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You can place your items into our online shopping basket, and then select your country the website will show you the estimates the delivery charges for your order.
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This system will only give you prices for Original Porsche parts only not any aftermarket alternatives that we sell. Our price list is updated every few weeks, if you order a product and the price has changed our sales office will contact you. Enter your part number in the search box which is at the top left of the homepage system will search for Original Porsche parts not aftermarket alternatives that we sell.
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For those of you who, like me, have a week's holiday coming up, I've got a nice little problem to keep you from getting too bored! The Trigger signals for my 21 Capacitor Bank Modules can be delayed by 0 to 2000 mS, these times are either entered by the operator or are pulled up from a recipe DB (the same DB where the operator input lands). Up till now I did this by multiplying the value as I was transferring it over to the FM, however, this bit me when I had delays of zero. So I had to change things and modify the operator inputs to cater for the 10µS period before passing the data over to the FM.
As you can see in AKKU2 we've picked up Module 18 (12 hex) which is the first selected module. Once again we've got our peculiarity, that AR1 is still showing the offset as 2.2, however, in AKKU2 we've got 440 hex = 1088 decimal = Offset 136 when divided by 8, which is the correct address. PS, I forgot to mention the destination DINTs were initially set to zero, and at this point, all the other locations still were 0, so the correct address has been written to, even if the contents are rubbish.
Porsche assume that all customers are having their products fitted at an official Porsche centre. Now, most countries (except for the United States) have implemented VAT, with rates from 5 percent to 25 percent. Since the Timers in the FM352-5, where this delay is timed count in 10µS increments, the mS value needs to be multiplied by 100 before being used to preset the Timer. Because the Timers don't actually run if the preset period is zero, I needed to modify the 0 delay to a 10µS delay (preset = 1), however, when this got passed over to the FM, it also got multiplied by 100 giving a delay of 1 mS instead.
The Breakpoint is set immediately after having picked up the delay time (in mS) in this case for Module 18 as an INT in DBW 52 and sure enough, in AKKU2 we've got 1A0 = 416 decimal which divided by 8 (to correct to Pointer Byte.Bit format)= an Offset of 52. I'm taking the 314 back home with me, so if anybody comes up with some suggestions, I'll be able to try them out!

When I see a wild number that I don't expect in the accumulator, the first thing I do is convert it to hex and see if that makes sense. This FC was originally just passing the mS time on to the communications Block for the FMs, so Input and Output were both INTs. If you are ordering parts via this method it is your responsibility to make sure that you enter and purchase the correct products for your vehicle. Most of the items we sell are self explanatory and you should have no problems fitting them, however if you have any questions we will try to answer them as best as possible.
So, when I convert 773324800 to hex, I get 2E180000, and coincidently 2E18 is in the accumulator in your second pic. Going back up to the case where the module is not selected and the delay is set to 0, I've caught it there and changed it to DBD, but forgotten the last two places. And, it looks like you are writing to an INT in your code, but I see a DINT in the VAT table. By the way, I initially stored the Module number itself, but that got a bit confusing, because it was then not too clear which value was in the AKKU.
Since this change was visible, I think I can be pretty sure that I'm picking up the correct data.

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