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As you probably already know, an IMEI number or the International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a 15 digit number which can be used to identify any mobile device uniquely. The first thing you may have done after buying your Android phone is adding your Google Account to your device.
Download and Install ES File Explorer (It is available officially at free of costs on Play Store). How find android phone google search - time, Finding your misplaced android phone is as easy as typing a query into google search. How find lost stolen android phone, Android lost remotely install app smartphone google play store (granted phone hasn’ wiped ’.

You can easily find the IMEI number of your mobile phone if you have it tight now, just dial *#06# and you will see it. This is because if you ever loose your phone or if its stolen, you will need to use its IMEI number to track and find your lost or stolen mobile phone. And you probably don’t know, but when you add your Google account to your Android phone, it saves all the details about your phone in its database, including the IMEI number of the phone. Here, you will see a list of all Android devices that you have used in past to login to your Google account, including your lost or stolen Android phone. If you like this article please share it with your friends and post positive feedback below in the comment section.

You can retrieve the IMEI number of your lost or stolen Android phone from your Google account easily. This is fairly simple trick because it just requires only a Root access has enabled file manager like Root Explorer, ES File Explorer, etc.

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