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India is now hub of Automobiles with been as 5th largest passenger car market in the world.
In Most of the States and UT - RTO Offices has decentralized the Punching of Records at Car Dealer Level. For Instance - if vehicle registration number is DL6CA0001 then send sms as :- VAHAN DL6CA001 and sms to 7738299899.
Important - do not have any gap in vehicle registration number while sending SMS and leave a blank space after typing VAHAN. You may also try and seek assistance from agent to extract FOP basis car registration number. Earlier the Site Vahan used to show in Vehicle Owner Name and Address - where it was possible to find All India Data.
Still - some states do provide in facility of checking registration details by tracing Owner Name and Address Online by Punching in the Registration Number.
Haryana (Gurgaon, Faridabad) - Now Data is restricted to be viewed only by Transport Official - and not accessible by consumer. On the page that appears, enter your email address (the one you used when you ordered the software) and click the Request button.

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I have had the experience of registering my Roots Magic software with an e-mail address associated with my ISP and then changed my ISP between that time and the time I have lost my registration key. Many drivers face a fine of ?1,000 if they fail to update their photo-card driving licences, according to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.It started issuing photo-card licences 15 years ago and more than 30 million drivers now have one. Even failing to notify the DVLA that you have changed address could be costly.Checking your licencePhoto-card driving licences are set to become mandatory in 2015, when new paper licences are officially phased out. Victoria Ford from the DVLA believes the reasons for updating the photograph on your licence are clear.
The government considers cuts to British Steel pension benefits in bid to save Tata Steel's UK operations. Dealers have access to RTO Login ID and Password - in which they can issue a number basis Series running and can punch in the details online of Owner for RTO Records. It has details like - Engine Number, Chassis Number, Owner Name, Address, Loan Hypothecation - Printed on a Piece of Paper.
Is not an expensive thing - can be done basis negotiation power - estimated to be Rs 200 - 250.

But it seems the access rights now restricted to Banks, Insurance Companies and other Government Bodies. The DVLA says that it sends letters to drivers whose licences are about to expire, but it is concerned that not everyone will check.But it is not just failure to keep your licence up to date that can land drivers in hot water. Customer is not even required to visit even once to RTO Office for registering his vehicle. Paul Watters from the AA thinks there are a number of other issues that drivers are not even aware of, but which could cost them dear."There are quite a few things that drivers can be innocently get caught up in. For example, they may have insured their car, but their details may not appear on the Motor Insurance Database," he says. Normally the cost of renewing a licence is ?20 but if you are merely updating your address, your new licence will be free.Lack of knowledgeResearch from LV Car Insurance shows that nearly a fifth of drivers they interviewed had no idea when their licence would run out, even though the expiry date is clearly shown on the front of the licence. The continuous insurance enforcement penalty is ?100 and a failure to register a vehicle can be a ?1,000 fine in the courts.

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