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Big changes include an improved version of Siri, an iPad split-screen mode, and new Maps features. One of the biggest things developers seem to be excited about is the idea that app bundles are getting a lot smaller, which is known as app thinning.
Apple is making a lot of improvements that make iOS even easier to use, and one way it’s doing that is by making settings searchable. Apple is adding two more of its own apps to the iPhone by default: Find My Friends and Find My iPhone.
Apple is changing the system font in iOS to San Francisco, which initially debuted on the Apple Watch. Apple’s Mail app currently only allows you to attach five photos to an email at a time.
Apple said that the low power mode in iOS 9 can add an hour of extra battery life to your iPhone.
Apple is making it easier to control the cursor in iOS 9 by letting you move it by placing two fingers anywhere on the screen.
It was extremely hard to get your hands on the iPhone 6 Plus when it initially launched last September. Now, a report suggests the iPhone 6S Plus may be just as difficult to find due to some issues within Apple's supply chain.

In a new note to clients, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes that one of Apple's suppliers, Minebea, is having trouble producing the backlight module for the iPhone 6S Plus' screen, reports Apple Insider.
Because of this, Apple is reportedly rushing to place orders with a competing supplier, Radiant. This snag could mean that the larger 5.5-inch version of Apple's newest iPhone will be available in limited quantities at launch.
The shipping date for iPhone 6S Plus has already been pushed back by between three and four weeks past the Sept.
Kuo believes that Radiant may be better suited to create these components since the supplier has made backlight modules for the 7.9-inch iPad mini in the past.
The KGI Securities analyst is known for being accurate when it comes to making predictions about Apple's upcoming products.
The note comes just as Apple announced on Monday that preorders for its new phone were "very strong." The company says sales are on pace to beat last year's opening weekend sales of 10 million.
Both phones come with Apple’s new 3D Touch technology, a better 12-megapixel camera, a more durable design, and various other improvements. Obviously there are a lot more business phones out there, besides these five, but if you’re looking for one both big, and small, I would consider these five, before you look at any of the rest on the market today.
This means that you’ll be able to download apps quickly while using less data to do so.

These were previously available as optional downloads, but now they’ll automatically appear on your iPhone with iOS 9. Because it first appeared on the Apple Watch, it’s clearly tailored to look clear and sharp on smaller displays. 12, and Apple previously said that it’s on track to break its opening weekend sales record of 10 million units this year. When you tap it again to return to lowercase, all of the letters will change to lowercase as well.
Instead of downloading a really big app all at once, iOS 9 will download a condensed version quickly at first and then continue to install the rest of the app in the background.
Kuo thinks availability could suffer further once the phone is officially released, according to Apple Insider.

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