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The "+" indicates that the telephone is an international number, and you need to find out what the international dialling code is for your country. Throughout the cyber-world myths abound regarding the ability to “ping” a cell phone and determine its real-time geographic location.
Sadly, some investigative companies claim to be able to perform real-time “ping” geo-location tracking of almost any cell phone.
Scenario 2: Federal Law Enforcement can perform real-time geo-location tracking, under minimal judicial supervision, using carrier portals available only to Federal Law Enforcement. Loopt provides cell phone based GPS social network sharing that enables subscribers to visualize each other’s location and share information. Private investigators often use social engineering or “pretext” techniques to fool a cell phone user into providing an address or divulging a current location.
Some private investigators engage in cell phone location “pings” charging for the search even when no location result is returned. This type of cell phone “ping for location” service is, at best, unethical and will not produce any useful results but will cost an unwitting consumer. Scenario 1: Unlawful tracking of cell phone geo-location can occur if spyware has been installed in a cell phone, usually without the users consent.
Scenario 2: Although several software vendors and investigators claim to be able to remotely access a cell phone via the Bluetooth communications port this technique more often ends in failure. If the cell phone is in another country then access to location based services varies depending on local law and who is performing the query. Snopes has worked numerous times to debunk the privacy hoax that just continues to come back over and again.
It is highly recommended that you read through the full Terms & Conditions that Facebook has posted on their website.
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If you’re looking for local news, we invite you to read what we’re writing in your community. While those new devices bring numerous benefits, they also lead to a dangerous by-product – electronic waste.
This concern isn’t unfounded, but there is some misinformation out there about electronic recycling and it’s security for sensitive data. Statistics on identity theft from disposed electronics are hard to track down, in large part because so many identity thieves operate undetected.
Electronic waste in these countries serves as a black market economy, with devices picked apart for scrap metal and other useful parts.

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For example, the inneration…al dialling code for most European countries is "00", while in the US, it's "011". Virtually all cell phone carriers worldwide have implemented location based services (LBS) to the carrier’s subscriber base.
Uninformed buyers are often told that the cell phone is “being pinged” but has not answered and expenditures for these scams, ranging up to hundreds of dollars, are seldom refunded. Documentation or evidence of the geo-location event is available under the Freedom of Information Act. For example, Sprints Law Enforcement Portal performed over 8 million real-timelocates in 2008. These techniques involve sending false SMS text messages or voice calls to the cell phone declaring the cell phone user a major prize winner or the recipient of lost funds or an inheritance.
As a side note, most cell phone spyware infections occur when the user surrenders physical possession of the cell phone for a few minutes but can also occur if an email or other communications message infected with the spyware installer is accessed by the subscriber.
Many newer cell phone models have security activated on Bluetooth ports thereby preventing immediate access to data via Bluetooth. For example, the Honduran Anti-Kidnapping Task Force or Grupo Especial Anti-Secuestro (GEAS), a covert national police force, used a communications expert to learn about real-time location tracking to locate kidnappers demanding ransom has wide latitude in performing. Minor is a practicing communications expert, cell phone signals analyst, digital Investigator and forensic examiner.
We cover stories that are important to our readers and we help our advertisers connect with highly targeted local audiences. Whether it’s a business expanding their network, a family buying the newest flat-screen television, or an individual upgrading their cell phone, Americans buy tons of electronic devices every year. According to a United Nations report, American threw out nine million pounds of electronics in 2012. Electronic devices contain metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and copper that can seep into the air, water, and soil, leading to dangerous pollution and health risks for nearby residents. However, we do know that many disposal companies ship their electronic waste overseas to Third World Countries. Hard drives are some of the most valuable parts for resale because of the data on the drives.
Recycling with an R2 certified recycling company ensures that your sensitive data is protected. Therefore to dial a +44 number, from the US, you would dial 011-44 etc and from EU you would dial 00-44 etc.

The reported location varies from a few feet to several square miles depending on which cell phone carrier is involved, the number of cell sites in the general vicinity of the cell phone and, finally, the geo-location calculation technique successfully employed during the location calculation. John has leveraged major successes for litigation teams by locating digital evidence under unusual scenarios. The hard drives are often sold in black markets to identity thieves, who then use any sensitive information to launch a financial attack. The R2 certification signifies an EPA endorsement and means that the company adheres to a rigorous set of rules and guidelines when it comes to data security. If you are calling a UK (+44) from within the UK, you drop the +44 and dial a 0 instead, as you don't need to access the internationl telephone network. 1) In the USA and some other countries LBS is used for emergency services to locate the cell phone thereby locating the subscriber during an emergency and 2) LBS provides geo-location mapping services for subscribers needing directions to a location such as a shopping destination or where a friend is located. A relatively unsophisticated perpetrator can figure out where a target lives, works, socializes and much more using simple trending analysis techniques. John’s casework takes his expertise to the corners of the globe in a variety of investigations ranging from terrorism threats to corporate financial fraud and to more common civil and criminal venues including homicides. However, many businesses and individuals are reluctant to recycle old devices because they’re afraid the device’s hard drive could be compromised. Guiyu, a city in China, was profiled in a recent issue of Fast Company and was described as the center of the electronic waste universe. In fact, the only way to know with certainty that your sensitive data has been protected is to recycle your old devices with an R2-certified recycler.
As mobile phones have login built into them, they can work this all out for themselves, while most landlines have no logic, and will dial out exactly what you tell it to.
Geo-locating a cell phone can occur only under specific circumstances because the LBS portals do not readily give up location information publicly due to privacy concerns. Eastern standard time, I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or posts, both past and future. The violation of privacy can be punished by law (UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute). If you do not publish a statement at least once it will be tactically allowing the use of your photos, as well as the information contained in the profile status updates.

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