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If you use a non MS operating system like Linux or Unix, or wanna upload multiple files at faster rates FTP would be very good idea. Migration – an existing setup using FTP could be straightforwardly pointed to the new server. Unification – consider being able to readily access multiple cloud storage providers from one FTP application. Anyway, I too would love to see ftp but its way to insecure and does not make much business sense for Cloud storage providers.
FTP might be a bit out-of-date but SFTP (the secured child) is more likely to be used by businesses. Couldn’t they just buy that other company, keep the name and dissolve the corporations and sell off the assets like any other good corporate giant would do?
They do have a lot to do with computing, Sky is one of the biggest broadband providers in the UK alongside its broadcasting. If I am English I wouldn’t be too happy to have a media group as large as the BBC being owned by the State and controlled by persons of a particular party as the labor. At this rate we’ll end up with one company on the entire planet that does everything. Except this time, Microsoft will by Canonical, and then all of us Ubuntu people will be sad.
Drop Box does not have a good security posture with releasing updates to their web pages that allow anybody to log into anybody’s drop box account without a password for many hours. Yes, Unlimited storage for the consumer would be great and I would be willing to pay for it. Im using my SkyDrive a lot and want to have more storage and better access options like ftp, lftp or sftp ..
Moving or copying files directly to another Sky… I mean OneDrive account, without having to download and reupload them, would also be useful. Yes, uploading email attachments without having to download them would be useful; (and is a feature already available with gmail).

I believe Microsoft would have never changed the name if it wasn’t for the fact they where ordered to stop using the name SkyDrive by a UK court. If you don’t want to keep changes, you can use Previous Versions to restore an earlier version of the workbook.
Will OneDrive be any better and accept the fact that there are programmers out there who are able to make custom functions? Anne Morris travels to India to find out how Orange Business Services helps the Belgium Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs stay connected worldwide.
Consider the day-to-day communication requirements of your average foreign embassy - even those representing a country as small as Belgium.
Belgium has some sort of governmental presence in 136 countries globally and employs a total of 3,500 staff - 1,500 of which are based in Belgium - in the field of foreign affairs. Orange Business Service won the competitive tender and was contracted for a total of seven years to provide network services for 100 countries. Orange initially won the bid for a number of reasons apart from price, which, however, is critical for an ICT department with a budget of just €20 million a year.
Leenaards said that Orange was both flexible and creative in finding solutions to any problems that arose. Advertise your business, by displaying a 'Find us on Facebook' sticker on your Vechicle, it can also be used on any other flat surface such as walls, windows. We know that increasingly you will have many devices in your life, but you really want only one place for your most important stuff.
We believe the new OneDrive name conveys the value we can deliver for you and best represents our vision for the future. The service will continue to operate as you expect and all of your content will be available on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business respectively as the new name is rolled out across the portfolio.
Do you even know what Win8.1 does or can do, or you’re just talking out of your AS*????
Skydrive is great I am ok if they don’t give anything new (for free) but maintain the existing ones.

It was the Sky broadcaster, which has nothing to do with cloud or even computing, but still won the trial.
I’m no fan of Murdoch, but it seems completely reasonable that consumers would be confused by the SkyDrive name. Here in China the stupid Gov and the Communi blah blah Party stand in almost every way to keep its own people from the outside world. The daily needs of nationals living abroad plus the requirements of foreigners wishing to enter the country make it clear that a secure, continuous flow of information is of paramount importance. It gradually became apparent about three years ago that its wide area network was no longer able to cope with the every-day demands of embassies abroad. These comprise fully redundant WAN and LAN services, ranging from firewalls, routers, WAN optimization and encryption devices. Cookies are tiny files stored in your web browser to make your on line experience better, establish statistics of visits and sharing on social networks. Otherwise, we might just as well keep using other cloud services for the photos and videos and onedrive for the Microsoft Office docs.
Its funded by part of the TV License required by law to watch TV in the UK (other parts of the license go to other broadcasters too). The contract included the requirement to complete the roll out within around six months after signing: Leenaards said the roll out started in December 2009 and was completed by July 2010. Theres an independent board of trustees who are meant to make sure the BBC doesnt step too much on commercial channels’ toes given that the BBC doesnt have to bother competing for ad revenue (BBC has no ads). However, i do agree they should offer a little more than 7GB for free(its ok, but not great).
I am so sick and tired of ppl like you bashing something you don’t know NOTHING about.

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