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Join the Elite Explorers for only $20 a year Explorer Forum has probably saved you that much already, and will continue to save you money as you learn how to diagnose and fix problems yourself, and learn which modifications really work without having to experiment on your own.
I have double checked the harness wiring and made sure that it corresponds to the proper colors on the Ford side.
It looks like someone may have installed an amp or changer at one time because there were three RCA cords lying behind the dash that disappear under the carpet by the console. I have an Alpine unit sitting there waiting to be installed, I just cannot figure out what wires go to what for the speakers.
I read that the controller is in the back but on this unit, the HU itself is amplified, and I have looked into the back of the vehicle where the amp is, and it is simply that. Well, I went to the local U-Pull-Em scrap yard today, and to my suprise they had 1 (ONE) '97 Limited sitting there. Once you have a marker on the map you simply drag it to the exact location and the coordinates will automatically update! The most recently found UFO's hatch will open if you are far enough away, I'm going to try firing a rocket into it and see if anything happens. Also, that picture states: where water meets land and fire once spew forth, there the infinite 8 shall stay until i return.
Someone tried flying around it or landing on it and stuff with trevor or someone in the helicopter but i didn't really see what happened, any one else wanna try flying around these things with another person with you and see if anything is triggered? This topic is really exciting, it's going to go down in history if someone from these forums discovers it first.
I HAVE 100% went with Michael trever franklin not one of them triggered the lights above the -1 elevator! Hey guys, havent FC'd the game yet (want to complete my own, not download) but i noticed the third UFO looks identical to the one in the ocean.
First of all I installed Where’s My Droid, a free application which you can use to find your missing mobile phone.
Of course I needed a way to keep the phone charged up all the time, so I installed this 12 volt DC power adapter. My control box is getting quite full as you can see, but I left a space right in the middle for this little always-on power adapter to fit in. Anyone with a Suzuki Swift knows that under the dashboard it’s chock full with electronics and ducting, so finding a spot near the top of the plastic where I could get to was near impossible.
With the phone installed and the box of tricks all wired up, it was time to plug everything in and test it. I put the dashboard back together which didn’t take very long (the designers at Suzuki are masters of making things just click into place) and I set the car up in the midday summer sun. I did a series of tests throughout the day using both my computer (Remote Phone Access) and through my mobile phone (Where’s My Droid) to make sure the GPS locator was working.

Some other benefits of having a phone in the car means I have an internet connection on wheels. Not only that – because the phone has its own battery which is always charged, if thieves steal the car and start stripping it for parts, or if they remove the battery, the GPS tracker will keep working for another couple of days running on its own battery! As you can see above, the phone’s temperature peaked at 64°C (147°F) and at that point it stopped charging and began to lose battery capacity. The car and phone had a chance to cool down during the drive, and immediately after we returned home the charging suddenly announced the battery was full.
Please feel free to take any ideas you like out of this and copy them, and as always feel free to offer any ideas of your own. Our active community covers every aspect of the Ford Explorer, Ford Ranger and all vehicles based on this platform. Elite Explorer members can change the forum "styles" to eliminate most ads, including the blue underlined links, and no ads on photos. Get the UFO to spawn with the right person, then use another to go look at the hatch that corresponds to that location.
Also you have no proof to any of what you said and we're unsure if the 8's have anything to do with the UFO's. I have a GPS tracking system installed and working after almost pulling my hair out due to endless problems with the cheap piece of junk GPS tracker I bought off eBay.
My wife just upgraded her phone, and her old one became spare so I jumped on it and installed it under the car’s dashboard!
The Raspberry Pi and the headlight warning system only operate when the ignition is on to save power, and for safety. Eventually I tried removing the plastic cover above the speedometer – turns out the whole thing just pops off easily. It’s almost like the designers at Suzuki wanted me to put a mobile phone in that spot.
It fits so perfectly snugly that I didn’t even need any screws or glue or holders – not a thing!
I want to check not only that it works, but that it can handle the hottest time of the year unprotected.
This allows me to check on the phone’s temperature, its battery condition, and of course its location.
Within approximately 12 seconds I received three SMS messages back from the car’s phone with coordinates, direction, accuracy, speed, a Google Maps link, and an actual street address.
At any time of the day or night, I can find my car if it gets stolen or if someone’s using it and I need to know how far away they are.
This means I could turn it into a free WiFi hotspot, or set up a webcam under the dash running off the Raspberry Pi!

It still functioned surprisingly, so I put my sunblocker behind the windscreen and watched what happened over the next few hours (we also went for a trip into the city for a while). I actually suspect it restarted charging before we even left, maybe when the temperature fell below 50°C (122°F). I forgot to put the sun shade up and the car was parked in full sun on a seriously hot summer’s day. It is a fantastic idea of putting on a charger for your cell phone so that your source won’t be out of power. Then I also used old phone, but I have to charge it at home after few days and put it back to car. Try to keep it on the subject so we can have one place that all of this information can be gathered.
Other benefits include the ability to store 1000 Private Messages, add your own avatar to your posts, upload photo attachments directly to your posts and to our Photo Gallery and more. It's a great way to share your address, favourite locations, travel destinations, or Geocaching coordinates. I had everything pre-wired for the GPS tracker, so installing it took only 5 minutes and it was ready to go in the car.
The power cable runs back to my RS-232 cable which connects to my box of tricks, so as always I can remove the whole control box and take it inside in less than 5 seconds.
Everything in my car has been designed to be removed and installed super easily, and I thoroughly recommend you copy these ideas.
The phone started getting very hot under the dark dashboard in the midday sun and I monitored every few minutes from the online app.
Normally I use a windscreen shield to block out the sun, but I wanted this test to be super tough so I let the car get ridiculously hot and parked it so the dashboard was in full sun for several hours.
I got home and tried to log on to check the tracker, and I even tried calling the phone but neither worked.
Run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, here you will find, tech tips, how to articles, reviews, videos, photos, offroad events, street truck events and much, much more!
I suspect the phone must have reached at least 70°C (158°C) for around 5 solid hours and the phone battery went so flat it wouldn’t even charge up again. It also gave me a chance to turn on Roaming, so I can monitor the car anywhere on the continent.

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