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Even though Verizona€™s slogan is a€?Ita€™s the networka€? and a€?Rule the aira€?, sometimes that can be challenging when you live in a rural area and in a house that just doesna€™t get good reception from your local cell tower.
I purchased this device from VzW a few weeks ago and spent several days trying to get it positioned in my home near enough to a window to receive (and RETAIN) a GPS signal. When phones actually registered to the NE, the solution worked beautifully during the calls and even transferred to the nearest tower when i left my home on a call.
The main problem that I had were that our phones (which usually sit within 10-15 feet of the NE) didn't stay connected to the device long-term.
Needless to say, the inconsistency of the phones' connection to the NE made it almost worthless and I just sent the device back for a refund today. Now that Vz has 4G & I now own the Vz Thunderbolt, when will Vz come out with a 4G network extender. Thata€™s when the Verizon 3G Network Extender (Samsung SCS-2U01) comes into play, which is an updated version of the original Verizon Network Extender than came out in 2009. When powered on, both phones showed solid 4 bars when connected to the 3G Network Extender, as they usually only show 2-3 bars when using the local cell tower.
The main difference between these two Femtocell units is that the newer 3G version is EVDO Rev A capable, allowing for faster data speeds, while the original model was limited to using the slower 1x for data. We had no problem staying connected to the 3G Network Extender in our 2-floor house (1500 sq ft) and even outside around the parameter, about 55 ft away.

Call quality was excellent and voices sounded clear and natural on both ends, as we could tell there was a slight voice improvement using it instead of the local cell tower.
After ita€™s connected to your home broadband network, it takes about 10 minutes for it to fully register and become operational, as all four LEDs become solid blue (PWR, SYS, GPS, WAN).
If you place a call while using the 3G Network Extender and then move too far out of its range, the call will automatically transfer to a local tower (if there is one available).
The bottom WAN light will slowly flash blue to show that ita€™s connected to your home internet, and will flash faster during a call or when data is used. Just like the previous model, there is a built-in GPS receiver that limits its use to only the U.S. You can cancel the service at any time with no early cancellation fee; provided you return the hum equipment within 30 days of cancellation. The manual recommends placing the 3G Network Extender near a window so that it can lock on the GPS signal, but in those instances where the GPS light stays red and cannot find a signal, there is a 23-foot extension cable that will allow you to remove the GPS module and place it closer to a window. Pinpoint roadside assistance provided by Signature Motor Club, Inc., up to 4 events per year. We also like the fact that up to 6 Verizon phones can be connected to the 3G Network Extender at one time (with a 7th channel left open for 911 emergency calls), which is a nice improvement over the earlier model that only allowed 3 phones to be connected at once. Based on these results, it appears that the Verizon 3G Network Extender is averaging the same EVDO Rev A download data speeds as our local cell tower, but uploads and ping times are not as fast.

There is also the ability to program the 3G Network Extender through your online My Verizon account, which will allow you to enter up to 50 phone numbers to use the device, which is handy to keep your neighbors from inadvertently using it. Still, this is an improvement over the previous Network Extender, as it lacked EVDO and was much slower since it only relied on 1x for data. Also, since the 3G Network Extender is much closer to your phone than a traditional cell tower, the phone uses less power to receive and transmit, thus providing increased battery times.
It also provides EVDO Rev A for data, which is a noticeable improvement of the previous model for download speeds, though the upload speed and ping times still arena€™t that great. If you live in an area that has poor cell tower coverage, we would highly recommend the Verizon 3G Network Extender for use in your home or office.
But if you live in an area with pretty good coverage, the small improvement youa€™ll hear in the call quality may not be worth the price.

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