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Kik, the BlackBerry Messenger-like service for iPhone and Android, has made the jump into group messaging like many of its rivals. It also announced an $8 million round of funding from RRE, Union Square ventures, and Spark Capital.
Unfortunately, Kik is missing a feature for finding friends by location or starting group calls. For those of you unfamiliar with Kik, the app scans your phone's address book for other Kik users and allows you to send them instant messages. Jingu Friends is an IM app for iPhone that helps you find friends to chat with on other IM clients like WhatsApp and Kik.

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But until now, Kik was lagging behind the others without the ability to initiate group chats.
Well read on for TiPb’s top 5 most recommended, most must-have apps to get your Android experience maximized on iPhone. Only Kik lets you connect with all your friends, no matter how you meet them – at school, on your favorite social app, or in an online game.

Jingu Friends simply features one main stream of chat called The Lounge where you can view current conversations or bring up a topic of your own. Swiping left or right on a post will reveal actions to reply, view conversations, and ways to contact the user via another IM client. Kik’s special features let you manage your conversations, so you always decide who you talk to• Do more than chat.

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