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International Mobile station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is vital in every phone, thus, keeping this essential number in a safe location will likewise help you locate it in cases of misplacement and theft-related instances. The IMEI number of any other phones is printed and located inside the phone, usually a sticker. Remember that the above mentioned methods apply if and only if you have your phone with you. The manual (Manual supplied by Chinese Vendor is XYZ i know) is not very clear about the usage especially in commands (send text message to interact with the device). Free Tracking Software-this device is compatible with Google Earth,you don't need to pay.No Activation Fee,No Software use Fee. Realtime GPRS or 20sec GSM-GPRS can be used in real-time up to the second and GSM can be set to send text messages every 20 seconds. Lost signal alert-if the tracker looses signal,for example it goes into underground garage,it will trigger an SMS alert with the last known coordinates.
The fastest way to get customer service by phone, chat, email, or even by having the company call you back.
After all, one of the reasons that people purchase a mobile phone is so they can have some measure of anonymity. Thus, it can be found on the settings, but this procedure is different from iOS and Android smartphone. Usually, you have to remove the phone’s battery as the IMEI number is usually printed underneath it. Otherwise, there are other sets of methods that you need to follow if you want to find out the IMEI number of your lost or missing phone.
You send a message admin123456 99887766 to the tracker, this will authorize the mobile number 99887766 to the allow-list. The tracker would hang up your call immediately, and you will receive a text message from the tracker to tell you the GPS Coordinate.
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In addition, phone books do not (usually) carry listings of cell phone numbers, so there’s no paper trail to follow.Just how how does all this tracking and interception technology work?
For Android phone users, simply go to your phone’s “Settings” menu, and then click the “About” button. For instance, a dual SIM phone has 2 IMEI numbers, while a single SIM card phone only has one IMEI. If your device has been initialize (just in case our staff has tested the device before shipping), try to change the password by sending a text message password123456 987654 to the tracker. There are actually a surprising number of different ways law enforcement agencies can track and get information about phones, each of which exposes different information in different ways.
So, here are ways to find out the IMEI number of a phone, just in case you’re wondering now.
Overall, taking note and safekeeping the IMEI number of your phone is very essential, especially in cases of stolen, missing, or misplaced phones.
And it’s all steeped in arcane surveillance jargon that’s evolved over decades of changes in the law and the technology.
So now seems like a good time to summarize what the various phone tapping methods actually are, how they work, and how they differ from one another.Don’t like Google Voice? For iPhone users, just go the “Setting” menu, and then tap on the “General”, and select the “About”. There are plenty of other services that allow you to buy numbers and track the number of calls to it. The problem with these services (in my view) is that you get charged for minutes by both the phone number service and by your phone company for the same call. Also, they aren’t free, and it’s usually easier to convince a client to do this type of tracking of the service is free.
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