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Bottom line: Learn how to find the last row, column, or cell in a worksheet using three different VBA methods.
Finding the last used row, column, or cell is one very common task when writing macros and VBA applications. In this article I explain three different VBA methods of the Range object that we can use to find the last cell in a worksheet.
To find the last used row in a column, this technique starts at the last cell in the column and goes up (xlUp) until it finds the first non-blank cell.
Range.End is simple to use and understand since it works the same way as the Ctrl+Arrow Key shortcuts. Can be used to find the first blank cell, or the last non-blank cell in a single row or column. Starting in cell A1, it moves backwards (xlPrevious) and actually starts it’s search in the very last cell in the worksheet.
Ok, I know that’s a lot to read, but hopefully you will have a better understanding of how to use these arguments to find anything in a worksheet. The arguments can be used to search in different directions and for specific values, not just blank cells. The code for the Find method with all the arguments will be generated by the macro recorder. The SpecialCells method does the same thing as pressing the Ctrl+End keyboard shortcut, and selects the last used cell on the sheet. Often times you will hit Ctrl+End on the keyboard and be taken to some cell way down at the end of the sheet that is definitely not used.
Well, that should cover the basics of finding the last used or non-blank cell in a worksheet. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or are still having trouble finding the last cell. My name is Jon and my goal is to help you learn Excel to save time with your job and advance in your career.

I try to learn something new everyday, and want to share this knowledge with you to help you improve your skills.
You can use this to your advantage too if you want to determine if there are cells after the last non-blank cell in the worksheet. However, I now see that where there may residual formatting, for example, this method of finding the last blank cell is not bullet proof. Just wondering how I could find a specific cell in a row of dates, then use this as a variable to reference this column as a starting point, (its not the end of data as there are dates in the future as well)?
The macro above is similar to the macros in the article for the Range.Find method to find the last row or column.
Thats fantastic thanks so much and the explanation really helps with understanding the code. Will any of the above sintax help finding the last row of an actual table (rather than just a range) and then selecting a defined cell in the last row of that cell ?
Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I have the formula that could work now, but it does not apply to every new entered data and I have to manually adjust it all the time. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged google-spreadsheet array-formulas or ask your own question.
Would an encryption scheme that generates an extra key to be securely stored offsite be a safe backdoor? Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? The discussion may be informative to some, so I have provided an optimised version of my own code too. A test Workbook that explores and tests all the solutions proposed discussed is also available to download here. The 'true last cell' is understood to be the intersection of the last row containing data or formulae and the last column containing them.

In some circumstances it may not restore the exact Rows that were hidden when it is called.
Tests were run on the Sheet above but with a filter active (emphasised by a red circle in the image below) which removes row 19 from view. TRUE last cell is B20" and also may sometimes be very expensive, looping from very high row and column numbers if the UsedRange goes to the end of a largely empty Sheet. In the unlikely case that this is Operating System specific, my test was run on {you're not allowed to laugh -:)} Vista Home Premium. In response to chris neilsen's request for validation and a test file upload it is no longer here. I have edited the post will the full test details and a link to the test Workbook which now contains all the proposed solutions. See the top of the main question for a discussion of why, but the Answer is the one provided by Chris Neilsen. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged excel vba excel-vba or ask your own question.
If async-await doesn't create any additional threads, then how does it make applications responsive?
Is there any point in unit testing a client service that simply passes through data from the server?
Though problems with SpecialCells are hard to reproduce, previous experience with the values provided by SpecialCells discourages reliance on them.

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