000000 and write Serial number and UDID in NOTES field. September 2, 2014 by Nick DePetrillo 4 Comments In light of the recent compromises, you’re probably wondering what could have been done to prevent such attacks. Username and password authentication uses a single factor to verify identity: something the user knows. Most services provide 2FA tokens through multiple means (SMS, mobile application or separate hardware token), however setting up 2FA on these services can sometimes be tricky. While Apple has implemented 2FA for some services it has not been rolled out completely, most notably iCloud.
For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be setting up SMS only, as that will be the most compatible and cover 2FA setup process for all phones, not just iPhones. Write it down and keep it safe, DropBox does not ask you to re-enter this code so make sure you keep a copy of it somewhere. Unfortunately, on today’s Internet you are responsible for your own security, even if you use web services from respectable Internet companies. Testing this with Elcomsoft’s iCloud forensics tool shows that 2FA is preventing the tool from logging in successfully even with a valid password. Elcomsoft may update the tool to support 2FA tokens, however it would still require an attacker to obtain access to the device or method in which you receive your 2FA tokens and utilize them before they expire. Founded in 2012, Trail of Bits enables enterprises to make better strategic defense decisions with its world-class experience in security research, red teaming and incident response. We believe that agile intrusion response and intelligence-driven defenses guided by in-depth understanding of real world attackers' tools, techniques, and procedures are the best strategies for the security-conscious enterprise. An APPLE ID is actually the User Name & Password associated with a free 5GB Cloud Storage Apple Account. An APPLE ID (User Name & Password) can be used on up to five apple devices at the same time.
With your first and last names filled in, and middle name if you prefer, the next step is to enter your E-Mail Address inside the APPLE ID edit box. After entering a valid e-mail address, denoted by the green lights on the APPLE ID Must list (above), that e-mail address will then act as your APPLE ID User Name (Apple Account User Name).
As you can see from the Password Must list, below, your desired password must have at least eight characters with one of them being a capital (uppercase) letter and one being a number.
When you have typed in your desired password you must retype it inside the CONFIRM PASSWORD edit box. With the APPLE ID (User Name & Password) edit boxes filled in, the next step is to create a set of three security questions for the Apple Account. Regardless of which security questions you use, and regardless if you can relate to them or not, I would always advise you to put in false answers; for security reasons.
The last part of the registration form needs to know it is a human that has filled in the above information and not a robot (i.e. After clicking on the CREATE APPLE ID button you will be asked to verify your e-mail address (Fig 1.9 below). If you haven’t setup iMessage as part of iOS yet, you need to take a few minutes to do so. You can edit these if you wish, or if you’re on an iPad or iPod touch you may need to enter an Apple ID manually. I couldn’t figure out how to make messages from other iOS 5 users pop up automatically on my iPad. I can’t figure outwhy I am not ableto see the Imessage ICONS like thesmiley faces and sad faces when I am sending an iMessage with my iPhone 4? My girl and I are using it and I think the imessage text come through blue instead of green. I think you are right but I have no way of telling because all my friends are on iOS 5 LOL! If you travel (like overseas) and are connected to wireless, you will not pay for messages. A question here, for me to be able to receive messages to both my iPhone and iPad, is this the correct setting? Hey guys, my mom is having a problem with the new settings after downloading the new iOS5 update for her iPhone 3gs.
I’m also having this problem plus when i text other phones that are iphones they open the message and it looks like im trying to send them an attachment.

This fixed my problem of my email address showing up instead of my phone number and i can still send imessages to other iphones. Messaging will not let you browse for or type an e-mail alias, so find the alias in Contacts or wherever and use the press-hold Copy methods to get the address to Paste into the recipient list of Messages. So i have an ipod touch but i dont know how to send messages to my sister who also has an ipod touch. I have a iphone 4s (up to date software) and i am trying to get the imessage to work on my kid’s new ipod (also up to date).
Today on Christmas I got and iPod touch fourth generation , I just got done interning my contacts and I go to try to text some one but it keeps telling me they don’t have iMessage . I done what the directions said and switched it on so I can iMessage but when I type the message.
That leads to my next question: if I set them both to an email address (including my phone) then will iMessages from my iPhone default to data only and not SMS? Hello guys, i have an iphone 4 and my girlfriend an ipod touch 4, why she receives my messages normaly but she can?t send to me? Checked it was turned on and I noticed it had you can be reached for iMessage at my email address my pho number is there but it is highlighted grey and won’t let me select it as an Option. Go into messages and where it says revive at click on it and sign out of ur apple Id and it will send ur iMessage through ur phone number and not ur email address. In order to begin to use this unique opportunity you only need to change Apple ID account settings.For registration of a new account you will not have to specify a credit card or use the detours. Two-Factor authentication adds an extra layer of security on top of a username and password. This multi-factor authentication means an attacker will be required to compromise a user above and beyond password guessing or stealing a credentials database. Attackers may have access to lists of passwords and usernames from other websites that have been compromised. Mobile Push means the 2FA code will be delivered to your phone using Apple’s Push messaging system. Apple will ask you to read a few notices before you begin Step 1 of the enrollment process.
For the purposes of this guide we’ll step through setting up 2FA using SMS only to be compatible with the most configurations of mobile phones. Login to your DropBox account and click your name in the top righthand corner of the screen. Two-factor authentication significantly increases the security of your accounts by making stolen passwords harder to abuse. Enabling two-factor authentication is not without extra responsibility. It now asks you to verify yourself via the 2FA method you signed up for using the above instructions. The operating system section (e-mail, reminders, calendar, internet, etc) and purchase stores (apple store and app store). In this section I will keep things simple and assume you just want to set up one free 5GB Cloud Storage Apple Account and therefore have one APPLE ID for both operating system use and iTunes Store use. The first segment of the CREATE AN APPLE ID web page (registration form) asks for your First Name, an optional Middle Name and your Last Name, which will be used for correspondence purposes (i.e. Be careful which e-mail address you supply here because it will be used as your APPLE ID User Name. When asked for your APPLE ID (User Name & Password), when installing an app for example, the User Name part is normally filled in for you automatically whereby all you need to supply is its Password. This is so that the password and retyped password can be compared, in order to establish if you have made a typing error.
These may be used if you have forgotten your APPLE ID (Apple Account) Password for example. Meaning, if you choose a security question like - What was the name of your first pet - put something like Rose Petal Garden. With regards to the E-Mail Preferences, I wouldn't worry too much about spam (junk e-mail) as I find Apple don't really bombard you with e-mail. Do so by tapping into the appropriate places, your Apple ID is the same account you use to login to iTunes and the App Store. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
When she connects to WiFi (which she needs to have on in her home due to poor signal with 3g) her iPhone sends her messages through her email address. Everything is set up per the article and I know for a fact I am sending to other iOS5 users, but it sends green SMS no matter what I do and doesn’t give any options at all.
That’s been the primary point of failure in my experience, some people have it disabled or not configured.

If 8 want to receive messages to both devices so I can continue a conversation I’d have to set caller ID for both to the email address, correct?
Ascertain is there are some rare areas where the phone part may work but data (not wifi) may not be available.
If I have iMessage enabled and I want to send a normal message to another iOS 5 user, how do I do it? I setup iMessage and when I go to try to send a message, it won’t let me push the send button! An attacker would have to gain access to the source of the extra, unique and usually temporary information that makes up the 2FA. This will be used to send you a Two-Factor Authentication token as an SMS to verify the phone number you entered is yours and in your physical possession. This is a secret code that will allow you to recover your account in the event something goes wrong with your Two-Factor Authentication procedure.
This ensures that you have copied it down and it is now your responsibility to store it securely. This is an optional step, if you choose to provide a backup number you will be required to repeat the process above for enrolling another mobile phone number.
In other words, each apple device would be looking at the same information that is stored inside the same Apple Account (inside the same Cloud storage folder) associated with the same APPLE ID (User Name & Password). With this in mind you could set up one APPLE ID that is used to access the iTunes Store only (to purchase online music and apps for example) and then set up a separate APPLE ID for each apple device's operating system features thereby giving you 5GB of storage for each Apple Account. You may have thought you typed JIMMY_2014 as your password for example inside the PASSWORD edit box when in fact you typed JIMNY_2014, because your finger caught the wrong key. The questions themselves vary and are selectable by clicking on their relevant SECURITY QUESTION drop-down menu button. Below I have purposely blurred out my address as this is a live demonstration at the time of writing. However, if you are not happy with the e-mail preferences per se simply untick both of those settings.
This means, as a human, you need to type in those "funny characters" into the HUMAN VERIFICATION edit box in order to proceed.
Of course the other benefit is that even if you do have an SMS plan, sending iMessages can circumvent the SMS protocol, allowing you to send texts for free to other iPhones. In this case SMS normally works but if my caller ID is the email address, will that prevent the sending of iMessages?
This is typically a temporary passcode generated by a piece of hardware such as an RSA token, a passcode sent as an SMS to the user’s cell phone, or a mobile application that accomplishes the same function.
With 2FA enabled, they’ll be missing that last piece of the puzzle for account authentication. There should be no enrollment process for iCloud separate from the rest of the Apple 2FA enrollment process below.
The iCloud services behind the scenes are what actually carry out all the synchronising (moving of information) between apple devices that are logged into the same Apple Account. So continue by clicking inside the PASSWORD edit box and then type in your desired password.
As you type in your desired password the lights on the Password Must list will turn green for each criteria you meet, just as they do when you choose your unique APPLE ID (above). So when you type JIMMY_2014 into the CONFIRM PASSWORD edit box, thinking JIMMY_2014 to be correct when really it should now be JIMNY_2014 because of your mistake, the registration process is able to identify the mistake and inform you of it. Once you have done that you will be asked to login into your newly created Apple Account (not shown here) using the e-mail address (APPLE ID User Name) and password (APPLE ID Password) given in the above registration form. It’s a free way of adding an extra layer of security on top of these services which handle potentially sensitive information. If the registration process only needed one password, and you thought you typed JIMMY_2014 as your password but mistakenly typed JIMNY_2014, typing JIMMY_2014 instead of JIMNY_2014 would mean you could not login with your APPLE ID (Apple Account) next time because you would not know the mistakenly typed password JIMNY_2014 is now the correct password. If someone close to you knows the name of your first pet they might guess your answer whereas it's very unlikely they would guess the answer to a pet question would be garden or flower related. In other words, use an e-mail address that is both permanent in your life and has no chance of becoming redundant within the next five years or so. Even if they know you are security conscious enough to put cat instead of dog or flower instead of dog I don't think they would think of a three worded answer like Rose Petal Garden. When it doesn’t let me send it, I touch the persons contact name on the message and it turns red and tells me the number is not registered with iMessage!!

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