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Dear Savvy Senior: I've heard that there are strategies available that can help married couples increase their Social Security benefits when they retire.
Dear Getting: If you're willing to wait to full retirement age and beyond, married couples have several unique claiming options that could actually add tens of thousands of dollars to your Social Security checks over your retirement.
Before we go over the different benefit boosting options for married couples, it's important to know that the most commonly used strategy for increasing retirement benefits is to delay taking them. While workers can start collecting their Social Security retirement benefits as early as age 62, postponing them to full retirement age (which is 66 if you were born between 1943 and 1954), or better yet to age 70, can make a big difference. In addition to waiting, Social Security also offers two other little known strategies for married couples, but you must be at least full retirement age (currently 66) to use them. The first one is called "claim and suspend," which allows a worker at full retirement age to file for Social Security so their spouse can begin collecting a spousal benefit, but asks to receive their own benefit later.
This is best suited for one-earner couples where one spouse worked full-time and the other spouse did not work outside the home or did not work long enough to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits. Here's an example of how it works: Let's say that you are age 66, but want to keep working until 70 to collect a higher benefit. This strategy can also be used if you have children under 18, or 19 if they are still attending high school, or are disabled. For two-career couples, the second strategy, known as "claim twice," lets you collect Social Security (at full retirement age) first as a spouse and later using your own work record.
Here's how it works: Let's say that you are 66 and would like to continue working until age 70.
Recover Lost or Hacked Facebook Password – Facebook has started new and very useful service which lets you recover your Lost or Hacked Password. Trusted Contact Feature on Facebook is like your trusted neighbor, where you can leave your house keys.
After you click the Edit button, Trusted Contact Option gets open and there you can see a Hyperlink ‘Choose Trusted Contacts’. From newly opened Pop up windows select the ‘Choose Trusted Contacts’ button, so that when you have lost your password, these selected friends can give you the security codes that allows you to get access to your Account.
Enter the names of your Trusted Friends to make them as Trusted Contacts and click on the confirm button. Now to recover the password you have to ask all your Trusted Contact Friends to visit Facebook Recover Page where your friends will be asked to verify that it is really you asking the password.

That’s all and now you are set to use the Trusted Contact Feature on Facebook to get access to your Facebook Account in case when you have lost your Password or your accounts gets hacked.
Please Share this Post to Every Friend of your Facebook so that they also use this wonderful feature of Facebook.
Very nice post nowadays too many facebook accounts are being hacked and everyone should know the way to recover it. So we went ahead and ordered the Playmobil Security Check Point, because c’mon, who wants to ruin a perfectly good vacation getting arrested at the airport or trying to score some bud when all you have to do is buy this ridiculously expensive toy and work out all your various marijuana smuggling methods until you’ve realized a fool-proof plan.
This perennial airport security checkpoint is nearly perfect in its realism, although it could use 4 or 5 additional security screeners standing around not doing shit to make it 100% authentic…about 3 or 4-HUNDRED more weary, beaten-down passengers who’ve given up their Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety.
Unfortunately, our testing didn’t go well since the included worthless li’l plastic dude had no pockets, no hat and no place to stash weed.
Breezing through security that easily could only mean one thing…this li’l Playmobil motherfucker must be a narc! Let's also say your wife is a nonworking spouse who just turned 62 and would like to start receiving spousal benefits on your work record. This is the latest features introduced by Facebook to give better security and more than security efficient management of your account.
Once they have it, they can pass the code along to you, which you’ll then need to enter to regain access to your account.
Al-Qaeda must be utilizing this enlightening toy to train their next generation of terrorist on how to bypass security with contraband.
But, we can’t complain too much since the conveyor belt, x-ray machine and lazy, fat-ass security dude starring at a broken screen did not work at all. So we decided to wedge a freshly-smoked roach underneath his cute little blue scarf and put him back in line. We decided to teach this narc a lesson and snagged his little brown suitcase when he wasn’t looking. And, if any child is younger than 16, your spouse can also qualify for additional benefits as a caregiver, even if she's under age 62. You could file a "restricted" application with Social Security and collect a spousal benefit which is half of what your wife gets. Facebook is the largest Social Networking Site which is used by millions of users everyday.

With Trusted Contact you get the facility of selecting up to five friends that you trust the more. Again, you’ll need all of your Trusted Contacts to go through this procedure before you can get access to your account.
At Technokarak, he writes articles on Wordpress, SEO, Mobiles, Tablets and other technical stuff. Awesome, since this faithfully represents actual TSA employees and systems  which fail to catch anything from bombs to liquid explosives to box cutters to volatile directors like Kevin Smith. We thought we’d fill his li’l carry-on with as much weed as we could shove in it, probably about a gram, maybe two…stand back and watch the expletives fly! Then all of a sudden li’l miss Playmobil Security Nazi motions for security and we scram.
So you file for your Social Security benefits but request an immediate suspension which allows your wife to claim spousal benefits, without locking you into a lower payment for life. Then, once you reach 70, you stop receiving the spousal benefit and switch to your own benefit, which will be 32 percent higher than the benefit you would have collected at your full retirement age.
If you ever lost password or your Facebook Account gets hacked then this is the best method to recover from such situation. Then when you do decide to start collecting, at age 70, you end the suspension and receive a higher benefit for delaying.
Most of the Social Networking sites are now using Two- Way authentication which is useful in protecting the password from hacking.
Working on this Trusted Contact goes like, when you finish with the setup of trusted friends each friend is notified and provided with some access code. Body cavity search?” and something about  STUFF STOENRS LIKE being on the “No Fly List”. But in the case of Lost of Hacked Password, Trusted Contact Feature of Facebook play very important role.
Now if you ever lost your Facebook Password or your Facebook Account get hacked you just have to call your trusted friends and ask them to mail or message you the access code.

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