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A pair of tangents to the conic $ax^2 +by^2 = 1$ intercepts a constant distance 2k on the y axis. Suppose we have some segment $AB$ of constant length that slides in such a way that its endpoints are moving along orthogonal lines. So I have to identify the conic which represents the centre of the circle which touches another circle externally, and also touches the x axis. I don't know if it should matter but the sum of the intercepts the lines make with x and y axis is constant I think.

How does one go about proving the equation of the curve that is formed by tracing the intersection of the lines with each other?
Locus of points such that sum of it's distances of them from four fixed points remains constant?
Is there any point in unit testing a client service that simply passes through data from the server? Is it possible to combine two separate transactions into one transaction by only using their signatures?

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